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on May 13, 2003
Just love the drawings and the hilarious characters... Amazing idea to reverse the roles about fishing...
I do think if you are a fan of Calvin&Hobbes will enjoy those comics (similar surrealistic approach...).
Get and enjoy.
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on March 12, 1998
When reading Sherman's Lagoon, I'm reminded of great comic strips like Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes. Jim Toomey's art is magnificent and he uses it well to display the thoughts and emotions of his charaters. He will frequently use a non-verbal panel when lesser artists would have had to use words to convey meaning. He uses a wide variety of core and supporting characters that other comics cannot match in quantity or depth. This is one funny book! If you miss Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes and currently enjoy strips like Fox Trot, I am sure Sherman's Lagoon will become a favorite. I look forward to Jim's next book. Until then I will just have to read his comic in the daily papers.
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on September 2, 2000
This is the first Sherman's Lagoon collection and is it a hoot! There are several good storylines in here, including the introduction of the sun-loving polar bear Thornton, Fillmore's trip to Ascension Island for mating season, the ongoing tumultuous relationship between Sherman and Megan, the crabiness of everyone's favorite crab Hawthorne and a visit from Sherman's brother Herman. One of the nice things about this collection is that you don't have to be a fan to enjoy this book. It is an excellent introduction to the often hilarious world that Jim Toomey has created and is a testament to his skill as a writer and artist. I love this book, it makes me laugh alot and I am proud to own it. I'm sure you would be too!
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on March 8, 2000
C'mon! Don't be shy! Meet Sherman, the world's most lovable shark with a big, fat belly to snuggle up against! He thinks he's a big, bloodthirsty terror of the seven seas, but actually, he's just an arrogant old glutton with brains to match! And come, come meet his buddies, Fillmore the bookish sea turtle and Hawthorne, the stuck-up old hermit crab who just loves to pinch human toes! Oh, and say hi to his lovely wife, the mean-spirited Megan who's got her poor, gullible mate by his nose! So go ahead and enjoy all those zany adventures as visualized by the handsome young Jim P.Toomey, who happens to be a seafaring hero himself, too!
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on May 3, 2000
I love sharks. I think they are one of the most beautiful creatures to inhabit the ocean. And when a friend told me about a cartoon about a fat, lazy shark and his wacky friends, I thought he was joking. He wasn't, but Jim Toomey was, and was it ever so funny. Sherman's Lagoon takes potshots at peoples perceptions of sharks, pop culture, and the battle of the sexes, interspliced with comments on the eviroment, and a keen sense of humor that surprised and delighted me. So check it out, as Sherman will grown on you and on occasion, that a bite out of your side.
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on July 31, 1999
I've only been a Sherman's Lagoon fan for a short while, but already it has become the only other strip besides Peanuts that I make an effort to read daily. Toomey is hilarious, and this is the best cast of characters I've seen since Bloom County. Each strip is hilarious on its own, but in addition this book has a sense of continuity often missing in collections of newspaper comics. My only quibble is that the dates are left off the strips. As a collector I like knowing exactly when something ran. But other than that, this is a superb collection.
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on August 7, 1999
Clever, insightful, and fun to boot -- Sherman's Lagoon includes a fun cast of characters and a subtle social commentary. At first sight, Sherman's Lagoon may seem no more than an aquatic Garfield, but from Fillmore's dating troubles to the recent cheez whiz spill in the lagoon, there is more than meets the eye! I don't read comic strips often, but I always remember to flip to Sherman's Lagoon. Thanks, Jim Toomey! I only hope Sherman is swimming around somewhere here in the Pacific Northwest.
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on May 13, 1998
This is the heir apparent to the Bloom County Throne. Witty, sarcastic, and uproariously funny. He manages to do what only Breathed and Watterson have been able to do... tell jokes in comic strips with TIMING.
Sherman's world is isolated, very few real life events invade his waters, so it does lack the scathing political and social satire that I loved about Bloom County. Oh Berke, where are you? Until then, Sherman is a fantastic surrogate.
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on May 22, 2000
Do yourself a favor. Get this book.
Toomey has an incredible knack for turning things around so as you burst out laughing, you think, where does this guy get his ideas?
When you read this book, you are going to root for the shark. I have spent years snorkeling in the ocean, and never imagined I would be enamored of a loveable shark, but here he is, folks, Sherman and his better half, Megan.
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on February 28, 1999
My boyfriend gave me this book when I had chicken pox as an adult, and he said it would make me feel better. Not only was he right, but Sherman's Lagoon has become my new favorite comic strip. Outlandish but down-to-eath, the characters of Kapupu Lagoon are hillarious and charming. Sherman is the first shark I could ever relate to!
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