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on June 2, 2017
A very good book despite the fact that it is quite repetitious. I recommend this book to all parents who are puzzled by their young adult children. This book will open your eyes and explain things that you expeirence but could not fully grasp. It is all here: the entitled generation and what it means for parents and society as a whole. I suspect that this is not just a North American phenomenon. It certainly has spilled over unto to Canadian soil!
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In spite of a few repetitive factoids, the authors have created a well researched examination of the hows and whys of the cultural shifts that we are all experiencing around us. We have evolved from 'the greatest generation' of the 30s and 40s to 'the egotistical generation' of the 2000s. This shift is caused by child-centered parenting and educational practices, the narcissitic internet sites where superficiality and pomp have replaced actual relationship building, a media that has taught us to place its idols on very tall pedestals and, lastly, a banking and lending system that strongly encourages loans to those who cannot afford them simply because of the profit-taking that ensues. The future of such a social plague is not very pretty and it appears that only an economic or social crash will stop this character consuming process. Are we now entering the era known ultimately as 'the worst generation' or can we, as a group of shrinking but concerned persons, turn this anomaly around?
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on January 30, 2016
I found this book in a used book store about a year before becoming pregnant with my daughter. Best parenting decision of my life. Set me on the right track to understand what she needs from me. I wouldn't call this a parenting book, but it is extremely valuable to parents.
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on March 22, 2014
This is exactly what we were looking for. I am also surprised that this was a used copy as it is in excellent shape
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on October 16, 2013
Doctors Campbell and Twenge have done a great piece of work in this book.I think it's all that we need as Americans in general,but young Americans in particular are the ones most in need of reading this piece of art work.After reading this book,I broke down into tears recognizing that while self-esteem is very important for us,narcissistic flamboyance we often exhibit is not very welcoming.Humility is key to having people like you no matter now brilliantly gifted you might be.I know that we have an exceptional nation in these United States of America,but being overtly narcissistic does not do us much good as humility would do,I think.Buying and reading this book from cover to cover will do good to those who live by what these two scholars have written.
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on February 18, 2016
You were right about the current state of affairs in our modern culture :(
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on November 30, 2016
Thought provoking, accurate reflection on modern society.
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on January 4, 2010
This guy at work is always blowing his own horn. Just the other day, I heard him on the phone saying to someone "I had to foresight to...". Coming from a less narcissistic culture, I couldn't understand why he acts the way he is. I happened to pick up this book the next day and it enlightened me about how to recognize this type of behaviour, root cause and side effects. Some pointers on how to deal with it. At the same time, I learned about how some of my behaviours affected others.
My friend moved into a new house and is having a child this month. I gave him one for his birthday because it talks about parenting, granite countertops and facebook. Not that he is a narcissist, but I think everyone should always be conscious about how one's attitude affects the upbringing of children, especially with all the focus on "self-esteem" nowadays. Even the most harmless "would you like to come to this store with mommy" may lead to something bigger.
Children should be taught that respect is earned in the real world, not given by parents to their child, nor by someone boasting about themselves.
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on September 6, 2014
I really enjoyed reading this book, although it saddened me and makes me feel a little ill at ease in terms of the current and future generations. Perhaps this is how parents of the children of the 80s felt? Narcissism (well, entitlement) does seem to be an epidemic, but is this because we have a label for it, or have the related behaviours and mentality really exploded? Read the book and decide for yourself.
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on June 11, 2016
love it
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