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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on May 25, 2006
DECEPTION POINT is the third book I read over Christmas. The other two were Roth's PLOT AGAINST AMERICA and McCrae's KATZENJAMMER, all of which I liked-the McCrae especially since it was a tad more literary and quirky. If your like most readers, you've probably already read THE DA VINCI CODE, and A&D, and you're wanting more from Dan Brown, so you pick up DECEPTION POINT. It follows suit with the same exciting, stunning fact-filled writing. It is a page-turner, but it does tend to be a little cliche. Another attractive woman paired up with a man who hints at being attracted to each other through their outrageous near death experiences, and the information they discover will save the day in the end. It was smart, fast-moving and entertaining, but a little bit of a let down after reading the other great novels by Dan Brown. Also try the McCrae KATZENJAMMER if you're looking for a short interesting read that's like nothing else you've ever read.
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on April 29, 2009
My dad gave me this book when I was lamenting that there seemed to be no more Dean Koontz to read...I was waiting for a next release and figured I needed another author to fill the void. This was the first Dan Brown novel I read and holy smokes awesome!! One of those thrill rides that just keeps you glued to the edge of your seat, even bathroom breaks wait!! Try walking and reading and stopping cause it is so exciting you don't want to look away to find the light switch! Actually read DaVinci code after, and then everything he has written which is my only complaint, NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! We NEED more books and although DaVinci is awesome, more like Deception Point would be trully apreciated!!! Have loved everyone of his books and can hardly wait for this next one that is not out yet!! Woo Hoo a New Dan Brown Book!!! Going to be great!!
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on September 7, 2006
I finally decided to take a break from my current genre of books. Having been immersed in the "funny, weird, laugh-out-loud" kinds (Sedaris' ME TALK PRETTY and McCrae's KATZENJAMMER) I decided to take on the thriller genre. So DECEPTION POINT seemed like the natural choice. And it was. Now, I haven't read Brown's other books, but I'm going to as soon as possible. If they're any bit as good as D.P., then I'll be pleased. Was the plot somewhat improbable? You bet. But then think of any good book or movie you've read lately. How realistic was that? My advice? If you're not a Dan Brown fan, read D.P.-----and you soon will be.
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on August 30, 2005
Usually one to read the "literary" authors (think McCrae with his "Katzenjammer" or McEwan with his "Atonement") I nevertheless decided to check out DECEPTION POINT. In Dan Brown's DECEPTION POINT, an amazing discovery above the Arctic Circle awaits verification by Rachel Sexton. Rachel is the best person to verify this discovery for the President: not only is she on his staff (as a low-level analyst for the NRO) but she is also the daughter of his most dangerous political opponent in the upcoming election. This gives her the perfect status as a skeptic to join the team of civilian scientists in the verification of this NASA find. Within hours, however, the lives of the team are in jeopardy as they discover that not everything is as it initially appears. Thought the factions of the NRO, NASA, Senator Sexton's office and the White House are far away in Washington, someone has set into motion a series of events which makes it unlikely Rachel will escape the Arctic Circle alive. In the background of the story is Rachel's estranged relationship with her father and a budding attraction to Michael Tolland, a celebrity oceanographer on the order of Jacques Cousteau. DECEPTION POINT is the kind of flawless page-turner that can keep you up far past your bedtime. I lost an entire night of sleep just trying to keep up with the plot twists. When a hapless geologist is pushed out of a helicopter by nameless thugs on page 2, you know you're in for something exciting. This story of political intrigue and survivalism continually turns the reader's expectations upside-down. It is escapist literature at its finest. Would also recommend the following books, though they're TOTALLY different and more along the "literary" lines: McCrae's CHILDREN'S CORNER and the wonderful and very unusual David Sedaris book, DRESS YOUR FAMILY. Again, nothing like Dan Brown, but then, who wants to read the same thing over and over? Enjoy.
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on July 15, 2004
I just finished 'Deception Point,' and I have to wonder how many of these great novels Dan Brown is going to put out. He has truly mastered his technique in this intriguing, fast ride through plot twists and vivid characters.
He is consistent in his point of view changes, which is always evident to perceptive writerly-readers. He is also consistent with the thoughts of each character. Without frivolous distractions, I was able to focus solely on the happenings in the book, and thus, enjoy it furthermore.
It's hard to say which Brown book is my favorite, for they all have that certain pizazz and excellent plots. 'Deception Point' definitely is playing on the same level as 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and Demons,' though.
My only gripe about Brown's books are the corny pick-up lines near the end that always seem to work. If it was either dropped, or refined, the books would be even better!
In the mean time, though, I will continue to read Brown's work, because, as the third book of his that I have read, 'Deception Point' still keeps me guessing and makes me truly amazed!
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on July 5, 2004
I read this novel and as soon as I did, I couldn't put it down. It's a great page turning thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. It starts off with the find of a meteorite that contains extraterrestial life in it. It comes conviently as NASA is struggling with the overbudgeting and failed missions. Senator Sexton hoped to become president on the basis that he can use the extra money if NASA is moved to the private sector to fund public school education. His campaign collapses with the announcement and everything seems well until Rachael Sexton and the team of scientists uncover something very startling.
Without going into detail, they find that the meteorite was planted there and it could be fake. Soon, the Delta Force team abushes them and they almost die. They are rescued and soon go on a frantic race to uncover a conspiracy and get the information out before the delta force team finds them. As the story unfolds, you find out a lot about Senator Sexton and how there are many actions in his campaign that would cause huge scandals. You also find out about the cynical Marjorie Tench who is the senior advisor to the president and is very cunning and deceptive.
The story has a good blend of likeable and very hateable characters. You find out a lot about the characters and their past experiences that made them do certain things on the trip. There are many twists and turns as the conspiracies, the one about the meteorite and the things Senator Sexton is involved in, unfold. It is very hard to put down. I found it better than Angels and Demons in that it's much more suspenseful and a lot more intelligent. It's better than Da Vinci Code in that it doesn't try to convice people to join a pagan cult and the book is more suspenseful since there's a lot more at stake. It ended very well with the news unfolding in the way that it gets out without the bad guys winning.
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Instead of doing a number of things I *should* have been doing, I decided to start the novel Deception Point by Dan Brown. Bad mistake... I couldn't put it down. :-)
The main story revolves around a meteorite which has been found embedded in ice in the Arctic Circle. Even more surprising is that it shows fossils of bug-like creatures that prove that there is extraterrestrial life. This occurs on a political backdrop where NASA (who discovered the meteor using a high-tech satellite) is under fire to be privatized, and the president is taking a beating from his opponent during an election year for defending them. The president sends an NSA intel agent up to confirm the finding and report back, and at first all seems as it appears. But people start getting murdered and some facts surface that point to the meteor being a well-constructed hoax. Meanwhile, the senator gunning for the president's job is riding a roller coaster of fate on his campaign as NASA's stock goes up and down. He's being illegally financed by a group that wants to take over the agency, and their discovery of the meteor could spell the end of his political life. All these plotlines (and a few others) coverge at the end to a final showdown with a few twists I didn't see coming...
This is probably one of the best recreational reads I've had of late. The pacing was perfect. It wasn't over-written, even though the book is 557 pages long. I was actually interested through the whole thing. While I had my misgivings about his other works like The Da Vinci Code, Brown writes an excellent techo-thriller.
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on June 25, 2004
Intelligence analyst Rachel Sexton, an employee of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), is used to absorbing complex data and repackaging it into digestible bits for consumption by the likes of Zach Herney, the President of the United States. As it happens, Rachel is also the estranged daughter of Democratic senator and presidential candidate Sedgewick Sexton, who is running against the incumbent on an anti-NASA platform. When NASA makes a (conveniently-timed) discovery of unparalleled importance deep in the Arctic circle, inside a three-hundred-foot-thick ice floe on the coast of Ellesmere Island, President Herney shrewdly recruits Rachel to corroborate the find and summarize the science behind it for his staff. Rachel's involvement in the project, however, which requires observation of the find in situ, plunges her into a nightmarish race for survival after she and a small band of civilian scientists stumble upon certain irregularities in NASA's evidence.
Deception Point is yet another taut, intelligent thriller from the keyboard of Dan Brown, who, like his protagonist, excels at transforming complex information into digestible prose. This is top-notch escapist fiction. Put it on your summer reading list.
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on June 21, 2004
I have read a number of other reviews of this book and it seems folks either love it or hate it. Put me in the former group.
Too many people say it is a formula of Dan Brown's other books. If so, so what. The object of any book is to either inform or entertain. The best written books do both. This is a book like that. It informs in that it gives you some behind the scenes looks at Washington and our Federal agencies. Not all of what it says is true, since after all, it is a work of fiction. Yes, Dan doesn't spend hundreds of pages "developing" the characters, but then again in an adventure novel who wants an autobiography of each character? Not me, for sure. I want the book to get down to the action. And this book has more action than most. Hard to believe that humans can take this much physical abuse and be able to stand up at the end of the story! That is why I enjoy Dan Brown's writing, as well as Clive Cussler, Tom Clancey, et al. Those who complain about Dan's writing sure must not like Tom Clancey's then. He spends 950 pages bulding a plot and resolves it all in the last 50 pages. But I still enjoy his writing.
Anyway, since many before me have written about the plot of this particular book, I only want to say, forget what Dan wrote in The Davinci Code or any other book, kick back and enjoy this book as if you have never read a Dan Brown book before in your life. If you do, you will enjoy it as much as I did. If you want character development, read someone's autobiography. If you want more facts, read a textbook. If you want to be entertained, read this book.
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on May 27, 2004
I just love books like this that respect the reader so much. It's so readable, completely un-self-indulgent, and you're happily entrenched in escape-from-the-world mode from cover to cover. Also, personally I'm a great fan of all the amazing new technology that comes out but I'd never have time to learn about it.
In Dan Brown's books, one of the things I look forward to is knowing that he's going to teach me about all the cool new stuff, in a way that shows how it might all actually be used, for good or for evil, and I always come away feeling like my knowledge is right there on the cutting edge! I just have a ton of respect for an author who does so much homework about interesting things and does such a good job at making it so much fun to absorb for his readers. It's something I've always liked about Tom Clancy, but I now think I like Dan's books more because they always keep the energy level up and don't drag on with filler like it seems Clancy's books now do.
I find Dan's books somehow entertain me in the effortless, direct way a great movie does: I can just sit down and sink into the great story and, and I mean this in the best possible way, I don't really have to think; it's not like reading, it's more like watching a great flick. You kind of just sit back and enjoy the ride - the story just flows into you.
I'm always sad to finish them because life seems so mundane afterward. For fun, if you are open minded and looking for those books begging for its pages to be turned...look no further. I just read a copy of Edgar Fouche's 'Alien Rapture,' which also blew me away. Fouche was a Top Secret Black Program 'insider', whose credibility has been verified over and over. I also really liked Dan Brown's 'Angels and Demons.' Want to be shocked, check out Dr. Paul Hill's 'Unconventional Flying Objects' which NASA tried to ban - and lend credibility to Brown's book and the possibility of NASA and Government cover-ups. Anyway, great stuff.
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