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on February 19, 2002
Many of you will know Dan Millman for his Way of the Peaceful Warrior, or perhaps one of his other many books. I've read a good number of them myself. But for its easy reading, its graceful approach, and its universal laws condensed, The Laws of Spirit is my favorite of all his titles.
Standing in line with that ancient tradition of sharing truths through fable, the book tells of a fantastic Millman adventure; with his family away for a few days, the author heads out for a day-long hike into the nearby hills, and there he meets with a sage who extends his intended time away. In the course of a few days, she shows him all the most important laws of Spirit, and makes them real for him through immediate experience.
These laws begin and end with the important principles of balance and unity; but they also cover so many others that can transform lives: choice, process, presence, compassion, faith, expectation, integrity, action, cycles, and surrender. They're all here, and explained with humor, and with real art - this is the most beautifully written of all Millman's work!
I'm also a fan of the short and sweet - something people can use in our hurried world to slow themselves down just a little, and to get a real gem out of reading in those spare moments. The book itself is a lightweight champion, easy to keep on hand; each chapter is about eight pages, simple to tackle over breakfast, on the bus, wherever. It sort of kicks our excuses in the rear. Each chapter is poignant, and really filled with wisdom - almost like a book of wise quotes, so focused is the writing. But meanwhile, one enjoys the tale itself.
Written as a tale like this, I believe it is also a book that would be well received by those who are looking for Spirit, but who don't want to be shocked by the more outrageous or risqué ideas available. So if you have a friend that you'd like to share some beauty of Spirit with, this could be your title. Wonderfully written, entertaining, a real gem among works. The Laws of Spirit is one for everybody's shelf.
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on January 9, 2002
No other author has inspired positive change in my own life as much as Dan. Like most, I'm still feeling my way around, trying to learn how to live my life to the fullest. For those who are also questioning their everyday experiences and searching for a better way to live, this book is an excellent source of wisdom. Its main feature is its small size. The wisdom is as direct and condensed as possible without a loss of meaning. Very very convenient for busy people like me. I actually read one chapter for a period of time, and use it in everyday life, then return for the next "law" when I'm ready. Not a bad way to go.
Laws of Spirit gets only four stars, however, because Dan truly has written better books. Way of the Peaceful Warrior impacted me the most of all his books, as it has for millions of readers around the world. It is an adventure story, but unlike Laws of Spirit, it is not corny, and it is mostly true. No Ordinary Moments is the other book I can testify to.. it is the guidebook version of Way of the Peaceful Warrior. They both were published in the 1970's, and therefore speak directly without flattening out the powerful philosophy into "layman's terms."
Dan's books are set apart from the other philosophies on my shelf because of this: he speaks in terms of actions. Lots of books give you great spiritual food for thought, but the wisest authors involve excercises or life examples that put philosophy into action. Thinking about something you read is useless- action is the only means by which positive change occurs.
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on December 2, 1998
My search for a kind of unfiltered universal truth is over after reading this masterpiece. The author, Dan Millman, has written a work for the ages. Never have words from a book jumped out and expressed so much in so few pages.
I have never assumed religion and truth to be necessarily synonymous (although they could be). This book has nothing to do with religion and yet is everything about truth. I was consciously aware that my normally cynical attitude on matters spiritual was literally being reshaped with each turn of the page. For example, The Law of Faith really hit home for me when the Sage says to the Traveler, "What if you suddenly knew with certainty that a higher intelligence was working through you and everyone else for the highest good of humanity--that there is indeed a purpose for every pleasure and hardship?" and the Traveler says, "If I knew that, it would make a difference." The Sage responds, "The Law of Faith doesn't require you to believe this, Traveler, but it guides you to live your life as if this were true; in other words, on faith." Later adding, "Faith is not the opposite of reason. Applying the Law of Faith is one of the most practical, reasonable, constructive things you can do to live an inspired life."
The book seems to literally crescendo towards the final law--The Law of Unity: "Whether we are One or many depends more upon our perspective than on any objective reality. Conventional knowledge tells us that we are separate; higher wisdom informs us that we are One. We are all the same Consciousness, manifesting in different bodies, the way leaves are part of the same tree. Later, "The Awareness that looks out through a billion eyes is the One Consciousness of infinite Love and Wisdom that we call God, who watches life unfold with mercy and compassion, and who is life itself. . . . As you begin to see friends and adversaries, loved ones and strangers, through the eyes of the One Being, then all dilemma and conflict are dissolved, all wounds are healed, and all paradox is resolved in the light of this essential truth. This is the end of all seeking, because you are everyone and everywhere. It is the end of all fear, because you grasp as living truth who you are--that pure Awareness which never dies."
I dedicate this review to my wife who gave me The Laws of the Spirit as a gift. I am buying several copies as Christmas presents to my closest friends and relatives.
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on March 30, 1999
This book is a parable, like Millman's "Way of the Peaceful Warrior," but unlike that book, it distills many spiritual truths into a small space.
Give this book a read if you are unhappy in your current life process. You will gain understanding by reading this book; you will gain wisdom by applying its simple and beautiful truths.
It is not a real-life story, but as Dan Millman himself says, "All stories are true, and some are factual."
You will find powerful guidance in his words.
If you like this book, try "The Life You Were Born to Live" and "Everyday Enlightenment." Your life will be enriched.
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on May 14, 2002
I have shared this book with many friends in the Spiritualist community and we all believe this book contains so much truth and wisdom for the reader to ponder and to follow. The first time I read the book I was glued to every page and after each chapter sat and was awed at Dan Millman's ability to convey with so much ease the wisdom of natural law through the voice of a Sage. It has inspired many of my friends, so much that I have bought the book and given it to them as gifts.
It is a must read book for all that will help in all aspects of life.
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on April 30, 1999
A great book for anybody who, like me, is still grappling with the concepts of "faith" and "belief". Millman puts a unique perspective on how one can set aside the scientific notion that "seeing is believing" in order to be able to whole-heartedly accept the theory that "believing is seeing". A good book for someone who needs a reason and explanation for everything, down to having "faith"!!
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on April 20, 2003
Dan Millman has written a fine little book that is full of simple but powerful truths. He describes these truths as "Laws" or immutable principles that are simply and always true whether one agrees with them or not. A powerful message and very good advice.
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on December 18, 2012
A very quick read that has some very juicy bits of information for someone looking to reboot, refresh and gain new momentum in their lives. A great present to yourself or a friend.
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on January 31, 2015
This was one of my first spiritual books on my own journey and I had a lot to take in during this read! Very well-presented in forms of lessons every chapter. The lessons are learned by comparing how things (water, air, rocks) and beings (birds and such) behave in their natural state. If we simply take the time to notice what goes on around us, we could learn a lot too! The story is easy to follow, entertaining, light and beautiful.
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on August 28, 2015
Every copy I have purchased, I gave away to people I loved. I felt they could use a different perspective to a happier world. True story.
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