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on May 18, 2015
An amazing book. I highly recommend to anyone who is searching for more . . . Andersen gets rid of much of the Christian "baggage" which is often a stumbling block for many ( heaven vs. hell; the devil; only Christians go to heaven; etc.) and focuses upon what is really important, changing ones life by connecting with the divine mind of the universe.
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on April 7, 2002
I've read them all, listened to them all, and seen many live. But U.S. Anderson's philosophy is the pinnacle in metaphyical studies. Very similar to the work of Ernest Holmes, the Science of Mind founder (Do not confuse with Scientology, they're apples and oranges). Each chapter builds on itself as you beg to know the 3 magic words. He doesn't reveal them 'til the end, but you'll most likely figure it out somewhere along the way. There are meditations at the end of each chapter as well. With no disrespect to Chopra and Dyer, (whom I love), they scratch the surface, where Anderson brings you to the core. This is very deep stuff, but once you get it...fireworks will go off over your head, not a lightbulb. If you practice these principals with massive faith, your life will have no choice but to change for the better. You cannot stop it. I said it was the bible, because you will highlight and pull quotes from it every single day. Simply awesome.
Let me also add that if you couple this belief system with Effortless Prosperity - a life changing book written by Bijan Anjomi, the rest of your days will be enriched a thousand fold.
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on June 24, 2013
Same old same old. Each offering the Key to Enlightenment, each falling waaaaayy short of the mark. This is no different. You have to wade through the whole thing to find the three words. "I love you". Surprised? Revelation?
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on May 7, 2001
Three Magic Words is by far the best book that I've ever read on self-improvement. U.S. Andersen does a masterful job in explaining the fundamental truths to experiencing a life full of prosperity and abundance in all areas of our lives whether that be success in our work, love, and health. He dispels a lot of the myths surrounding life and death. He clearly illustrates many of the contradictions present in our mainstream religions. This book illustrates that we are all spiritual beings and that we possess within ourselves unlimited power to achieve all of our desires. These principles just don't work some of the time, they work all of the time if they are practiced. I plan on buying copies for my friends and loved ones. At last I've found what I'm looking for in a self-improvement book! I'd pay $1,500 for this book! It was that good!
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This is one of the best spiritual books of all time. It's been read by millions of people all over the world and has been reprinted more times than anyone can count. The three magic words are so wonderfully inspirational and liberating that this book must be read by every person interested in evolving spiritually. This book holds the keys to personal success, business success, and profound spiritual growth. It's part of my permanent collection of favorite books. Review written by Eddie Coronado, author of "Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets."
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on September 15, 2002
At first I was drawn to this book, based upon a recommendation by someone who I most admire. Yet, I had this book for some time before I chose to read it, because I only read a book when I preceive that there is something in the book that fits into what I want to enhance in my life, right now.
This week, I found myself asking for a book comparable to "The Power of the Subconscious Mind," and "Open Your Mind to Prosperity."
Reading books that teach lessons about the Universal Subconscious Mind, which is what "Three Magic Words" is also about, touch my life so deeply. By the time I have finished reading the book, despite my notes in the margins, I am challenged to describe what I've gotten out of the book.
Through reading this book, I have enhanced myself a billion times over, in every page. That I know. B
The power of U.S. Andersen's book, has led me to grow beyond my wildest dreams. And I know that I will reread this book, along with the books, referenced in the back of this book.
So what are the 3 magic words?
Well, that question was always on my mind. And to tell anyone what this author believes are the 3 magic words would not help you - they may even turn you away from reading this book. Because to know those 3 words is to read this book with an open heart, willing to be taught, and knowing that you are safe to explore your mind.
As I read this book, I wrote what I thought might be the 3 magic words.
My guesses were:
1. Faith+hope+love
2. Big+humble+visionary
3. Memory+reason+imagination
4. Thought+conviction = manifestation
5. Know, learn and build
6. Thought+faith+creator
7. Universal Subconscious Mind
8. I am this
9. Nothing is wasted
10. Interest+desire+aspiration
11. Greatest power= thinking
And as it turns out, they are synomous with his message
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on August 23, 1998
Once you learn the 3 magic words, and how to use them, you'll have the power to create anything you want in life. I've given lectures on success and have credited this book as being in the top 3 most influential works in my spritual, mental as well as financial growth! I recommend this book to just about EVERYONE I meet, and in the "Millionaire University Booklist" on my website!
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on October 13, 2000
I bought my first copy of this book on 6 Oct 84. I began my reading of it in paragraphs, skipping around, with phrases becoming revelations. I finally finished my first read through of the book from front cover to back cover on 5 Feb 85. For me, this book eternally changed the course of my life. It is the Greatest Fastest tool I have received on my road. Without it, I fully believe I would not be alive today. I have given away 15 copies of this book--don't know if they are still using it, but I had the urge to share and did. My universe has grown exponentially since reading this. My many thanks to USA for his work in this book. BLESS BLESS BLESS
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on August 3, 2000
This piece of work is easily the most fundamental basis upon which we in this new spiritual awareness can build our experiences/remembrances. It offers such profound and basic truth that virtually each sentence is rife with enough revelation/ stuff that can keep you "high" for a very long time. It is a book to return to time and time again. All other books that deal with our search are contained within this one. It provides a great start and a constant guide to all those who have been touched by the light. Get it! It will answer your questions and catapult you into a world of immeasurable peace and power.
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on February 7, 2003
I would like to start by saying this is an excellent book. I am not going to give it away what the three magic words are, but I am going to tell you this. Everything you need to succeed is in this book because everything you need to succeed is within your midst. Read this book and learn how matter, time, energy, space is shaped by willpower.
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