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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on April 17, 1997
Robert Jordan writes an excellent fantasy. His first few books of Wheel of Time were of high quality in both characters and plot development. However he stretched this series out far too long. The plot and characters have become quite predictable, which usually proves deadly for a fantasy series. In my estimation , Jordan ranks very high on the quality author list, but still a couple of steps below Tolkein who is still the benchmark for all epic fantasy work
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on January 22, 2003
For those of you looking for a great series, this is the set for you. Robert Jordan has pieced together an epic story. The Wheel of Time dwarfs Star Wars and has a richness that leaves Tolkien behind. Yes, Robert Jordan does have a hard time working with details. He is quite wordy, and not necessarily the best writer. But for those of you who are older than 10 years old, you should have figured out by now that, in order to tell a great story, you don't have to be the best writer. Jordan is an excellent writer, he weaves a rich world full of characters that will make you laugh and cry. He describes everything with a detail you can almost see, feel, hear and smell.
Compared to anyone else out there writing fantasy, Jordan takes the cake. Slow to start? Yes. Difficult to follow? Sometimes. Weak Characters? Are you crazy? Intense Depth and Drama? Absolutely! Jordan takes you through the highs and lows, and by the time you reach the fourth book, you will find yourself arguing with Nynaeve or Rand, of waiting to see what the Forsaken are planning next. This series is captivating at the least.
la_solinas says that the Dragon Prophecies are obvious and that the WoT (Wheel of Time) world is too complex. But then la-solinas also reviews books like "Pinnochio", and "The Complete Jeeves and Wooster Mega Set" alongside "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Shakespeare"??? C'mon, who are you gonna listen to?
Robert Jordan may not impress everyone, but except for here on, I have yet to meet a single person who has read any of the Wot series and not loved it. In fact, I have personally purchased over 7 copies of the first book to give and loan out to friends and family and have hooked 20+ people to Jordans series. Currently I am on Book Four: The Shadow Rising, I am reading the series for my fourth time now.
On a side note... If you will check out Terry Brooks the Sword of Truth series, you will find a VERY similiar setting. In fact, I would think one of them would sue the other for copyright infringement. Their books are VERY similiar.
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on February 7, 1997
The Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan, is an excellent, evolving story about a group of people trying to save thier world form Shia'tan, The Dark One. The story starts out with a small group of people preparing for a feast day in thier villege when a group of trollocs and mydrals attacks.
From that point it cronicals the ever winding webs of intrigue detailing the involvement of each caracter in the epic struggle.
Be prepared to wait for the next book, book seven arrived in 1996, book eight projected in 1998.
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on January 21, 2015
I enjoyed this book however I feel that the story just drags on. The books are very long books (range of 800 pages?) Lots of descriptions which would fill a book if there is not action to add to the story but in this case there is plenty of action. It is a different story line and you are not too sure the outcome. This is good since you are interested in continuing to read to find out what happens. The "One Power" seems to mimic the "the Force" in Star Wars however supposedly deadly for the male and perfect for the female to use as a weapon. I feel that Rand is a really whiner. And he does it over and over again. It is a bit tiring. One more thing. I am not sure that this is really the fist book in the series. There is another called "New Spring" which seems to set the stage for the series. We find out about how the key women come into play and what actually happened in the "previous battle" centuries ago.
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on March 15, 1997
How can anyone call Tolkein a "lesser" author, let alone put Jordan above him? Comparisons aside, the first book of the series "Eye of the World" was very good, and I enjoyed it immensely: it had interesting characters, a plot that moved forward with direction and purpose, and a definite borrowing from other traditions that lent it the weight of literary and cultural history. However, the series should only have been five books, it's not up to seven with no end in sight. Everything since the second book has felt like filler. I can't remember a single event from the third through seventh books because none were memorable enough for me to remember. For five books (roughly 3,500 pages) the plot has stalled, the characters have become annoying, and I just don't enjoy it anymore. The only reason I keep reading is that after reading the first book, I developed a certain affection for the characters, and so now I need to know what happens to them in the end. But I would not recommened anyone new take up this series. Yes, the first book is excellent, but it's not worth the sludge you oblige yourself to trudge through by reading it
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 4, 2014
I picked up the first book from a thrift store for no more than a dollar, after reading it I decided to buy the first trilogy new. It was a great and unique story that flushed in many aspects of fantasy writing with an eastern lore feel. A wonderful, yet at times confusing read which is why I'm glad the books include a glossary in the back to help explain some of the things said in the book. A wonderful series that has made itself a permanent name in the world of Fantasty.
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on March 25, 2003
I was told about this book from one of my teachers and, in the week since I started reading the series, I have already read the first two books. They take the reader and make you feel like your part of the story. Every character is described subtly, yet in full detail, no matter what la solinas thinks. The reader is pulled off on a wild adventure that takes you everywhere. You never know what is going to happen next, just when you think it has hit it's climax, it gets even better. I have read both THe Lord Of The Rings and The Sword Of Shannara numerous times, and, if you liked these two series, you will fall in love with WOT. Many of the ideas in the series are the same as Brooks and Tolkien's but Jordan puts a whole new twist on things. The people and places are unforgettable and you are gauranteed to find yourself taking sides with many of the characters. I just can't wait to get my hands on the next book.
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on April 18, 1998
Let me preface by saying that I liked THIS book. It was well written with intriguing characters, good plot, and some interesting ideas. But the books that follow are simply terrible.
The world is flat, with little to distinguish cultures. Religion is one-sided (with all the fear of the Dark One, why is there NO church to the Creator?) The characters are annoying at best, stereotypical at worst, with sexist overtones. (Female mages, for want of a better word, get their power by being passive and receptive, males by being aggressive and dominating it, etc.)
I quit reading the series somewhere in the 6th book. I kept hoping that Jordan would do something that showed the promise of the first book, but it doesn't seem likely. The reason for the praise that is lavished on this series is beyond me, but to each their own!
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on July 29, 1999
I'm one of the fortunate followers of WOT I began my experience this year{june 1999} while waiting at a library for my son . I kept extending his aloted time there ,at the expence of my wife's wrath, just to read the first book. I finished it that night at home . Wen't to the bookstore next day and was fortunate to acquire this and the rest of the books that brought me to speed on the remaining series finished them in a week and was hungry for more . Mr jordan I praise your style of writing, and wait with anticipation for the next installment{book 9} please do it soon .As I predict at least two books{from book 8} till the end of the series my mind is wild with speculation ,and sick with anticipation . BTW anyone with a hint to the title to book 9 I will enbrace your speculations.
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on December 22, 2012
I'm a huge fan of the genre, but certain books I just can't understand. I've tried diving into this series more than once as it is so well regarded by so many people. However I just can't seem to get into it. The writing is clumsy, the character interaction is mechanical, the dialog is trite and contrived and the whole plot and idea seems more like a joke about common genre cliches. Having said all that I still gave it two stars as I have read very much of it and it deserves another shot at some point... and so many people really enjoy these books... so maybe you will too. I would recommend something like Sanderson's Mistborn series long before this however.
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