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on April 14, 2004
When I went in for my first prenatal appointment with my third child, my doctor thought it was my six-month checkup after having my second. Once we cleared up the confusion about why my chart said I was pregnant, (because I was!), her first statement/question was "Well, you'll wean the other one now, right?" My negative answer elicited a roll of the eyes and small sigh, but really she knew me too well to be surprised, and well enough to know she couldn't change my mind. After listening to my spiel about the research I'd been doing, her only requests were that I see a nutritionist and that if I experienced pre-term labor I would consider weaning.
Not every mother is fortunate enough to have a supportive doctor or the resources to find out the truth about nursing while pregnant, or tandem nursing. But thanks to Hilary Flower, the topic is out of the proverbial closet and right out there on the shelf at Borders Books. ADVENTURES IN TANDEM NURSING is a fabulously comprehensive guide to tandem nursing and everything surrounding the experience. The first book of its kind, it is being celebrated as a well-researched, authoritative resource for mothers and health care practitioners alike.
One of the things that makes this book great is the easy-to-use format. The book can be read straight through, but it really shines as a quick reference. The chapters address everything from making the decision to wean or continue nursing while pregnant to finding positions to adoptive nursing of a second baby. Common fears and myths are also addressed, such as the real facts about miscarriage and who gets what nutrients first. Frequent anecdotes and stories from real moms add an enjoyable element as well.
Hilary Flower should be commended for her sensitive, pragmatic approach to this topic. She looks at tandem nursing honestly, not through a fuzzy filter. Not every writer can acknowledge that some choices are not for everyone, while at the same time supporting and informing mothers on every side of the issue at hand. In the end, she lets the world know that "real, beautiful mothers are actually doing this!" And with the help of this book, they can now do it even better.
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on February 11, 2004
This book is a fun-to-read combination of mother wisdom and hard scientific evidence on nursing during pregnancy and tandem nursing. It's wonderful to have a resource available that both supports and informs nursing mothers, while providing the research-based information on safety issues that they need. Mothers, lactation professionals and health care professionals will find this to be a valuable addition to their bookshelf.
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on March 26, 2009
Le seul livre que j'ai trouvé sur l'allaitement en tandem. Il raconte des histoires de femmes et d'enfants qui ont vécu cette expérience. C'est une bonne préparation à l'allaitement en tandem (2 enfants d'âge différents) et l'allaitement pendant la grossesse!
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on February 19, 2016
Explains everything you have questions about, and so many things you didn't think to ask! There are very few resources out there like this (actually I think this is the only book I found specifically about tandem nursing).

I tandem nursed my two kids for about eight months, beginning when they were 17 months and newborn. I never anticipated that this would happen, but after reading about the health and emotional benefits of extended nursing, I had already decided to breastfeed my first until two years old. When I became pregnant I felt terrible having to give up breastfeeding my oldest, until I did a little research and discovered that it is completely healthy and safe to continue through pregnancy and beyond! After my first family doctor told me that breastfeeding while pregnant would take essential nutrients away from the growing fetus, I panicked and did a LOT more research. After multiple calls to government and private organizations (such as La Leche League), as well as hours of reading (this book being one of them!) and online research, I concluded that she didn't know what she was talking about, and found a new doctor. Several months later I had a perfectly healthy child, who now years later is intelligent, emotionally mature for his age, and rarely ill.

The hardest part for me (after this book answered all my questions and helped to solidify my convictions) was dealing with the questions and concerns of other people. My best advice is to answer with a few facts about why you chose tandem (and/or extended) nursing, followed by a little humour. When someone like you comes along who tandem nurses their kids for optimal health/emotional well-being/insert-your-reasons, it's easy for people to feel defensive and judgemental (after all, we all want to believe we did the BEST for our kids). I think that defending my breastfeeding choices was great early training for how to stand up for my kids and my choices.

This book was a lifeline (along with The Baby Book and Attachment Parenting by William & Martha Sears) for me when I felt like the only person on the planet on a two-on-one nursing plan!
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on January 20, 2004
I remember the first time I saw an eleven month old baby who could walk nurse. "disgusting!" I thought. A few years later, I saw a toddler walk up to her mother and say "mommy, can I nurse?" I was appalled.
Well, fast forward to the present. I am now nursing a 26 month old toddler who can walk and talk in complete sentences and I am ALSO nursing her four month old sister! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be a LaLecheLeague type. I thought they were so extreme. Hahaha! Life is funny sometimes. Now I wouldn't have it any other way, and I can hardly believe that I was so ignorant and judgemental in the past.
I just wanted to give my background so you could understand that this review is sincere. This book is fantastic. It goes into every possible thing you ever wanted to know about nursing during pregnancy and then nursing (and caring for) two very young children at once. She *really* understands and she has some great advice. I find myself turning to it again and again as a resource. It goes into the real nitty gritty... will nursing while pregnant cause problems for the baby in utero... how do you really entertain an active toddler while you are caring for a newborn, all by yourself? The author doesn't judge anyone for choosing to wean, if appropriate, and she lets you know that this is not as simple as it may sound.
It is a great book. I am planning on buying it as a gift for a dear friend who is now trying to decide whether or not to wean during her pregnancy. I think the book will cover that for her better than I ever could.
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on February 1, 2004
I'm a new 2nd time mom of a 3week old daughter and a 26.5month old son.
Throughout pregnancy, I had many people telling me to wean my son as to continue nursing would harm both him and me. Hilary's book was a blessing as it listed the pros and cons in continuing our nursing relationsip all in one place.
It serves as an encouragement for me as I read about other moms who had faced the same problems during pregnancy. And now, as I face issues with tandem nursing, I'm able to refer to the book and gain valuable insights and tips on how to handle two at the breast. It has really helped ease the stress and anxiety I face as I deal with two nurslings.
I have absolutely no qualms about recommending this book to anyone considering nursing through pregnancy and then continuing to tandem nurse. Its chockablock full of good and relavant information written in an easy to read format. The cute illustrations are fun too! I wish there were more like it on the market.
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on August 11, 2003
Hilary Flower uses a combination of mother's stories and research to give the first full length book about this topic. This book is easy to read and funny too. There are lots of cute comics throughout. If you are nursing and become pregnant and not sure of your options, you will learn a lot here! Also if you already are nursing two, you will read about other mother's experiences and get your questions answered. I started reading it early in my pregnancy while nurisng. I could relate to the stories and reasons behind sore nipples in early pregnancy and found helpful tips. Now after completing the book, I turn to it often as a reference for the different stages. This also has plenty of information to share with partners, your mother, mother-in-law, health professionals, ect. Certainly a worthy addition to your personal library!
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on September 14, 2003
Adventures In Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy And Beyond by Hilary Flower is a comprehensive, definitive, "reader friendly" instructional resource offering everything expectant mothers need to know about breastfeeding, including its pros and cons, dealing with discomforts, dealing with disapproval, adopting a second nurseling, proper nutrition while breastfeeding, illustrative mothers' stories, and more. A solid, exhaustive, balanced, and readily accessible resource, Adventures In Tandem Nursing is very highly recommended reading -- especially to new and soon-to-be parents considering breastfeeding, as well as those who are presently breastfeeding older infants and toddlers.
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on October 24, 2003
Congratulations Hilary, on a thorough, informative, compassionate, and well-written book. This book truly fills a void that was previously there for this information. You compiled the latest research and really helped me to understand the workings of the breast through pregnancy and tandem nursing. I liked your practical tips for making things work. I also liked hearing from women worldwide since they are a fabulous resource for information through experience. I love this book and am so happy it is getting the use it deserves!
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on August 13, 2003
Finally a book about tandem nursing and nursing through a pregnancy!!!!! A must have for any mom considering nursing through a pregnancy and beyond!!!! The book is full of very valuable information!!! And some great honest stories!!!
Thanks Hillary!!!!!
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