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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on March 1, 2004
I finally gave Grafton's "alphabet" series featuring Kinsey Millhone a try with "P Is For Peril" a year or two ago, when it was the newest of the series. I liked "P", and I've since been working my way through the rest, starting with "A" -- I've now reached "I."
I think "H Is For Homicide" is the weakest I've read. Much of the book has Kinsey undercover, living with some crooks and auto insurance fraud artists in Los Angeles. The plot doesn't seem to advance very quickly in these segments, and Kinsey's acerbic observations begin to pall. We're left with a generally static narrative of fairly pointless minor incidents among uninteresting, vaguely threatening people. Kinsey's better when she's rushing around among a variety of mainly middle class specimens, observing their tastes and foibles, in my opinion.
The good news is that "I Is For Innocent" was a welcome return to form.
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on December 28, 2000
Of all the major mystery writers of today, Sue Grafton must be the sloppiest plotter since Rex Stout. Often major plotlines are left dangling, major characters vanish without comment, and quite a few of the books don't end so much as simply come to a screeching halt. But, of course, we don't read Sue Grafton (or Rex Stout, for that matter) for plot. We read her for the richness of her writing, her psychological insights, and Kinsey Millhone's dry wit. Which goes quite a way to explaining just why this book in the Millhone series is so disappointing. Kinsey goes undercover -- accidentally -- in a hispanic gang which has an insurance racket going. Grafton tries to remake her lead character into an action hero, which neatly negates her virtues. Coincidence always plays a large part in Grafton's books, but in this case the sheer number of coincidences will cause you to yodel with disbelief. The two big plot twists can be seen coming a mile away. Hardly essential reading. Grafton quickly rebounded and the books which follow H are effortlessly superior.
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on June 22, 1999
My first Sue Grafton book, probably my last. I'd read the reviews noting the realism of her heroine, etc. and I liked the character. But does Grafton ever deliver with a little excitement in her plots? This thing goes on and on and not once was I absorbed. I like a little tension in a mystery. Even the dangerous dog is of course quickly revealed to be a pussy cat. Yawn.
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on July 29, 1999
Kinsey infiltrates an insurance scam ring that turns out to be run by LA gangsters with Touretts syndrome. She puts on some trashy clothes and bad makeup & they just invite her in for a beer. No way. I've read every one of her books, & this is definitely the least believable or entertaining.
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