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In ‘The Five Greatest Warriors’ Jack West Jr and his team are (still) on a quest to save the world. And this quest will involve a lot of travel and plenty of action. They discover a rhyme about five mysterious but unnamed warriors. Each of these figures provides a key to knowledge which is required to follow the steps necessary to save the world. But, Jack West Jr and his team are not the only ones seeking this information, and not everyone wants to save the world. Time is running out.

Can Jack West Jr and his team prevail?

I’m reading these books out of order (I’ve yet to read ‘Seven Deadly Wonders’ and ‘The Six Sacred Stones’, I started with ‘The Four Legendary Kingdoms’) so I’m not (yet) across all of the finer detail of Jack West Jr’s backstory, but it really hasn’t affected my enjoyment of this book. The story is so outrageous, so action-packed, so full of loathsome villains and likeable heroes that it creates its own escapist momentum. It’s unbelievable, but so much fun. Just when I think that all is lost, Mr Reilly introduces another unbelievable twist, another highly improbable turn. My advice is: don’t try to work it out, don’t try to even think about what is possible, just enjoy the trip. If you need your fiction grounded in reality, then the Jack West Jr series is probably not for you. Me, I’ll continue to work backwards. And by the time I’ve read the first two books in this series, maybe the fifth one will be available? I hope so.

Great escapist fun.

Jennifer Cameron-Smith
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on June 13, 2011
Let's be honest, Matt Reilly's books are like Tom Clancy on speed. They're great fun, they flow smoothly, and if you want all that boring detail, read the map at the start of the chapter (actually, Matt Reilly has become far more detailed in his descriptions of rooms, and important things over the last few books, but he still does move at a fair pace). The Five Greatest Warriors is (as I'm sure you know), the 3rd book in the Jack West Jr. series, and I hear Mr. Reilly wants to go all the way down to: The One Something of Whatever. As the third book, it's just fine, but after following the same pattern for his characters, it starts to get a bit old.

This is not to say I don't like the book (or any of Mr. Reilly's other books, I own most of them), but it's purely a pleasure read. I find most of Mr. Reilly's books a nice, easy read, and that is why I keep buying them.

However, if you're looking for a book to keep your teenage boy interested in reading, you might be on to something. As long as you don't mind descriptions of death and gore, this series (and really any other book by Matt Reilly) should keep the wandering mind of a youth focused on the pages, wondering who will die next, and how (and it gets quite ingenious in some cases).

All in all, very enjoyable, and maybe even attention riveting. Any author who can get a professional book reviewer to say "His books grab your attention like seeing a loaded Glock pointed at your head" can't be all that bad.

But on a side note, if you're just starting to read Matt Reilly's books, start with Contest, and then Temple. Then move on to the Scarecrow books (Ice Station, Area 7, Scarecrow), and then hit the Jack West Jr. Series. I find that order to be the best.

I also cannot comment on Mr. Reilly's children's books, as I have not read any of them.

Ice Station
Area 7: Welcome to the Most Dangerous Place in the World
Scarecrow: A Shane Schofield Thriller
Seven Deadly Wonders
The Six Sacred Stones
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on July 1, 2010
starts a tad slow [for reilly] some sameness in traps and pitfalls as in previous novels, but in the end he still has action scenes second to none.
enjoyed it.
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on February 28, 2011
This was the third and I assume last in the series. The other two were The Seven Deadly Wonders and The Six Sacred Stones. This book almost seemed to be written like a movie , and would translate well into a movie. But, for reading, seemed rushed. I much preferred the first two and if you picked this one up not knowing it was the 3rd in a series, you would be totally lost.
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on April 5, 2013
I bought this used book, and according to their description, I was hesitate to buy a used product. But the book came out good, with no damage at all, except it looks old which is normal for me.
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on July 21, 2014
I read all the books and it made me wonder about some things. It's so sad of all evil out there in the world
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