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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on July 23, 1998
As usual, Nietzsche tries to "bend trees" with his self-will run riot. This is a classic however in the Nietzcheian sense, in that the reader must be careful not to fall into the common "thought-traps" and be lulled into thinking that one knows everything that the writings try to whisper into ones ears. God is not necessarily dead, but if we are to grow as human beings eternally, one must risk and learn to develop ones sense of accomplishment. If not, one may meet one's self coming in to make the donuts as one is going home from making the donuts.
I enjoyed the graphic sense of "being there" painted by the fast moving chapters, splendid neurotic (even psychotic) ranting: Negating often that what he has just spent many words in asserting, with merely a strategically placed trite phrase. Of course, like with many of Nietzsche's books, one has to remember that what one reads may change in value and message over time depending upon one's! circumstanecs in life. Don't "over-think" it...just go with the flow and take a few notes to keep track of the chips as they fall into place.
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on February 14, 2014
For the purposes of understanding Nietzsche's philosophy from his texts and not interpretations or analyses, I've compared three different translations and found that Kaufman's version was the easiest to digest.
However, I love how you can follow the original text with the translated one. Makes it more fun to read and inspires a little motivation to memorize words of another language.

The reason for my rating being 3/5 and not higher is primary because this version of Thus Spoke Zarathustra is abridged.
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on April 18, 2003
Walter Kaufmann is acclaimed as premier translator of many classics in German literature and poetry. His translation of Thus Spake Zarathustra warrants this renown. His TSZ(ASZ)is good and "fair" as informed readers can ask for.Having said this, remember(Ecce Homo)Herr Nieztsche was close to being psychotic as a man can be. When he exhorts followers to "be like being nothing like him", this is as lucid and forthright a statement of his philosophy of UBERMENSCH as you'll ever get. Reviewers note deliberate mockery of Biblical Prophet's voice and gravitas (particularly ISAIAH). FEAR & TREMBLING by Christian soul brother, Soren Kierkegaard is my estimate...truer rendering of a tale of the adept who dares soar "Beyond Good & Evil". Dostoyevsky's NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND is fearfully clear in its shrill, bizarre tirade/monologue manifesting outrage wherefrom the essence of most would-be Zarathustras/Ubermenschen derive their "Wille zu Macht".
What appears in Nietzsche to be glorious and heroic is vile and craven as interpreted by Big D? Two sides of the same coin? Nietzsche proclaimed, AMOR of the hero's First Commandment. Yet this Poet(Nieztsche is superbly provocative as poet; Kaufmann does him justice)who recognized "GOD is DEAD"...buried under Hegel's comfortable Christianity, now resurrected as PM Yuppie Materialism...cops-out with an absurd "myth of Eternal Return": grocery store, New Age Reincarnation. Is this great literature? Philosophy? Anti-Christian theology? When reading Nietzsche, bear in mind his own caveats and fact he spent the final 11 years of life bedridden schizophrenic. That this man captures moments of gnostic illumination, there is little doubt. But for Ye of Little Faith...Watch out: Milton's DARKNESS VISIBLE is finally what ZARATHUSTRA evokes.(3 & 1/2 stars)
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on April 18, 2004
Nietzsche has been said to be one of the greatest influances on modern philosophy, especially the existentialist movement and Zarathustra shows the reader just why he was a large influance. Nietzsche's works are truly like no ohter writer's, however, his philosophy seemed to be ignorant and sexist at times to myself, but none the less I do feel that everyone should read some of Nietzsche's works (or any philosopher's works for that matter). I do enjoy Nietzsche's argument against modern Christianity and the herd mentaility of the masses, but I think those two things would have to be my favorite philosophical views of Nietzsche. I give this book and Nietzsche in general, three stars because, while he will be an influance and is a good read, his philosophy is not the greatest at many points and is often misunderstood by people.
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