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on April 16, 2004
This is a most amazing resource for all self-employed people. The authors have credibility in that they are living the life they describe. Their research into the various methods of marketing used by small businesses is unique. They have interviewed loads of businesses to ensure that this work has real life application. Their resources listings at the end of each listing is also valuable. In addition to the exhaustive research, they write in a clear style and explain not only what to do but how to do it. It is refreshing that they advise people to flow with their natural styles. They also spell out clearly the pros and cons of each form of marketing. This book is bargain of the century. Its value far exceeds the price. Just look at the number of pages. Cut years off your learning curve and but this book.
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on October 6, 2003
For just a few dollars, you get hundreds of pages (almost 700) filled with valuable advice, tips, and information on how to do your own marketing. This is a comprehensive guide that is a must-have for small business owners. With minor exceptions, the material in this book isn't likely to change that much over time. I can't comment on the book's usefulness to big businesses.
The book is divided into 4 parts and 13 chapters - the first part deals with getting ready to be in demand and sought after, the second part is about creating a winning marketing message, the third part helps you choose tailor made marketing methods, and the last part is about growing big. My only wish is that there was a fifth part dedicated to using the web for marketing your business (this is addressed throughout the book but not in sufficient detail as this book was published in 1998).
The hundreds of tips and information are explained in a clear and a simple fashion that easily lead to actionable tasks. That's the best part about the book on top of the flow of topics. Considering how much material is packed into this book, it will take a long time to cover everything - probably a few months to a year. I have had this book for over a year and still not finished it. There are also lots of references to other helpful sources of related information.
If you own a small business, don't hesitate and just get this book. It will be one of the most valuable purchases, I am sure of it. Good luck with your endeavors!
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on September 20, 1998
I originally bought the first edition of this book several months ago. I wasn't sure I wanted to replace it with this new edition, but am very glad I did. Paul, Sarah and Laura have helped me focus and pick one thing that my business will be known for. As a professional organizer, I was trying to be all things to too many people. Now, I have decided to focus on paper filing systems for entrepreneurs. Being a paper organizer is easier than being a closet, kitchen, basement and office organizer. Marketing becomes so much easier with a niche.
This book also explains that you don't have to use marketing techniques that are inconsistant with your personality. You don't have to make cold calls to get business, unless you like making cold calls.
There are several tips on doing a PR campaign, putting together brochures, selecting a logo. If you have a small business, you will love this book.
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on June 12, 1999
I not only purchased this book for myself, but a copy for my business partner; mine was too furry with Post-Its, notes, and dog ears to let it out of my sight! I have lived with this book close at hand for the last month, and feel it has brought tremendous focus to my business development activity. It is very readable, well organized, and packed with specific tasks to speed you on your way to success. Unlike marketing and business books that are long on theory, but fall short of actions and tasks, I translated this book, chapter by chapter into a project plan to carry my company, Big Head Interactive, through the first year. A Must Have, with spare copies for gift giving!
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on March 12, 2001
I read this book cover to cover in about three days. I have used the knowledge I've gained to grow my own business. I also share the information with my accounting and consulting clients to help them grow their businesses. The book is very readable and the methods are definitely "real world". One of the many useful topics is finding a marketing strategy that works for you. Many people find cold calling an excruciating way to get new business. This book provides a wide range of marketing activities that are much less painful and more effective. If you want to grow your business, this book is a great investment. For me, it more than paid for itself within a week.
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on June 2, 1999
A HUGE book but promise me you will never get bored with it and I imagine this book will keep me going for years to come. Being a creative person (Fine Artist) & a Therapist I am not business oriented but I have to say that this book made me see the creative and fun possibilities to make a real difference. It was easy to read and FULL of fantastic advice and the authors have a great site where feedback is appreciated and personal responses given - Angels. Buy this or you are missing out Bigtime*****
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on July 25, 2002
If you own a business and you want ideas for marketing, this book is for you. There's something in it for the beginner and for the expert, and I don't think you could ever use all of the ideas it provides. I started putting some of the tips to use the day the book arrived (even before I had thoroughly read it--after just flipping through it a bit) and my business saw the results very quickly. I highly recommend this book, especially for small business owners.
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on November 28, 2000
The authors' deep understanding of small business could help you overcome your procrastination about advertising and marketing. They work hard to get you to develop a positive attitude about marketing, to see it as an opportunity instead of a weighty, time-consuming, expensive obligation.
For example, they know you're not like everyone else, so you'll find a personal marketing method quiz on page 125.
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on September 18, 1998
This is really a BIG book, packed with information from the first page. The book is easy to read and follow and it is written as if the authors had you and your business in mind. By sharing many examples of their marketing strategy, they show the extensive research that they put into this book. There is something in this book for every business owner, home-based or not, beginner or seasoned veteran.
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on October 9, 1998
You will love this BIG Volume of excellent, well thought-out guidance. Don't check this one out from the library - you will want your own copy to scribble in to record the gazillions of thoughts and ideas you'll get while reading. Well worth the very low price! Organized well and plenty of examples for all types of readers! Get it and watch your business grow!
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