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4.2 out of 5 stars
The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal: A Companion Volume to the Artist's Way
Format: Paperback|Change
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on February 6, 2018
great got it!
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on January 20, 2014
it's nice b/c it has quotes from the book. It keeps you on track. The only thing is the spine makes it hard to write on one side.
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on August 8, 2014
Thank you for the excellent book.
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on January 29, 2002
This book is very helpful if you do the Artist's way morning pages. In fact, if you are not doing this, I'm not sure what else you would use this book for.
I gave it a 4 only because the number of pages for each week were off and it was an awkward book to write in. Other than that it was great.
When you do the Artist's way journaling, it states you should do 3 pages of writing per day. This book gives you a sense of what the author meant as 3 pages. By the way 3 pages this size took me not the 15-30 minutes the author implied, but more like 45 minutes to 1 hour. It could also be the morning grogginess too.
I get up at 5:15AM to do these.
As this book is by the same author that did the Artist way 12-week program, I am surprised that the number of pages provided did not meet the authors requirement. Per week you should have at least 21 pages and then 1-2 pages for a weekly check in. I found that I often wrote into the following week though I never wrote over 3 pages/day nor more than a 1 page per check in. 23 pages per week should be what the author provided as a minimum.
This book would be better as a spiral bound book, so that you could fold back the areas you did not need. At times in the AM, it was all I could do to write much less trying to hold the book open.
The author paraphrazed the Artist's way book providing page numbers as well, each day. That was nice. It often helped to get my writing jumpstarted.
As you recommend to your readers to continue the morning pages a follow on set of books would be handy with the same type of inspirational phrases each day. Buying this book again with the unmatched set of pages and difficulty to hold open, does not appeal to me.
This program is a good one and I plan to continue the morning pages. It is a very useful thinking practice.
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on October 2, 2001
Reading "The Artist's Way" & actually doing some of the key things can change your life. Morning pages are one of the key things (others include a weekly artist date & the use of affirmations) & this is a great volume to start in. I'm a slow learner so I actually went through four of these before I bought my own blank-paged journals. Things I like about this volume include that it forced me to fill a certain amount of space: there are three pages for each day & that's what Cameron wants you to do & this volume gives a very good guide of how much writing is desirable. I also like the quotations, the summaries of the goals for the coming week & even the potentially cheesy contract with myself to commit to the process. Time IS an issue & Cameron's 30 minutes is at least at the beginning optimistic, though that's what I now generally use. At first it might take longer, even significantly longer, but it's well worth it. I started writing morning pages in November 1998. Three years later, I am still writing them. They are a wonderful tool toward a clear head & the working through of issues & about the only thing I believe someone can do wrong in using them is to be afraid of letting whatever comes out come out. Coincidentally (I don't THINK so) I started serious work on my first, non-fiction book at the same time I started morning pages & three years later I'm very close to finishing it, so I know the program works. It also goes very well with 12 Step programs, for people in those. If you buy this journal, also buy "The Artist's Way," the book that lays it all out ... & consider some of Cameron's little books of affirmations, which are outstanding. This is a wonderful tool and deserves five stars.
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on June 13, 2004
This journal is helpful, but unnecessary. It's mostly blank pages, with a few references from the book up in the headers. At this price you might as well just buy a blank journal you like. Please do not confuse this with a workbook, which it is not.
If you are looking for something different, or more insight, take a chance with The Artist's Way Date Book, a more interesting and whimsical companion to The Artist's Way, from the same author. It isn't a workbook or journal, but 365 days worth of little creative sparks. It's not really necessary either, but fun.
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on March 23, 2017
Great to start most days freeing my mind of petty things that otherwise would weigh on me.
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on July 19, 2005
I started out with Cameron's original "The Artist's Way" book, and it's a path that I don't regret. The very act of writing those morning pages - every day, and no matter how tired, sore, or just generally horrid you feel - starts a fascinating trip through your own psyche that never really ends. Not that I agree with her idea of "joining with God, the ultimate Creator" to tap into your own creativity; frankly, that tired old Judeo-Christian "let go and let God" advice belittles the very real ability we all have to come up with new ideas and patterns once we get past the old baggage blocking our past.
And this "companion book" is yet another bit of that baggage.
Before I was a writer, I was what you might call an "I-want-to-be-a-writer". I bought many books, decorated my office just so, had the nicest notebooks and best fonts for my word processor.....and didn't do a thing. It wasn't until I gave myself a boot in the rear, grabbed an old scribbler and simply WROTE that I starting writing and marketing my work.
Save your money.
Of course, if you want yet another pretty book that will sit on your desk and delay that stop-stalling-start-writing moment, then by all means buy it. And make your office/studio an interior designer's dream.....and color-coordinate your desk accessories...
Or turn off the computer, grab some paper and that old Bic pen, and get to work.
Up to you.
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on December 14, 2000
I love Cameron. Morning Pages have changed my life forever. That 30 minutes stuff is just nuts, three pages take longer, and I usually finish mine in about 90 minutes. I write, and have explored many issues. Morning Pages, 3 pages everyday, you write, you don't read it, you don't correct it, and you don't think about it! You explore your mind, and it takes you on a wild ride! You will have your life turned upside down, start thinking with a clear head, and write everyday, something many aspiring artists just don't do, and should. This is a method of healing that works, seriously consider this if you want to be an Artist. A painter, a writer, a sculptor, a musician, whatever you want to do creatively, morning pages are a road that will help you get there...This is for all Artists and anyone interested in getting in touch with their creative side! Good Luck.
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on May 26, 1999
I have written in journals sporatically for years, when I was "in the mood". Morning pages are a different kind of journal writing that must be taken on faith at first. Get up half an hour early every day just to brain dump into a book? Sounds crazy, but it works. As the weeks go by, you find answers as well as grumbling complaints, worries, and random thoughts. Amazingly, as you clear away the clutter of your mind, all these wonderful creative things start to happen. I discovered I was joyful and clear headed when I wrote my morning pages and began looking forward to them like a good friend who always listens patiently. Match them with artist dates, and watch your life change. I highly recommend it.
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