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on February 5, 2004
For those of you Minnowknits fans, this book will be a disappointment. It's unfortunate that this talented designer, who has had such success with her children's and infants patterns, felt a desire to take on adult fashion. Where the square shaping, bright colors, and single-stitch patterns can be packaged so well for babies, it's just not working in this collection.
Few knitters would want to spend hundreds of dollars on cashmere to knit the unflattering Cashmere Creme sweater, which is billed as the highlight of the book. It's not just that the designs are not hip and new as the book promises, but the monotonous plain stitch patterns, limited shaping, and lack of color patterning will not attract or challenge even the novice knitter. Putting a cute button on a dull sweater is a tricky enticement, but most people will realize that they could buy a machine-made sweater with similar results. The poor folks who had to knit these samples must have been bored to tears.
Granted, the best designs in the book are the dog sweaters. I don't have a dog, nor would I knit for it if I did have one. The pointy Christmas tree hat shown on the cover is also cute. (But since I celebrate Hanukkah I probably wouldn't knit that one anyway!) Don't run out and buy this book for that hat alone since practically the same hat can be found in Too Cute! by Debby Ware, which came out last Spring and is chock full beautiful kids' knits, and is a much better value. The other fashions in this book are either clownish (i.e. the hats) or extremely frumpy looking. Where is all of the high fashion that the title proclaims?
Unlike many knitting books where the pages are filled with instructional text and obscure abbreviations, this book's content conveys a big personality. Unfortunately, it's not a likeable one. Her first book, Minnowknits, is still the best bang for your buck. It's been a downhill ride since then.
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on September 26, 2003
SimpleChic is full of beautiful, stylish designs that are also easy to knit. The cashmere creme sweater is a perfect example. Its got a contemporary look that is very hip and flattering, but you don't need years (or even weeks) of knitting experience to create it. The scarfs and children's hats and accessories are adorable and easy to make. Jil Eaton has designed clothing that looks like it took years of skill to make, but doesn't at all!! If you're a busy person who wants to make beautiful gifts that will impress your friends and relatives, or something simple and elegant for yourself, this is the book for you!! The instructions are very easy to follow and well illustrated. (Plus the book is very entertaining, and the pictures are terrific!) This isn't your grandmother's knitting book. This author knows fashion, and it shows!
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on October 18, 2003
Internationally acclaimed knitwear designer Jil Eaton presents superb, easy-to-follow knitting design ideas and instructions in SimpleChic: Designer Knits, SuperQuick! Full-color photographs, simple diagrams, and down-to-earth techniques and advice show the reader how to create warm, outgoing, and wonderful knits for friends, family, gift-giving and more. SimpleChic is a hip and enjoyable resource and reference which is enthusiastically recommended for knitters and needlecrafters everywhere.
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on January 19, 2004
I'm fairly new to knitting, and very gung ho about it, but this book doesn't excite even me. There really aren't any patterns that make me want to pull out my needles. The stuff in it went out of fashion years ago, yet Ms. Eaton claims to have her finger on the pulse of "chic". She would be wise to henceforth eliminate that word from her vocabulary, and to remove the exclamation point from her keyboard, since her overuse of both is tiresome.
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on October 23, 2003
SimpleChic inspires the busybody to put down her work and spend the day knitting. Whether it is a creamy cashmere sweater, lucious and perfect for day and evening wear; or a clever Italiano faux fur neck warmer, different and fun (!), the knitter will experience a whole new level of satisfaction creating these simple to make, yet wonderfully chic patterns.
Jil Eaton has done it again! She is a marvel in the knitting world.
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on October 21, 2003
I loved Simple Chic, as I have all of Jil Eaton's books. I am a new knitter and it is so nice to get style AND simplicity in all her patterns. I have my eyes set on two pieces from this gem as soon as I finish up the two sweaters from her last book. Summer weather got me behind, but I am back in the groove, and Simple Chic allows me to look forward to the long winters here. I say "YEA" to Simple Chic.
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on October 15, 2003
What a delight! As soon as I got my book, I went out to my yarn shop and bought enough yarn to make the white sweater on the cover! I'm making mine in blue--and it's almost done! I know it's going to be one of my favorite things to wear. I love Jil Eaton's kids designs--but it's great to have such beautiful, elegant knits to make just for me! Outstanding.
June in NYC
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on April 18, 2004
And he is thrilled with it! I've knitted before--just scarves and mittens, though, so I thought this would be a big challenge. I was amazed how quickly it went--and it fits him perfectly. Next, I'm going to try the little doggie coat. I haven't tried felting before, but the instructions make it look pretty easy. Great book, lovely patterns.
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on October 8, 2003
What a bore. Maybe I just don't care for Jil Eaton's "style" (lots of boxy shapes and drop shoulders---what decade is this again?) but I didn't like even one of these. The patterns are so simple, you already have similar ones, or can make them up yourself, trust me. Spend your money on something with a little creativity.
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on March 4, 2004
Jil Eatons latest, "Simplechic" has once again hit the top with fun patterns full of palette, yarn and sparkle possibility that WORK!!
I love her photos. They show such natural warmth which inspires in me an eagerness to begin and create anew. THANK YOU JIL
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