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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on December 27, 2010
I bought this book hoping it would be a good one to do as a novel study in my special program for at-risk teens. Almost all my teens either do drugs, or have had dependency issues in the past. Unfortunately drugs of choice today are often crack/cocaine, meth, or the no#1 pot. The writer in this book describes a lot about her experiences on LSD or acid.... I find these drugs not as common among our teens and thus the book less relevant. In the end, I will not use this book in my modified curriculum. I much prefer "TWEAK" as it is more recent and the talk in the book is more on the level of my students.
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on June 2, 2008
this is the diary of an anonymous girl and her struggle with drugs and addiction. as chance would have it i read it sometime after i watched that movie thirteen, which is supposedly also true, and that was kind of similar so i guess the book had less of an impact on me than it would have if i'd read it without any preparation. it was still a good read though. as you would expect from reading a diary, it did a a good job making the story realistic, though i suppose knowing this is based on an actual diary helped with that, though how much of this diary is fact is up for debate...

problems i had with this book is how little it went into the drug issue. drugs in general is a very complicated topic and i thought that this book simplified drug addiction ridiculously. since this book is aimed for teen audiences and as such the issue should be fleshed out a bit more... this book just seemed to perpetuate the boogeyman. don't get me wrong, drugs can be scary things and can really mess up someone's life, but at the same time nothing is so childishly black and white.

also, the heroine of this book had little to no backbone. she's dangerously ignorant and too eager to please... so basically she brought this upon herself. at some point when your life is flushing itself down the drain you would realize this, and at points in the novel you can tell she does, she just can't stop 'the outside world' from destroying her. i actually find it kind of interesting that as a society we celebrate novels like this, of complete destruction of the self. i enjoy this kind of story very much when the destruction is intentional, but in this instance the girl just float along on the current she was caught up in. this kind of bothers me, but at the same time... meh. because for myself it's just slightly annoying, but for some young girl who has been sheltered, this would be seriously disturbing... and it would be harder, i believe, for someone at that age to pick up on the fact that the girl didn't exercise her will... that drugs is a choice like everything else.

when i look at factors like these, you have to begin to wonder at the motivation of the authors, yes plural. this book was based on a real diary... based on, meaning some or even most of it is fiction. and in a book store you will find this in the fiction section. this book, and books like this, are mean to instil fear that comes from the ignorance that surrounds drugs. perpetuates the stereotype. as i say, i do not condone drug abuse, but neither to i approve of misinformation for the purpose of perpetuating fear and ignorance.

it was a decent fiction piece though.
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on September 11, 2007
This is about a young girl and her tragic experiences with drugs. It teaches some helpful morals. The 'editor' claims that this a real life diary, but both internal and external evidence shows this is more likely a fabrication. I'm sure, though, that it wouldn't be too hard to find a real life situation that turned out just as tragic. Judged as a work of fiction, this book contains a rather weak ending (the conclusion depends too much on inference). It is also rather "graphic" for typical moralistic fiction.
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on July 11, 2004
When I first came to know this book and what the plot was about it peeked my interest. I then started reading and felt saddened for this character. A Young girl who off and on has self esteem issues. She believes she does not fit into her family and she goes through the usual girl angst liking a boy who does not seem to take notice of her. In the end she is introduce to drugs by some classmates. This starts her into a spiral of drugs and sex. The Young lady never has sex without the drugs, in some of her entry in this diary(that supposedly at first glance is real) she hopes to someday enjoy sex without the drugs. As I was reading this book and reasearching to see if it could be found who this is individual is i found out it was not a real person but a work of fiction written by a Dr. Beatrice Sparks. To me it did take away a little of how i felt about the book. I thought it did not make sense for her to kill off the character after she had been through so much(running away coming back and being in a mental institution and getting help) That was never explain which left me to believe that the good old doctor just wanted to shock teens into the reality of drugs. I commend and will reommend this book but yet i felt she should not have killed off the character after pages of pages of her trying to get help eventhough, i know in the real word addicts do die trying to stay clean.
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on May 25, 2004
This is definately a teen read - cover to cover in one day. A little hard to follow in some places - continuity a bit vague - but overall a great read considering these are the diary entries of a drug addict. Opens your eyes to one girls struggles with drug addiction and isolation from the "straight" world. What these young girls will do for drugs is really frightening. Perhaps more parents should recommend something like this for teenagers who are teetering on the drug use age....
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on April 23, 2004
I liked GO ASK ALICE because it was a book that i have never read before.I Just wanted to give u a review on how the book was. My review is Alice or should i say the anonymous girl was into alot of drugs but she wasnt always like that at the beging she seemed like a quiet little girl but after i started reding everything changed.My favorite part in the book was when she first gotten into drugs she didnt seem that afraid she didnt think much about the drugs she didnt feel she had a problem.I dont want to tell you to much but if you like books that you can relate to or you know someone who uses drugs then this is a book for you or you just like reading books that are interesting.I had to read this book for school but i found it to be a really good book i read alot of books.If you dont like reading u will like reading this.
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on April 23, 2004
I don't understand this book to me it was a lot of confusion with her in her life. If you read this book make sure you pay close attention to the detail and every little part of the book to completely understand it. The book Go Ask Alice was an anonymous book so don't go hurting your self trying to find out who she is . I hope you have as good or better luck with understanding this book than I did.
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on February 25, 2004
I am 15 and for a school i decided to read Go Ask Alice. Its about a girl who is in a small town and her family decides to move to another town. She is excited that she can start over and become a new person with new friends. She is lonley at first until she runs into the wrong croud. She starts getting into drugs, running away, having sex, and just getting out of comtrol. Throughout the book she tries to quit everything and keeps falling back till right at the end when things change. The book is ecellent and helped me alot you should read it esoecially teens.
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on December 11, 2003
As educators looking at this book as a potential instruction tool, Go Ask Alice does provide multiple avenues to discuss teen issues that are frequenlty too sensitive to address. While it may have been shocking at the time of its publication, this situation is more familiar to today's teens. While the publishers contend that this is a work nonfiction, we can't help but wonder how much editing altered the reality of this teenage girl. Too often, her voice is inconsitent. In one entry, she's very adolescent in her writing, in others she seems very educated and almost collegiate in her tone.
Overall, however, if one were to teach this book, it might be a good idea to coordinate with the health instructor so that teens can get factual information about the effects of drugs and sex. Some historical context would also be helpful.
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on November 27, 2003
I started the book anxious to knowing more about this alice character but once getting into it all i was waiting for was a climax, or some point in which i would understand the reasoning behind this diary being published. i found myself disappointed at the end when nothing of value happened, surely this character or girl, made the mistakes everyone thought about risking and yeah she helped me experience things that i thought i wasnt ready to experience in reality but it was too drastic and seemed like the only reason it was there was to show you morals and teach you lessons. I read Jay's Journals, which is the same sort of idea but was much more fascinated by the alternative topics that maybe you really wont experience unless you look for it your teen years. This book is actually for younger kids, before they meet new people and grow up. its for kids who wont ever want to do anything their mothers dont want them to. but i advize not to get this book because its meaningless, and wont really change you, like books should...a bit of advice; jays journals, and the perks of being a wallflower are much better and if you thought or think you'll relate to this, then you'll most likely relate to those better....thanks for your time
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