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on December 24, 2002
This book is an important eductaional tool for anyone on a spiritual path. The author teaches techniques vitally essential for handling experiences on the earth plane, such as: Learning Unconditional Love, Handling Pain by Choosing to Grow, Sensing Energy, and Telepathic Communication. You will enjoy learning new techniques and insights which will allow you greater ease and flexibility in handling your experiences in human reality. This book is particularly helpful for those of you who sometimes feel "out of place," as if you know what it is like to live in a more peaceful reality. The information contained in these pages will show you how to create a more peaceful reality right here on Earth. It will help you shed new light on situations, people and places in your everydday reality, and help you discern what is for your best and highest good, and what is not. Chock full of higher knowledge, you will enjoy the lessons contained in this helpful manual!
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on April 18, 2004
Personal Power through Awareness bring you profoundly accurate insight into how you can transform your life, as well as have a greater impact on the lives you touch by opening up to the messages you send out and receive with others.
You will learn how to heal pain, both emotional and karmic. You will learn how to bring the highest vision of your life from the subconscious into your consciousness, and how to transcend and self-sabotaging effects that lie dormant within you.
There is so much in this beautifully written book that will help you. There are great quote-like passages throughout the book, where even if you read those, it would make a genuine and noticeable difference in your life.
I personally know that the work of Sanaya Roman is of the utmost integrity and truth. This book is a classic, and will make a significant difference in your life.
Highly recommended! Barbara Rose, author of 'Individual Power' and 'If God Was Like Man'
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on July 16, 2004
ALL of Sanaya's books are indispensable, but this one is especially worth it's weight in gold. Each paragraph, eloquently written with simple words and a straightforward approach, is full of truth and foresight and worth pondering. Have read it 3 times in the past 10 years; each time, it's as if I never read it. Profound reading with a unique way of hitting the nail on the head when it comes to insight on humanness and our potential. Everyone I have recommended this book to thanks me later, and they in turn recommend it to those they love. ALL of her books should be in anyone's library who understands that we have an untapped potential as human beings here at this time on this planet.
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on July 2, 2000
If "Living With Joy" lays the groundwork, painting with broad brush strokes the foundation for "life in the Higher planes", then "Personal Power Through Awareness..." is the firm and distinct swipe of color that fills in the gaps, making the painting come alive and vividly real for even the most casual of observers.
In other words, it's PRACTICAL. For example, are you having trouble connecting with some people and can't seem to stop the energy drain with yet others? This books tells you why. Have you ever wondered how you can sense someone's feelings even if they're miles away and/or long gone from your life (or so you thought)? This book tells you how those messages get through and why you can hear them repeatedly. What is Intuition *exactly*? How can I tell what's true Wisdom and what's not? Is telepathy for real or some sci-fi gimmick to make your skin tingle? Why does it seem that some people struggle for everything, while others barely break a sweat as their dreams come true? This book has the answers--and a whole lot more.
All sounds too good to be true? Read the book and judge for yourself. In his typical gentle but insistent manner, Orin (through Sanaya) walks you even further along the path of living a life of joy. Not only does he accurately describe the human thought patterns and how we get them, but with incredible compassion and insight, he tells us exactly how to get out of them. That is, if you want to. And if you don't, that's okay, too. The path will be there when you are. Period.
It's a fairly short book, full of easy-to-read words that almost anyone can understand and try to follow. Yes, simple words to describe the deepest of truths...but sometimes those are the truest ones of all.
Highly recommended.
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"Personal Power Through Awareness" is a very important book on tapping into the power from within yourself, and projecting it in a joyful and transformative manner. These are some of the informative topics that are covered in this book:

1) Why it is important to love and accept yourself as you are right now, not who you will be or should be (pg. 51): I enjoy that this book covers details on why loving yourself as you are right now is essential in connecting to the gateway of your personal power. I feel lucky to have found this passage at the right time because it serves as a healing reminder to always see the unlimited potential, all the positives, and beauty about myself regardless of what external conditions may dictate. This passage can also benefit many others from various walks of life and backgrounds.
2)The message to See everyone as expanding and growing, and you will see yourself that way also (pg. 61): There are details included on how to evolve images within yourself, and the importance of broadcasting positive pictures to others.
3)If you ask for guidance, trust the messages that come into your mind (pg. 62): This was very important for me to be aware of (another healing message to come at the right time). I say this because I am lucky to receive messages whenever I ask for them, and being reminded to trust the messages is very important to me to be reminded about(in addition to the information transmitted from the book on why it is vital to trust the messages). Many others who read pg. 61 are also going to be able to relate to this message.
4)Telepathy chapter (pgs. 161-183): Pg. 162 lists why it is vital to be aware of the thoughtforms in your community, and how you pick up the messages of your community. This basically implies that where you live can strongly influence your own personal thoughtforms. I am lucky to admit that I have enjoyed the privilege of living in different places, and it is now crystal clear to me why I have sensed my own thoughtforms shift depending on where I live. I intuitively sensed this for the longest time, but the informative passage of the community thoughtforms (on page 162) definitely confirms it for me (this also makes me realize that I have some more careful thinking to do around some personal choices that I intend to make for the short and long-term).
5) Receiving Guidance from the Higher Realms (pgs. 184-197) There is very fascinating information on how true healing involves compassion and love for yourself and others. I also enjoy that essential details are listed around the concept (pg. 186) that All you need to do to receive guidance is to ask for it and then listen. There is also powerful information on pgs. 189 and 192. Page 189 has the following interesting information on that lists: The mind has 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. When 1,000 to 2,000 of those daily thoughts are directed towards a goal, it will come rapidly. Page 192 lists this powerful concept: Writing down your goals brings them to you faster. Yes, I do understand that there are many that are aware of what is listed on page 192. However, I am certain that there are those reading this who agree with me that page 192 lists a powerful reminder to always keep in mind.

Overall, "Personal Power through Awareness" by Sanaya Roman is a great book to get for tips on how to increase your own personal power, increase your awareness, and connect to higher energies in all areas of your life.
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on April 30, 2000
I am one of those who believe strongly that what we think and say can have a profound impact on our lives and surroundings. We literally "create our own reality" by our thoughts, words and deeds. This book gives the reader many tools to use to create the reality one wishes for, rather than just swimming through life, tossing and turning with no control over direction.
Regardless of whether one believes in spirit guides, the information presented in this book can be used in everyday life. Changing the way one thinks can change one's life. Roman gives a variety of exercises which can be used to sense energy in the home and others, to use one's personal energy to improve oneself, to improve relationships with others, and to lead a clearer, more spiritual life. This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to grow, emotionally and spiritually.
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on August 9, 2000
This is a great book to really take your time reading and really reflect on what is written. She gives many incredibly insightful thoughts and ideas as well as sections at the end of each chapter for a review with a few fundamental questions.
One that really stands out in my mind deals with forgiveness, and she states if you are having trouble forgiving people presend the next time you talk to them is their last day on earth.
Very powerful book and very insightful.
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on November 18, 2002
I've gone through my entire life feeling and sensing people's energy around me, never knowing that it was normal for me. I used to think I was some sort of freak or losing my mind. I've read several different books written by various psychics and the only thing they ever seemed to do was feed their ego's through out the books..."I've done this, I talked to this woman and predicted blah blah blah". I needed answers about myself. Sanaya Roman gave them to me. She talks to you, the reader, not above you or around you. She is interested in helping YOU get to know who you are in this universe and the gifts that have been given to you. Everything you wanted to know about that energy you feel around you, you'll learn here, and much, much more. But if you're looking for some good psychic stories, this book isn't for you. Sanaya is too busy teaching us about ourselves (our sixth sense). A painter has his or her mentor, us sensitive people need one too.
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on August 31, 1999
"Personal Power Through Awareness", is an excellent guide to assist sensitive individuals in all areas of relating during life..It covers many spiritually significant topics that one can effectively utilize in personal development and to heal relationships past and present. The book is a thoughfully put together, evoactive tool that will assist readers in many ways.
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on October 22, 1998
This book helps you understand that life's ups and down are 100% in your control because it is all in how you perceive it. And that you can have enormous power in improving your life and others' by focusing on positive energy, and seeing the positive in the negative. It also helps you see how happiness comes from not allowing others to negatively affect you by recognizing that their actions are often motivated out of fear which should be treated with compassion (love) and not fear back. Read the book and you will see the light.
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