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on August 14, 2002
Blood Walk is a compilation of Lee Killough's two Garreth Mikaelian novels Blood Hunt and Bloodlinks. The writing is straight to the point, no frills, the characters interesting, and the action just strong enough to carry the whole thing along. Not a bad airplane read. The references to various 80's-related paraphernalia made it an interesting ride into nostalgia land, though were I the editor of this edition, I would probably have had the author try to update the technology just a little bit. If you're looking for a quick no-nonsense Laurell K. Hamilton read, this is a great book for you, and a great alternative to the Anita Blake books. If you're looking for something deeper and more prosaic, stick to Anne Rice or the other up-and-coming gothic authors.
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on July 25, 2000
This is a damn good vampire novel, but it's also a damn good police procedural. My husband's a cop and I'm a reporter, so I know the police beat pretty well. I can tell you Killough did a good job capturing the feeling of a small town police force, as well as the mechanics of cop politics in general.
From the standpoint of a vampire fan, I really enjoyed the portrayal of Garth and his struggles with his changed existance. In fact, I think Killough does the best job with that transformation I've ever read this side of Anne Rice. However, Garth is a much more admirable character than Rice's vampires, as human as he is superhuman.
Overall, finding a good vampire novel can be tricky, but Killough's book is so good I've read it a dozen times. And that says something, since the majority of vampire novels I buy I can't even finish because the writing style or characterization or plotting drives me nuts. But this book worked right down to the ground.
Do yourself a favor and buy it.
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on November 2, 1999
I read this book when it first came out, and was delighted when the sequel came along. I'd reccomend these books to anybody who enjoys the 'vampire-detective' genre. A subset of the vampire genre, which for me which started with these books, and remains my favourite theme in this area.
I'd love to read some more books with Gareth in them. My only dissapointment with these books was that there hasn't been more in the series.
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on June 13, 1999
When I saw the cover of this book in person I was a bit concerned that I'd made a mistake...and now I find that I didn't. The two novels that make up Bloodwalk come together seamlessly, and the characters bring an extra depth to what could have been a slick "vampire-cop" pastiche. Buy a copy for yourself and one for that mystery reader you know who is always on the look out for something different. No one I've suggested this book to has complained yet!
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on October 2, 1998
As a conspicuous consumer of vampire novels, I am often looking for something "new under the moon." Blood Walk filled the bill most satisfyingly. With it's well developed characters and neatly twisting plot, it's a refreshing departure from some of the worn cliches of the genre. I found myself reading hte final chapters slowly, only because I wasn't ready to say good-bye to Garreth Mikalean just yet, who by the end of the book became someone I wanted to give a nice warm bowl of blood to. Get this book and plan to stay up late with Garreth, Lane, Harry and the rest.
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on September 23, 1998
Finally! A down to earth vampire with just as many (if not more) problems than us hapless humans. Garreth is a very believable character as he performs his detective work and sorts through the everyday problems of being a vampire in a human oriented world. Lee has carefully crafted a very enjoyable work that pays attention to the details and life's little ironies. I wish all books were this enjoyable to read; maybe I wouldn't get any sleep when that happens!
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on August 20, 1998
Before I met the author at WorldCon, I didn't know about these two books (reprinted as one volume). I picked up a copy at the booth and thought this looked good. The writing reminds me of Tanya Huff's vampire series, but pre-dates it. The stories are a compelling combination of action and introspection, of growth and change. I might have put this book down but I stayed up late to finish it, and I wasn't sorry. If Garreth Mikaelian is Lee Killough's favorite character (as she said to me) then I hope she will write more about him.
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on February 7, 1998
San Francisco police inspector Garreth Mikaelian is assigned to investigate the strange death of a city visitor, Gerald Mossman, who was found in the bay with all his blood drained from his body and his neck broken. Garreth quickly follows a trail that leads him to an Embarcadero night club where Lane Barber sings. She was the person described as being in the same place where an identical murder occurred. When he confronts Lane, she bites him, vampire-style, on the neck in order to permanently silence him. In an act of desperation, he bites back, drinking some of her blood.
Instead of dying, he awakens in the morgue. Garreth desperately needs blood, but emotionally needs to cling to his humanity. As such, he sips on rat blood. However, Garreth also realizes that he cannot stay on the force. However, he decides to avenge his loss of humanity by bringing down Lane or die in the attempt.
BLOODWALK is the compilation of two wonderful novels from the eighties (BLOOD HUNT and BLOODLINKS) into one great book. The police procedural segments of the tale are well written and the supernatural elements seem so real. The secondary characters add depth and constantly move the enthralling novel forward. However, it remains Garreth's internal struggle between entrance into one world while keeping a foot in the other that turns Lee Killough's vampiric story into a great book that will please the fans of vampire and police procedural novels
Harriet Klausner
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on October 24, 1997
Having been a Lee Killough fan for 17 years, I look forward to each new offering.During those years,I've found that whether it's science fiction, fantasy, or horror, Lee always creates stories, settings and characters that are believable and easy to relate to. Garreth Mikaelian is no exception to that rule. He's everything you could want a man to be when faced with change and difficult decisions. Combining Blood Hunt and Bloodlinks in one volume, BloodWalk, makes a gripping account of the vampire Garreth's pursuit of a humanistic connection and justice.
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