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on November 29, 2013
This is a man who clearly understands context, and the relevancy of the Constitution of the USA. If everyone had the foresight that Mr Levin has, the USA would not be in the desperate condition it is now in.
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on May 30, 2009
I've never listened to Mark Levin before. I am not a fan of his radio show either. Too busy with other stuff. Though I have to admit I liked his recent book "Liberty And Tyranny". It gave me enough knowledge and information to figure out the correct path in each debate, especially on health care and immigration issues. I think this book is a great one in terms of reminding people of how powerful they can be in rolling back the Statists' agenda. The book is written in an eloquent way that reminds the reader of manifests written in late 19th century. It's easy to read and very well researched. The index and endnotes are highly credible and quotes are to the point. The only minor short coming of the book is that it does not provide solutions for some of the issues it is debating. Maybe it was not intended by the author. I have no idea since I dont listen to his show. But that'd be great if Mr. Levin told us how to fix these. Yes, the last chapter "the manifesto" describes them but they are very vague and broad. A free, prosperous and strong USA makes the rest of the world free, prosperous and strong. And it's sad to see Statists/leftists are destroying the only hope of the mankind in order to create their hellish utopia on this planet. This book, even though depressing and gloomy, taught me a lot more than I already knew and for that I am grateful. All in all, this is a must read for all conservatives especially in the western world. Canadian or British conservatives can learn a lot from reading this book. We are in it to win it. The future of the free world depends on how we act in the next coming years.
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on June 6, 2009
This book is a must read for any Conservative in any country. Mark lays out the problems currently facing America and some that are coming down the road which are already prominent in other free countries.
One of things I like about Mark is that, unlike most other Conservative media figures, he always expresses himself from a true Conservative standpoint. He doesn't oppose the Republican party, but he certainly doesn't praise non-conservative actions by them such as the Medicare bill by Bush.
You can tell when reading the book that Mark is not a professional writer. Don't expect a work of literary genius. That said, I still rated it a 5 because the message is what is important, and this book sums it up better then any other book I have read.
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on January 28, 2015
The product is hard to listen to and understand. You get the bobble head going ten minutes into this tape. Otherwise I like Mark Levin.
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on November 13, 2012
William F. Buckley, Jr.: “[T]here is a better chance of a repository of the kind of wisdom I choose to be governed by among average people than among Ph.D’s at Harvard” (p. 45.) Enlightened conservatives would not take this remark as ‘tongue-in-cheek.’ The soft tyranny the US citizen is oppressed by comes from the halls of academia, where Marxism reigns and where novel ideas are hatched. Thankfully, through radio hosts like Mark Levin, the enlightened are a growing mass, maybe large enough to vote President Obama out, and brave enough to vote a true conservative in. Republicans who ‘prefer to tinker ineffectually and timidly on the edges’ instead of ‘returning to first principles’ may win the next election. But these kind of Republicans are not conservatives, but what Levin calls ‘Neo-Statists.’ To replace Statism with Neo-Statism would be a ‘hollow victory indeed’ (p. 194.) Since this is a ‘bloodless struggle,’ all conservatives should enlist ‘with the courage of their convictions’ (p. 199.)

By conservatism Levin means liberty; by Statism, or tyranny, he means non-conservatism (p.1.) Since the word ‘liberal’ really means the opposite of authoritarian, it is more accurate to label the Modern Liberal as a Statist (p. 4.) Some will take offence with the labels that Levin has chosen to identify political parties by. But his choices more accurately represent the parties or factions than the beclouded labels currently in use. Given the usual confusing world of political philosophy, Levin’s work is refreshing and welcome. Besides marking out political philosophies by labels that suit, he adroitly demystifies, or demythologizes (whichever you choose) the words and terms that politicians use to mislead voters by. When you hear the word ‘progressive,’ for instance, it may be helpful to suspect ‘tyranny’ (p. 30.) When the Constitution is called a ‘living and breathing document,’ there may be an aim afoot ‘to legitimate that which is illegitimate’ (p. 37.) The Statist’s most bewitching word is probably the word ‘change.’ This word is used to excite and emotionalize naïve crowds. The change the Statist has in mind is the alteration of fundamental principles the nation is founded upon, which alteration gets rid of essential good (p. 13.) Even the word ‘reformation’ may be used in secret reference to fundamentally destructive alteration (p. 197.) The word ‘freedom’ had formerly meant “freedom from coercion, from the arbitrary power of other men. Now it was made to mean freedom from necessity…the old demand for a redistribution of wealth” (Friedrich Hayek, p. 92.) This redistribution happens through policies like the progressive income tax, one of Karl Marx’s favorite planks in the Communist Manifesto (p. 63.) The Founders understood ‘equality’ to mean the natural right to live freely and to acquire and retain property through labor (p. 16.) But to the Statist, equality means that the poor must get ahead at the expense of the rich (p. 197.) This injustice is made all the more apparent by the fact that so many of these poor folks are lazy as well. “The proportion of immigrant-headed households using at least one major welfare program is 33 percent. As Professor Borjas has said, ‘Being without work [in the United States] is still far better for most people than being employed in Central America’” (p. 166.) Immigrants are not the sole beneficiaries of unjust egalitarianism. I am just citing an example of egalitarian injustice from this excellent book for my book report. That it is so politically incorrect to cite such an example in our multicultural milieu makes it imperative that I do it. So there is an item-by-item list of words or terms used by the Statist; Levin reminds us of their original meanings and warns us of what the Statist now means by his use of them.

So the methods employed by the Statist to subordinate the individual to the State may be identified by key words and phrases. Familiarity with their meanings is crucial. But one must learn the language as well. Maybe no one understands better the sinister meaning of President Obama’s rhetoric than Mark Levin, who must regularly interpret the man’s utopian dialect for his radio listeners. The best and most important part of Liberty and Tyranny is Levin’s deconstruction of one such speech, or part thereof (pp. 183-188.) The good work is done “by stripping the rhetorical veneer from his message and contrasting it with the wisdom of the Conservative’s principles” (p. 198) and at the same time setting the speech in the context of policy history. This being done, there is no doubt left as to what the President’s message is full of. Levin knows how to interpret for us both sides of this doublespeak; by his excellent display of how this is done, the reader may learn the science of interpreting political hogwash for himself. On page 30 there is this comment on the danger of falling for a secular, statist agenda through a politician’s use of religious talk. Voters are taken by this maneuver every single time! More on how to notice this sort of deceit would have been desirable. Really, a whole book needs to be written on this phenomenon so voters can learn how to decipher and resist this evil deception come election time. Somebody more understanding of, and perhaps even involved in, evangelicalism in America would be needed for this job, I think; Levin’s Jewish Theism may be too shortsighted to handle it. But the fact that Mark Levin is a Jewish Theist and nothing more (I don’t know if he would appreciate that label) is what probably helped him keep within the parameters of religion occupied by the Founders. An evangelical is too apt to drive the Founders past Theism in order to legitimize the imposition of evangelicalism on the masses, which is to overstep the religious freedom endorsed by these Founding Fathers.

The larger context of soft tyranny is given as well. The grand promises made by Roosevelt in the 1940’s are virtually the rhetoric of Communist Russia (p. 41.) False utopian promises from the past have brought the USA to the economic crisis it now faces. The “Fourth Branch of government—an enormous administrative state…exists to oversee and implement” such policies (p. 54.) “It took the Statist nearly eighty years to get here, and it will take the Conservative at least as long to change the nation’s direction” (p. 198.) Wise pessimism! I will speculate some, and be more pessimistic still. Do citizens of America possess enough wisdom, resolve, patience, courage, and humility to endure this long without swinging wildly into wrong directions? They do not. It is highly improbable that they will rise up to the level of virtue they need in the short term; and even if they possessed the necessary virtues in large measure, is it probable that enough of them would take on the Herculean task of steeling the nation’s children against the ‘classroom propaganda mill’ (p. 19) for the long term? Most of what Levin proposes in his latest bestseller should be put into practice. Sadly, virtues will be too much lacking.

American political rhetoric is distinctly interpreted for us in Liberty and Tyranny. And what is factually and pleasantly communicated we should be glad to receive. Mark Levin is gentler in print than on radio.
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on July 16, 2010
For all of our Democrat-installed appeals court justices who don't seem to understand the limitations of their power stated in the U.S. Constitution, this is the book for you. It is also for the millions of Americans who are too young to remember the 1930s or didn't study it. We are going through a process of rapid deconstruction and destruction of the U.S. Constitution, and very few seem to see this rapidly passing by as the principles upon which our successful nation were founded are stomped flat as the Constitution is disregarded by anyone with a square yard of power around their fiefdoms.

If you don't understand the simple 10 Amendments to the Constitution--read this book. Read why you don't have to fear anything from your neighbor who may shout profanities in his backyard, or harbor a few firearms to protect his homestead from the free flow of undocumented aliens flowing across his property night and day.

Mark Levin is an accomplished attorney who can speak plainly, and does. This is a rarity in itself in my experience. Moreover, he lays out the quite simple and effective design of our Nation founded upon the principle of individual liberty, a totally new concept in the 1700s, which produced a great nation that beat back the foes of liberty worldwide in a short 4 years. Yet today, more and more "native Americans" have no understanding of why millions left their families and workplace to engage in this worldwide crusade, at peril of horrible death or injury, without question, in 1941-1945.

This is THE book to fill out your understanding of our Constitution. It will help you understand why centrally controlled government is inferior to individual liberty for a nation fundamentally grounded in its BORDERS, LANGUAGE, and CULTURE (nod to Dr. Savage here). You can start to understand what it means to be and AMERICAN here. If you have any doubts about a world government, read this book!
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on July 12, 2009
This is one of the best I have read at explaining what has been happening to America, and the world, politicaly. It describes how "statists", in pursuit of more and more power over the lives of everyone else, are using political networks, non-governmental organizations, the mainstream media, the global warming scam, and anything else they can, to take over ever greater control of the citizens of the world, thus limiting freedom in the name of "progress", "equality", and "saving the planet". And unfortunately large groups of people are falling for their tactics and allowing this to happen. They will try to change the constitution, take over more of the private business world, and in short ruin most peoples lives in ways we can't yet imagine. In fact, it's already happening in America under the Obama administration.
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on May 10, 2009
This book is every bit as applicable to Canada as it is to the US. Everyone should read it to gain a better understanding of current events in our country.
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on August 27, 2009
Totally awesome. Mark describes Conservitism better than anyone. Wish we had someone like him up here in Canada.
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on June 20, 2009
First off, just reading this man's writing should be proof enough of his lack of intelligence. I can't imagine how bad the grammar and syntax was before the publishers edited it. On top of this I found his views on healthcare and immigration pretty racist and uncaring for those who cannot afford expensive private health insurance. Indeed the state this man wishes to live in would pretty much resemble a third world country in terms of the class distinctions it would create, dissolution of middle class, and lack of regulation on any sort of big business in terms of environmental damage or workers conditions.

USA - Most conservative - Highest crime rate, highest poverty rate, highest rate of illiteracy, highest rate of infant mortality in hospitals in the modern world, highest rate of drugs and hate crimes.

Canada - Less conservative more liberal - Significantly lower crime, poverty rates, almost no illiteracy, better healthcare for the average person and a rich and poor man get the same health care for his family, and much lower rates of drugs and hate crimes.

Europe - Most liberal - Way less crime, way less poverty, best healthcare on the planet, and very few drug and hate related crimes (with exception to French police and italians tretment of immigrants)

Is this not physical evidence broadly speaking of the failure of conservative politics?
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