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on July 28, 2000
I fell in love with the beauty of these cards in a bookstore. I raised an eyebrow at first when I saw that they were populated by dragons and unicorns and other denizens of fairy tales, but this is not a reason to look down on these cards. When we read tarot, we tap into our subconscious mind for answers. Our subconscious minds are full of mythical beasts like unicorns. If they weren't galloping around in the collective unconscious, there wouldn't be tales about them going back to Biblical times. Plus, the familiarity we have with such animals from childhood helps us interpret them. When Sweikhardt says that dragons represent danger and temptation, we intuitively understand! When we see a castle on the horizon in a card, just visible through a mire of forest, we remember Sleeping Beauty's prince and his determination. Fairy tale images may seem childish on the surface, but they stir up deep currents within us. And when your subconscious is fully involved, you're often going to get an eerily accurate reading.
One touch I love in these cards, especially as a witch and a worshipper of the moon goddess in her phases, is that almost every card in the deck has a moon somewhere in the scene. "Positive" cards, those which indicate growth and joy, tend to have waxing moons on them. The Ten of Swords, Death, and other traditionally "negative" cards bear a waning crescent. Many Major Arcana and cards indicating major forces at work have a full moon illuminating the scene. And what's even more fun: When the cards are reversed, a waxing moon becomes a waning moon and vice versa, showing the reversal of the energy the card represents!
I love this deck. It's not for everyone. If you sneer at anything that smacks of your childhood dreams, this deck is not for you. If you want to tap into the power of those old dreams, give it a try.
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on February 17, 1999
Just *too* cute. One could probably divine with this deck - most decks do work, FWIW - but the overly-cute "art" turned my stomach rather quickly. I traded this one for the Halloween Tarot - now there's a deck which is cute, but serious! FWIW - I liked the dragonflies as well... the best thing about this deck
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on November 29, 2004
I had been looking for months to find the perfect deck for me. I am a fantasy lover and this was MORE then I could have asked for.
I was looking for something that had moons, dragons, unicorns and more. I really wanted a deck that was ME and something that I felt close to. I was beginning to lose hope of finding this perfect deck. Then I saw 'Tarot of a Moon Garden' deck and instantly bought it.
I was even MORE surprised when I received my deck. The bright, detailed pictures left me breathless. Each cards was unique and creative. Truly an amazing deck for the fantasy lovers.
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on March 25, 2000
This deck is definately one to please the young at heart and lover of faeries, the moon and other mythical things. It's symbolism is very helpful when doing readings, and as lovely and beautiful as it is, it does have a serious approach where needed. Without being explicit or morbose. I wouldn't recomend this deck for those who bend towards the "Serious" type of decks. But certainly for those who love beautiful and fantastical art.
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on March 28, 1998
This was my fourth Tarot deck. The artist's ideas and landscape of the Moon is reminicent of the romantic ideas about the moon of the 1800's. You know, when we thought there was life there, and that we could fly there with steam engines and hot air balloons. In general I really enjoy the sweet, romantic style of illustration. There are a few stylistic elements of the art that I, personally, don't care for. As a rule, I prefer less 'pink' art. I'd say this deck was perfect for young women going through their unicorn phase. The ideas portrayed in each card are interesting, and tend to depart more from the Ryder Wait (sic) tradition than most decks. The illustrations are intricate, and full of detail. I don't think I'd use it in a reading, but I truly enjoy owning it, and meditating on it when I'm in the right mood. My favorite of my 7 decks is the Aquarian.
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on November 5, 1999
This deck is incredibly feminine. The colors are more pastels, with lots of pinks and purples. Faeries, dolphins, unicorns, etc. abound, but are actually quite pleasing to those of us who adore those creatures. I have found this deck to be incredibly accurate. Although it wasn't my first deck, it was the first deck I became serious about. I've had it for at least three or four years, and I actually became quite popular for my accurate readings with this lovely deck. It's fairly easy to work with, and the cards are an appropriate size. The artwork seemed a bit childish to me at first, but it really has a feeling of fantasy that fits it. I recommend it for collectors and those who have a special fondness (passion, perhaps?) for faeries, unicorns, dragons, etc.
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on May 6, 1998
As a collector of dragonflies, I was delighted to discover this deck. The illustrations are lush and rich with fantasy portraits. The minor arcana are depicted as Staffs (wands) which are growing branches; Pentacles, which are drawn on glowing orbs; the Cups are golden chalices; and the Swords are my favorite... Dragonflies! There is an abundance of butterflies, unicorns, lush gardens, castles, fairies and general fantasy. Overall a feminine deck, it is delightful and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a "soft read."
This is my fourth deck, and I intend to use it in my business readings. (My others are Psy Cards, Flower Speaks, and Tarot Classic).
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on October 9, 1999
I love this deck! While it depicts a world of fantasy, it recognizes that we must live in the "real" world.
The symbolism of this deck is not traditional. As I am an "alternative" reader, I find these symbols very easy to interpret. While the artwork doesn't show graphic scenes of death and destruction (ie: 10 of Swords), it doesn't ignore the harsher realities of life.
This is an advanced deck, and not generally a good choice for beginners. However, I find this deck easy to read, very effective, and extremely accurate. Don't hesitate to add it to your collection!
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on May 21, 2014
Easy deck to use, follows basic RW (beginners should find this helpful). A pretty deck that puts those new to having their tarot read for them at ease.
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on June 21, 2013
I'm drawn to the colourful pictures when looking at the deck. I can just shuffle and hold them for hours:)
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