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In this revealing work, Horowitz explores the hellish marriage between IslamoFascists and the highly networked American Left. These ideologues who once sided with the USSR and other repressive communist regimes have now wholeheartedly embraced radical Islam.

Their agenda emanates from the extreme left but their influence extends far beyond, also encompassing liberal discourse and the mass media. It seems that this radical agenda has now succeeded in capturing the heart and soul of the Democratic Party.

Unholy Alliance exposes and dissects the Left in fine detail, seeking for answers to why it has made an alliance with a reactionary and oppressive religious ideology. Also why it tried to undermine the War on Terror by opposing the liberation of Afghanitan and Iraq. The fracture of the consensus in American politics is another topic discussed here.

Part One, A Defining Moment, takes the investigation from 9/11, the response of the Administration, and the Left's response to that. It shows how the Left declared war on the War on Terror and started organising demonstrations long before any action was taken, becoming the vanguard for Saddam and the Jihad terrorists.

Part Two explores the Mind of the Left in a series that includes communist forerunners, the transition after the collapse of communism, the New Left, the Utopian Idea, the Nihilist Left and the Anti-American Cult. Throughout the book, prominent personalities are highlighted. Among them is Noam Chomsky, discussed with reference to a New Yorker profile where this nasty professor's malice and distortion of historical facts are pointed out. Chomsky's less strident but equally deceptive intellectual twin Howard Zinn also features. His plodding bestseller A People's History of the USA is a prime example of anti-American propaganda.

The main areas of Leftist infestation today are academia, the mass media, literary circles and Hollywood. There is a powerful fisking of Norman Mailer and his detestable piece about 9/11 for the New York Review of Books.

Part Three takes a closer look at the alliance with radical Islam and how it operates. It is shown to be an update of the Nazi-Communist entente. The introduction of communist thought and methods into Islam began with the Khomeini revolution in Iran. The last decade saw the Islamic transformation of the Palestinian struggle, which was completed by year 2000.

Chapter 16, The New Radicalism, revisits the UN's Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. This is where an array of dictators and tyrants met for a freakshow to condemn the West and where the Nihilist Left first showed its true colours. Israel, the USA and the UK were the only countries attacked by a bunch of the most oppressive regimes including Sudan and Zimbabwe. The atmosphere was moreover permeated with Jew hatred.

This conference brought together the radical Islamists with American NGO's and other Leftist organisations. The Ford Foundation funded it. Months later this coalition would re-emerge as a global movement against the War on Terror. From it also sprang the World Social Forum that first met in Brazil in 2001, another organisation dedicated to anti-capitalist nihilism.

Parts 4 looks at the War at Home by discussing the Anti-War protests and revealing by whom they were funded and organized. Homeland Security and the assault on the Patriot Act are further subjects. Part 5, A Nation Divided, demonstrates how the Democratic Party shifted from supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom to becoming vicious opponents using tactics unprecedented in a time of war. The transformation happened in a few months, as revealed by the words of people like Al Gore and Jimmy Carter.

The chapter Anti-War Democrats indicates how prominent leftists have achieved power in the Democratic Party. The epilogue deals with the 2004 presidential campaign, providing plenty of damning evidence from the rhetoric and tactics of the Kerry side. Horowitz concludes with the observation that there are now Two Americas that matter: An America that embraces its heritage and vision, and an America that has seceded from both.

Unholy Alliance demonstrates convincingly that the American Left today is far more dangerous than loony. The book concludes with 34 pages of notes and a thorough index. I also recommend The Anti-Chomsky Reader by Horowitz and Collier, The New Anti-Semitism by Phyllis Chesler, The Death Of Right And Wrong by Tammy Bruce, Eurabia by Bat Ye'or and Anti-Americanism by Jean-Francois Revel.
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on November 2, 2016
Great read! Every one should have the knowledge of what is written in this book for your own protection.
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