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on May 1, 2017
My favourite preacher. I have this book in my library, but wanted a copy in Kindle so it was always with me.
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on May 10, 2017
This is a great book to have in my last library.
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on September 4, 2002
Kenneth Hagin, long regarded as the Father of the Faith movement, does a service to those who know that the Lord still moves in the area of visions and dreams as The Book of Acts tells us.
Hagin relates several visions that the Lord has given him that influenced his life and ministry. Some no doubt are valid. But what some have done is hold up the visions that one man has had to substantiate theology or certain teaching. This is dangerous.
For instance, for many years I held to a certain belief even though scripture seemed to teach the opposite; but because Hagin had the vision, I assumed that Hagin was right and who am I to argue with that? Thank God, since then I have changed.
Hagin no doubt has been influenced by these visions and has used them to authenticate some of what he teaches. There is no problem with this perse, but no matter if an angel from heaven appeared to him, the final teaching that Hagin puts out has to be judged by scripture NOT by the visions that Hagin had. (After all, we have a more sure word of prophecy and we did not have the visions. Hagin did.)
In summation, good book but be aware that these are one man's visions which must be judged by scripture.
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on November 16, 1999
Fascinating details of Kenneth Hagin actually dying, leaving his body and going to the place the Bible discribes as hell. And he's one of the very few people to come back to tell about it. The authenticity of times, dates, and comments, for instance, that Kenneth Hagin heard while out of his body, have been verified by many witnesses to the exact second! Details about his miraculous healing are given, in addition to many other supernatural events. This book is for everyone at any spiritual age or level of understanding and is written in easy-to-understand "plain 'ol English"! If you're new to the Lord's teaching on spirit, mind and body, then this book should be your introduction to the Kenneth Hagin "Spirit,Mind And Body" series. Like any Kenneth E. Hagin book you read, I Believe In Visions teaches and gives scripture for clarification almost every other paragraph.
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on May 31, 2003
I have always loved the teachings of Pastor Kenneth Hagin and this book only added to my admiration of a very Godly man.
Pastor Hagin shares with the reader his actual death, leaving his body and coming to the gates of Hell. Talk about scary!
He speaks of his early walk with the Lord and begins to share with the reader many visions and visitations he has had with Jesus Himself. Sound fishy? Not on your life!
I can only tell you this. Through the years I have studies under teachings of Pastor Hagin and know of His knowledge of God's Word and his relationship with Jesus. The man would never disrespect the Lord by telling something that never occurred.
If you are interested in the supernatural, you need to turn to this book for a healthy dose.
You will learn much about the Lord and His Word and how to apply it to your life. I loved this book! It was great!
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on May 17, 2014
I always like to read books by Kenneth Hagin. He makes everything so easy to read and understand. It is like sitting i the room with him and enjoying a good heart to heart talk. He writes in such a down to earth way with such wisdom and grace. It is a privilege to read any of his books. This book of visions is wonderful, giving us a glimpse into the heavenly realm. Thank God for such a book.
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on December 1, 2013
A great testimony of a faithful man who learned from scratch the importance of exercising one's believe in God's Grace and almighty hand that does the possible and impossible. It's an awesome read for those who wants to know what faith really is, and how one can use it in their lives and experience the wonders of the Lord.
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