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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on July 24, 2010
Gone is the last book in the Wake Trilogy. Personally, i really like the first two books(wake and fade) veryyyy much. But i believe Gone didn't do this series any justice. So much goes on in wake and fade that sometimes i found myself re-reading pages to grasp whats happening. The first two installments were a thrill to read. However, not much happens in the last one. Honestly, i think the entire book could've been summed up in a chapter or two, it did not require a whole book just to get a point across.
The storyline of Gone is flat with no climax what so ever. Without giving out any important information, all i am going to say is that in this book, Janie learns about her Father, her mothers past and why her mother is the way she is.....THATS IT!!!! And she also has to choose her future, but that was foreshadowed in Fade, so nothing new there.
But a good thing i liked about this novel is that Cabel and Janies relationship progresses. You are reminded once again why Cabel is such a sweetheart and why Janie loves him so much. I love Janie and Cabels relationship. The ending was good. Although, i think Lisa mcMann could've just made Fade a little longer and added couple more chapters to sum up Gone.
I found Janies mother to be so annoying. Her lack of care for her daughter was so unbelievable. She only came out of her room to get booze, did absolutely nothing around the house and constantly cussed Janie. Janie got some guts for putting up with a mother like that. I guess since Janies mother was such a poor excuse for a mother, Janie had no choice but to grow up fast. I liked her Father though, he seemed like a very intelligent and loving man. I m sure Janies life would've been a lot different and happier if her father was in her life. Too bad.
My favorite book in the trilogy is Fade then Wake. I would recommend this novel only IF you have read the first 2 installments since you find out about Janie's father and more about her abilities. Other than that there is nothing more this book can offer.
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Reason for Reading: Next (and last) in the series.

Summary: Janie has been left with a decision to make about her future and concentrates on making that decision. However, a wrench is thrown into her contemplations when her never before known father shows up in ICU causing her alcoholic mother to go off the deep end and add a twist to her previous choice. Now she must decide which is lesser of two evils.

Comments: Right of the bat I'll say this was rather disappointing. For a good portion of the book, from the beginning, the story mostly concentrates on Janie's dealing and coping with her alcoholic mother. Which would have been fine if this was just another teen dysfunctional family novel (which I abhor) but it was supposed to be the final book in a, so far, exciting paranormal trilogy. Janie has become very good at blocking out dreams unless they hit her out of nowhere, so during this part of the book there is barely any semblance of paranormal activity.

The introduction of Janie's father and his story that Janie learns through his comatose dreams was an interesting plot move and was certainly the highlight of the book. I enjoyed the twist it brought to the story and the extra dimension it added to Janie's decision. In the end though, I thought her decision lacked logic and I came up with a different way in which she could have possibly solved her dilemna.

I won't go into any details about what I thought of the casual, s*xual relationship between Janie and Cabel, except that I was not impressed. In general I was not impressed with Gone much at all; I read the book very quickly, I was already committed to the characters and enjoyed the previous two books *very much* but Gone just did not share an exciting plot with them. The father's part was good but not that exciting and I didn't pick up this book to read about the trials, tribulations and effects of an alcoholic on a family. Readable, but disappointing for the last book in a trilogy.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 18, 2011
Janie is now finished high school and has some major decisions to make. Continue as she has, dreaming other peoples dreams which destroy her body, leave Cabel and live in isolation, and what about her mother. To help them both unwind from their work with the police, Cabel takes her to visit with his brother for a week. In the middle of the week, Carrie calls and leaves frantic messages for Janie that result in the two rushing back home to sort out whatever is happening.

First, I want to say that I enjoyed the whole series. I liked the reader Ellen Grafton and would listen to more of her work. She made the characters come alive. Particularly liked her no-nonsense voicing of Captain Komisky, my favourite character in the series. What I didn't like as much is that Janie is so certain that it is Cabel or no one. That this is her one relationship and that if she cuts ties with him, she'll be alone for the rest of her life. Though, that does seem to be a very teen way of thinking.

Sure, it's pretty far fetched that you can enter other people's dreams, but imagine the possibilities.... The whole series was fun to listen to and I would recommend it to teens and parents of teens as it does a good job of looking at some of the issues and decisions facing young adults.

I listened to the unabridged version from Brilliance Audio, 4 hours 43 minutes. Read by Ellen Grafton.
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on October 4, 2011
I was sad to see this excellent series go. I really did enjoy reading the first two. This time however, this book focuses more on Janie and the devastating consequences it has to her health (mental and physical). Janie develops a lot here as a character, and it's really nice to see that she grows to be a very mature and strong woman.

The storyline that surrounds Janie and her father was an interesting one, one that actually put me to tears. Yet I'm glad Janie went along with her choice. I rather wished there was more to Janie and her mother although not much really happened between them. They're still far apart and it looks like no closure was done between the two. I think there could have been more to close that loose end.

The characters stayed the same, nothing much to them although I'm glad to see Cabel still ends up as boyfriend of the year in my opinion. I'm also glad to see that most of the loose ends have been tied up nicely without leaving any sort of unanswered questions behind. Fans who are expecting another mystery to be solved will be disappointed, there is no case to solve, but rather, it focuses more on Janie and her relationships and issues.

It's a good closing novel, and only lets the reader wish there was more adventures with Janie and Cabel. However, all good things always have to come to an end. I'll definitely miss reading about them.
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on March 31, 2010
In Gone by Lisa McMann, nothing really happened in the story. I didn't like the writing style and the fact that it was written in present tense. There were so many sentences that didn't even contain a subject. For example, "Lies back down on the couch, full of cake. Thinks about what happens next. Knows that she'll say..." (182) Also, Janie started swearing a lot in this book and even at her mother. It didn't sound like a realistic choice of words that she would use.

Overall, I didn't like this book. Janie is complaining a lot and her thoughts are very repetitive. The second book, Fade, was my favourite.

Janie has to make a decision. She can either get a scholarship and attend school and eventually lose her eyesight and the function of her hands. Or she can become a recluse and live on her own somewhere far away from town where no one will dream, and as a result preserve her eyesight and the feeling of her hands. Little does she know that her second option comes with more consequences than she first thought.

Janie discovers that her father is still alive. But he is in a coma. He had been living alone all this time. Her mother, the alcoholic, has told her that his brain exploded. When Janie goes to visit his room, she always experiences the same dream, with bright colours and static and feels that she can barely make it out of it alive.

What is going on in her father's dreams? What will Janie discover about her father's past? What will Janie choose to do?
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on December 16, 2010
After reading and ADORING the other two books in this series, I was drastically disappointed about halfway through Gone. (I kept thinking it might get better, halfway through is where I lost hope.) This book is NOT worth the purchase. It's streched out and pointless; the entire plot could've been summed up in the first paragraph, and at least then it may have been worth the read. The ending especially is terribly boring and blatantly open-ended for two possible horrors. The point of this book, I guess, was mainly for the author to write about two teenagers having sex, and partly just to depress the readers and give them nothing new to learn about the protagonist. She should've been more dedicated to her series, and spent more time writing a decent book that this. Awful.
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on May 19, 2014
great last book in the series. Fans of Wake and Fade need to read this book!! Definitely a page turner
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on March 10, 2011
Gone was a great read. It was read in a couple of days. The order was received in quick fashion.
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I bought this book pretty much as soon as it came out, but I didn't read it until now. Knowing it was the last in the series I didn't want to read it because I knew it would be the end. But I'm glad I finally got to it. It was excellent, just as good as book 1 & 2.
I don't think I have read any other books that are written in first person present tense. It's different and I don't know if everyone would enjoy this writing style, but I love it.
I really got into this story and I read it all in one sitting, which is rare for me. Where the first books had plots revolving around Janie's work with the cops this one was more about Janie finding out about her ability and the choices she would need to make about her future. Janie has to deal with some tough issues and I found myself crying throughout the last half of the book. As always, I found Janie and Cabel's relationship to be very real, it's not all lovely dovey and roses, it's based on communication and trust. I think their relationship is one of my favorite things in this series. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for something a bit different than the typical YA fantasy novel
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on December 30, 2009
In the final installment of Lisa McMann's DREAM CATCHER trilogy, Janie finds herself in a dilemma a little closer to home.

Janie receives a phone call that her mother is in the hospital. Once there, she discovers it is not her mother that needs help, but a mysterious man in a coma who seems to be calling to her from his dreams.

By her side is her boyfriend, Cabel, who tries to help her as much as he can. When he starts to have terrifying dreams, Janie becomes torn between the love she has for him and what she feels is right to make him happy.

Janie is learning more and more about herself and what a Dream Catcher's life entails. The last book is a conclusion of her final decision of her life ahead, what she needs for herself, and what she wants it to be for her and Cabel.

If you haven't read the first two books of this series, WAKE and FADE, you will be lost throughout the third. A lot of the conversations had and people met are from the others, so I recommend you read them first.

You won't be disappointed - this series is one of the best for Young Adult readers!

Reviewed by: Lesley
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