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4.8 out of 5 stars
Sex & Samosas
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VINE VOICEon November 1, 2013
Sex and Samosas is an emotionally packed book about one woman’s journey as she reflects on her childhood, teen years, marriage and her East Asian culture.

The book is an extremely well written story filled with laugh out loud humor, hilarious secondary characters (friends and relatives), a well-developed plot with passages of time that every woman will be able to identify with; no matter what the ethnicity or age. Example: Substitute pasta for Samosa, and the protagonist could be Italian. Substitute chocolate for samosas, and North American women will be nodding and identifying with the protagonist thinking, “Yes, that’s my mother…father…grandmother…girlfriend…my life...etc.

I also think this is a book that men would enjoy, not only for the humor, but it will give them better insight into the woman in their lives.

The novel has explicit sensual scenes, extremely well written and in good taste (and may I add, hot and sexy), along with the reality that sometimes making love doesn’t usually go as planned or imagined; something all couples will be able to relate to.

Sex and Samosas is a character driven story of a woman’s journey as she deals with age old East Asian traditions in a western world. This book is written with class, humor, and well fleshed out three dimensional characters that you will come to love.

Sex and Samosas also encompasses so many elements that shape our lives; friendships, extended family, love, loss, grief, adhering to society’s standards of beauty, sexual fulfillment, marriage and how one woman discovers herself both from the outside and the inside. The author has written all these elements into the book at an excellent pace.

Congratulations to Jasmine Aziz for not only writing an entertaining book that has the reader laughing, smiling and crying, but also has written such a great story that has been optioned for a movie.

I look forward to the movie and to reading more work from this author.
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on August 25, 2013
Leena is the very definition of a traditional South Asian woman. Life is good with her traditional family and her traditional marriage - that is,until Western culture intrudes and she finds herself at a sex toy party. At first embarrassed by what she sees and learns at the party, Leena soon embarks on a life changing passage of self discovery (pun intended) that causes her traditional Eastern customs to clash with her new found Western behaviour in an endearing and often very funny way.
It's a story of sex - no doubt about it. As Leena and her husband explore her ever awakening sexuality, it is presented in a provocative and often hilarious yet never salacious fashion. As a male reader, I can empathize with her poor husband but it was a real pleasure to watch Leena blossom into an empowered sexual being (with often comical and entertaining results - as the title suggests.)
Jasmine Aziz is a wonderful writer. I really enjoyed her crisp style - articulate and both sassy and sweet at the same time. The characters, particularly Leena and her best friend Mahjong are appealing and authentic and the story draws you in from the first page and is thoroughly engaging.
You'll never look at a samosa quite the same way again. Highly recommended for both women and men.
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on October 31, 2013
Not unlike the "50 Shades" series but with a lot more humour throughout the novel. HIGHLY recommended for all women...
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on February 12, 2012
As an avid reader of chick lit, literature, and pulp novels, I have to say Sex and Samosas was a bit of a dream of a book. It had all the best elements many of the best books I've ever read. It made me laugh hysterically and, oh yes, out loud, so often and so raucously that several times strangers at work, in the coffe shop or on the bus would come right up to me and ask what was so funny - just like they did when I was reading Bridget Jones, or the first few Shopaholics, and any Mariane Keynes novels. This book also surprised me by having truly touching and poignant elements ( I wasn't expecting that after LOLLING my way through a few chapters). Like some of my absolutely favourite books, Life of Pi, and The White Tiger, it had that incredible way of taking me from being delighted and/or amused to gently making a deeper point - and then pulling me along a path I didn't see coming and bringing tears to my eyes. But most incredibly, Sex and Samosas, had the most surprising, most unexpected, most unpredictable way of making me feel a bit aroused. The sex scenes in the book are done so tastefully and gently and I still can't quite figure out how they were so titillating when there was no "Harlequin" romance or "smut" elements to them at all. It's not often, (if ever?) that I can say that I've read a book that made me laugh my head off and also taught me something. Sex and Samosas was just the best of so many genres of books, it is truly a must-read for anyone who wants to have a really great time.
I just found this review and think it actually says it perfectly and probably more eloquently that I just did!
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on April 6, 2013
The first time I read Sex and Samosas I laughed until the tears came. But then I read it again, on another level. There are profound lessons for women here, and men too, for that matter, as well as pithy observations on what it means to be truly human and vulnerable. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand more about women, about men, and about the Indian culture. Seamless, hilarious, touching and unique. Jasmine Aziz is truly a writer to watch.
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on April 7, 2014
wish I could have read this book 30 years is very realistic, funny and entertaining!!!!! waiting for a sequel!!

thank you for such a refreshing book on "sex"!!!!
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on April 17, 2013
For those of us born and raised in an Indian environment, sex is not discussed, never discussed! I mean, it is a culture where a woman's menstrual cycle is commonly called, 'ladies problem'; since when did this become a problem! It is hilarious to read how sex is portrayed in desi (Indian / Pakistani) culture in this novel. I read this novel on a vacation and it sure added some spice to my sex life on the trip. It had me laugh and it had me blush. Pick this up and spike up your sex life a bit.
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on September 19, 2012
This novel is so wonderful! It is well-written, hilarious, realistically awkward, sexy, etc etc etc. I enjoyed it so much. Highly recommended for all women! ...and some men too! :)
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