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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on January 31, 2004
This is a welcome return to David's more believable Conspiracy roots, and he mercifully soft pedals the Reptilian stuff. The problem with books like Children of the Matrix is that he made a huge number of totally unsupported claims, based largely on the assumed legitimacy of a group of individuals who claimed to have witnessed many World leaders, including the British monarchy, shape-shifting to and from Alien form and being involved with the ritual slaughter and sexual abuse of children.
The whole "people are remembering..." buzz was incredibly damaging to genuine Conspiracy theorists, many of whom are on the right track, including Icke himself. Which people saw these Reptilians? Are they credible? Have they taken PolyGraph tests?
Back to the WTC book, David has raised a lot of interesting points, as you might expect, and there are indeed a lot of unanswered questions. The 'loss' of the Black Box flight recorders and the 'chance' finding of the hijacker's passport in the ruins, is just one example of too-convenient events.
Was the whole thing staged? Very hard to say. Because of the covert way the System has always worked, it is hard to obtain true evidence. That the Islamic fundamentalists and their terrorist wings would do something like this and rejoice at the outcome is not in question. Anybody who has spent time in the Middle East knows that many arab countries are extreme patriarchal, Jew-hating dictatorships. No, I'm not a Jew, I have a Celtic ancestry.
If David has a problem in his style, it is that he takes an idea which may or not be correct and runs with it and starts pyramiding 'facts' that are derived from that initial piece of assumption. This is how he got into the whole Reptilian Conspiracy thing.
Yet the reference to how a Terrorist Insurance scam might have been a factor in the destruction of the Twin Towers leads us to a point that should be considered. Humans have treated each other with a mind-numbing level of callousness and brutality since the beginning. Humans. Humans were quite capable of carrying out the entire attack for their own greedy, psychotic ends just as they carried out the holocausts in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Iraq, North Korea and Communist China. We don't need Aliens to come along and enslave the human race, other humans have already got that under control. It's called the World Banking System.
I am not in any way hostile to the idea of Alien lifeforms and their presence on the Earth. I think there is a 99% chance that the Roswell Incident involved the crash of a craft piloted by a non-human intelligence. I think it is entirely likely that the World Government has been fully in contact with Aliens in some form or another for decades. It is also entirely possible that the human race originated on Mars, and that the pyramidal structures in Cydonia, Elysium etc. are a leftover from this period.
The mere existence of Aliens on this planet does NOT mean that they are running the show or that all our leaders are Aliens.
In Alice In Wonderland David has presented us with the usual mixture of brilliant ideas and research and theoretical stretches that tend to undermine his overall position. As with many things in this world, the Truth is probably somewhere in between the theorizing and the apparent realities.
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on June 28, 2004
I've been reading David Icke ever since I saw him speak in Kelowna, BC nearly ten years ago. Like him or not, I do believe Icke makes some interesting points...though admittedly I find his "reptiles" trip a little hard to swallow (it's a good theory, but where's the actual physical proof, David?!)
Anyway...I sat with my eyes glued to the TV like a lot of other people on September 11th and I thought then, "Hmm...I wonder what David Icke has to say about all this?" Well, here it is in this book. And hardly a mention of Windsor family Reptiles at all! He makes good points; specifically pointing fingers at NORAD and the Joint Chiefs, who more or less let the attacks happen, since they did nothing to stop the hijacked planes, even though they were well aware of the situation by 8:46 AM that morning (when the first plane hit the WTC.) And George W. just sat there listening to the kids storytime down in Florida...probably thinking, "Now what did my family do to tick off the Saudis enough for Osama to do this?" For the Bush family are in cahoots with the Saudi royals up to the ying yang, both officially and unofficially (I won't spoil you'll have to read the book to find out how!)
Naturally, Icke puts forth the theory that 9-11 was a US operation, from the planning right through to the execution, as another one of his patented "Problem/Reaction/Solution" scenarios. Well...maybe so. Anybody who doesn't buy the "official story" can draw their own conclusions. Nevertheless, if you have an IQ over fourty, you can't read "Alice In Wonderland" without doubting the "official story" is so preposterous that you know it's baloney (the official story, that is, not Icke's own research and theories.)
My point is, I saw Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" on the day it came out and was very dissapointed. One, because ALL of the revelations Moore makes can be found in this book, and two because the film really goes nowhere. He spends 100 minutes leading up to a point he never makes, and focuses a bit too much on irrelevancies. The film simply doesn't live up to the hype...or the Palme D'Or, in my opinion.
Anyway, I waited a long time for "Alice In Wnderland And The Wrold Trade Center Disaster" and it is definitely WORTH IT. Sure, David Icke has come out with some very crackpot theories in the past, but not this time...
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on February 20, 2003
David Icke has focused his research expertise on the mass of lies and deceptions associated with the events of September 11, 2001. He adroitly explains why the whole official story is a mountain of lies and disinformation, while he falters a bit in outlining the devious motives connected to these events, as there are multiple layers of motives and orchestration that were involved in bringing that day of infamy to fruition. Icke nicely ties this text into his other research collections, although this book is clear and works fine as a stand-alone text for those unfamiliar with Icke's other books. To see the larger context and gain a better grasp of what's really going on in this reality matrix, Icke's prior works are among the texts I would recommend for those researching 9-11 and related uncensored historical scholarship.
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on May 23, 2003
Icke is a bit longwinded at times, and very far out at other times, but he knows his research, and this book has a lot of very, very important facts about the 9/11 disaster.
How for instance do you explain that the world's most expensive "defense" system never manage to get a jet on the wings and intercept a hijacked airliner that is 45 minutes about reaching its target?
How do you explain that the invulnerable Black Box of the planes is destroyed, but a passport belonging to a hijacker is found in the street?
Etc etc ad infinitum. There is no refuting it, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.
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on April 25, 2003
i've actually read this, unlike our Canadian reader who posted a previous heartfelt review.
I've read other Icke Books too. Same old stuff, you know, One World Fascist Govt. Global Control over consciousness of humanity, MicroCHPS population and general Tyrannical rule in order to feed on Negative Human Emotions.
We are manipulated and controlled (Manufacturing Consent, if you like) by our Culture, the Media, TransNational Corporations and Each Other into accepting that the events we see unfold in our real life, have simple rational explanations such as "Bin Laden did it".
It appears that we don't ask anything deeper than "who is the Corporate Sponsor of this film daddy?", and then kick back and watch some really expensive Explosions.
And just like Hollywood, we get the Good Guys going and kickin' the backsides of those who planned Evil Outrage from their caves in the arse-ends of Eurasia.
David Icke covers this, albeit in a different way from i just did, and it's All Very Interesting. And True. I am able to make up my own mind, thanks to Vancouver boy for his earlier review anyway though.
We keep forgetting that bit where they pack the courtroom and the Real Bad Guy is exposed. We'll just eat our popcorn watching Events Unfold.
There is no Revelation, it's just Lizards. Icke doesn't mention them much in this book - check out The Biggest Secret for that. You'll think you've read John Carpenter's Autobiography, either that or "The Trial Of Henry Kissinger".
I quite liked this Alice In Wonderland book though, likesay, catboy.
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on February 12, 2003
I have happened to lay my hands on these books of david icke. What i can say about them is that although they are rationalistic to a certain degree, think for yourselves. Whatever you focus your mind on, that's what you shall manifest, as true. And whenever you look in the world through the eyes of david ickes you will see the same thing. Your interpretation is your own and who can confirm it, but you. I have read his books and my gosh i was depressed for so long. But i looked at the quality of life he has. Certainly, he keeps his avid reader in a thrill, and he enjoys it while confirming his beliefs. However, certainly his emotional state of mind is unresourcefull, geared towards the negative side of the spectrum. Also, think for yourself, if their were alien, don't you think we would see them, scientificly confirm they exist. Right now to present day that is an invalid assumption, science does not confirm it, however, what it does confirm is that we have an instinct ability to communicate via our minds. In addition, i have seen poor individuals from africa who came to the west, in an informational geared society and learn to to amass huge amount of wealth, went to school with leaders in this country. What is that? Are their alien, are alien smarter than human, how come shakespeare and machiavelli, or success magazine don't refer to aliens. They simply DON'T EXIST. You can succeed not by knowing what others profess to be the truth, but by being happy and using whatever resource you have (your mind, spirit, soul, and creativity) to experience a happy life filled with love.
I certainly hope you find love while reading ickes, its for entertainment only. Search for Love and you will find it.
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