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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 6, 2016
Arrived 5 days later than promised, however book is as advertised. Thank you
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on March 15, 2005
Though I have half a dozen or so books I keep as a reference for my dog's health, this one gets used the most. It's very user-friendly, full of simple yet justified information and tips.

The only thing I have a real problem with in this book is the home-made cooked diet and the "healthy powder". The [cooked] home-made diet he recommends is high in grains which can cause problems for dogs prone to yeast, in particular. The same goes for the healthy powder. BUT, that said, I am still a proponent of real species appropriate food for dogs and cats.

One of the most important chapters are Chapters 1 and 2 (We Need a New approach to Pet Health Care and What do they Really Put in Pet Food?).

In addition to his sensible approach to health care, he includes some eye-opening and more sensible information regarding over-vaccination and holistic and alternative therapies.

Many pet owners will find the quick reference section the most useful portion of the book. It allows a person to easily look up specific ailments and their treatments. He explains what to use and why or how, and what to expect. This section covers all manner of ailments from allergies, arthritis, cancer, behaviour, reproduction, vaccinations, weight problems, and so much more.

As if this wasn't enough useful information, he also provides specific guides for handling emergencies, first aid, herbal & homeopathic treatments, and so on.

My book gets a great deal of use, both for my own dogs but also to help others. This is a book that every pet owner should have. If you have friends, relatives, or if you are a breeder, why not give this book as a gift? It's a great investment in the health and well-being of every dog and cat.


D. Schuller
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on October 19, 2003
This book's diet portion uses LOTS of grains, so if you feed raw diets with little or no grains, you will probably NOT find the recipes useful.
The health portion of this book is incredibly useful. My copy is dog-eared, highlighted, and a little bit puppy-chewed. It contains both herbal and homeopathic treatments for many common (and some not so common) pet ailments, and also tells you prevention measures.
The successes I've had with some of the treatments in this book have even amazed my vet.
I have dogs, but I've heard many people complain that too many books are "dog-centered." This one seems to have JUST as much info on cats, including separate recipes and treatments. Most health problems have bold headings for the separate treatments, so cat-only people don't have to read through all the dog solutions, etc.
There's a pretty good index, some illustrations, lots of charts, and I've found the directions to be fairly easy to follow. I do not SOLELY rely on this book, but it will always have a place on my bookshelf.
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on May 15, 2001
When I first started feeding my dog using the homemade food recipes in this book I was skeptical. Now I've been converted. Newt actually looks forward to her meal times now instead of turning her nose up at the same dry chunks every mealtime! her coat has never looked better, and she is even bouncier (which is wonderful since she is now considered a 'senior' and was just diagnosed with a touch of arthritis).
I felt as though by feeding her chunks of dry kibble I was treating her like a second class citizen. The ingredients in those foods are of such quality that starving people from a third world nation wouldn't eat them. Companion animals should receive as much respect and kindness as any person, and to feed them unhealthy rotten scraps would be considered abuse and neglect if they were a human child.
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on May 21, 2000
for those whose pets have special dietary requirements.
Having fed a super-premium, human grade kibble I was very happy with the status quo. My dogs were extremely healthy and happy - until a food allergy damaged my older dog's pancreas causing chronic pancreatitis.
No longer could he digest even the best of dog food. The only alternative was prescription food filled with by-products and chemicals or a homemade diet.
Together with my vet, we are beginning to put together a healthy homemade diet to ensure that my dog will live a long and happy life. I bought this book in hopes that there would be recipes to provide variety.
Instead of a list of recipes, however, I got an an education in nutrition and how "alternative" remedies can go hand-in-hand with traditional veterinary care.
The book also provided an eye-opening glimpse into food production. Not only am I changing my dogs' diets, I'm change my own as well.
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on March 20, 2000
This was a great book although the main focus is on dogs. The receipes are quick and easy, but don't offer alot of variety for cats. All in all it was well worth the money and my pets (all 6 of them) have been eating the receipes in the book for 2 months and love it!
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on March 11, 2000
I bought this book to help me deal with my young Great Dane's delicate stomach. I was very pleased with the depth and breadth of the information contained within, but I must admit I found some of the recipies a bit overwhelming to consider for a dog such as ours, which Pitcairn says may happen. But I liked the fact that a number of different "natural medicine" options are offered to help treat a wide range of issues.
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on May 10, 1999
This is often the first book I recommend to someone interested in learning about the holistic approach to dog and cat care. Dr. Pitcairn includes info on the pet food industry and what's wrong with most commercial foods. He then provides balanced recipes and ideas for feeding a homemade, natural diet. Unfortunately the diet he recommends is too high in grains (dogs and cats are carnivores and if grains are fed at all, they should make up only a small percentage of the foods fed -- raw muscle and organ meats, bones, fish, pulped veggies, eggs, even fruit and nuts, are all more appropriate foods for the canine or feline). On a positive note, Pitcairn's perfectly balanced "fresh food kibble booster recipes" are an excellent way for those who are not ready to feed a diet that's entirely homemade to add fresh foods to their animals' kibble several times a week. Apart from nutrition, Dr. Pitcairn addresses grooming and exercise, creating a healthier living environment, natural and effective flea control, alternative therapies, caring for a sick animal, handling emergencies, plus a large A-Z section of pet ailments and their holistic treatments. Since Dr. Pitcairn is a homeopathic vet, it is not surprising that the focus is often on homeopathic remedies.
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on January 12, 1997
I bought this book about 2 years ago and I am very pleased with it. I started making my own cat food as suggested and I solved a chronic loose stool problem that wasn't even helped with perscription pet food from the vet. The recipes are very detailed and I like that. He really explains exactly what you need to make the food and gives a lot of choices and substitutions. This is the first holistic pet book I would recommed to someone wanting information on holistic pet care. I find it more reliable because it is written by a vet rather than a layperson
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on August 1, 1996
Ok, Ok, if it's the best book, why only an 8? Because once
you read this book you will want more. There's only so
much you can fit in one book but the Pitcairns have managed
to give a very readable and very usable introduction to
the many options the pet owner has in natural pet care. The
recipes and feeding advice alone make it worth adding it to
your bookshelf. When people ask me about natural pet care,
this is ALWAYS the first book I recommend.
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