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on November 8, 2015
Book 9 in the " Murray Family Series " Fiona MacEnroy rides out of her home, Deilcladach, without telling Gillyanne and Connor just to get away from her trouble with an idiotic suitor who was always cornering and injuring her. Even though her family is trying to hunt Menzies down - she can't take being hidden in the castle anymore. Unfortunately, she falls off her horse (Wretched Pain in the Arse) and gets stranded - not even sure which way to walk home. Ewan MacFingal, riding with 11 warriors, can't believe a small woman is standing in front of them with a dagger and a sword, out in the middle of nowhere, and asking them to surrender. After a short sword fight and Ewan searching her body and finding 9 more knives, he decides to take her home and ransom her back to her family whenever she tells him who she is. This is the beginning of a very romantic novel with lots of great characters and adventure. I liked this story because it was lively and I had hoped to have Fiona with a story of her own since she had been introduced.
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on October 14, 2006
Fiona MacEnroy is fleeing an overtly earnest suitor through the hills and wilds of Scotland when she is set upon and captured by a group of men. Fully expecting a battle, she's rather surprised her many knives and swords are useless against their fearless and confounding leader, Ewan MacFingal. He whisks her away to his family stronghold, Scarglas, and she realizes she is in the hands of a family long held in contempt by neighboring clans. Despite rumors, Fiona feels a sense of peace within its walls and a growing sense of arousal for the enigmatic laird. Ewan himself finds much to admire in the bold and capable lass, yet he refuses to succumb to her charms. Fears of an unknown madness in his father keeps him at bay from anyone daring to get too close to him, especially Fiona, for he has long feared he is too much like his father. As old enemies, both of Fiona and Ewan, creep ever closer to the growing relationship between the two, will pride and fear keep them apart? Or will passion and love pave the path of their desires?

Author Howell uses pleasant details of Scottish countryside to draw the reader into her world. Scottish inflections are used throughout the story to lend that particular air of authenticity, though some words were used so heavily, and spelled as if a Scot were saying them, that it gets distracting at times. Secondary characters abound in the novel, and Ewan's father, Sir Fingal, plays an important role, one too important at times, for Ewan is extremely fixated on the problems that the man causes for the rest of their clan. Once the plot moved back to focusing on the hero and heroine, readers will once again be nicely entertained. Dialogue between all the characters is good, especially between Fiona and Ewan and Fiona and Mab, one of the clan's adoptive members. The secondary plot involving a n old, dangerous flame of Ewan's was somewhat weak, but still an interesting addition to help advance his and Fiona's relationship and shed light on Ewan's misgivings. Characters from previous books make an appearance and Ms. Howell actually sets the stage for the following book, "Highland Lover", very nicely without taking away from the main plot.

Considering the amount of characters that abound throughout, all were quite well developed. Readers will clearly feel Ewan's dilemma in remaining separate from Fiona due to his father's indiscretions. Fiona herself is an admirable heroine who more than proved her worthiness as one. She's never faint of heart and in fact jumps in, heart open wide and ready to claim her man. Despite its problems, it was an enjoyable read and I much anticipated reading about Ewan's awakening to the bold Fiona.

Official Reviewer for The Mystic Castle
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on April 29, 2004
In 1472 Scotland, Fiona MacEnroy needs some fresh air after being lovingly locked up by her brothers to keep her safe from an abusive "suitor". Menzies has scarred her every time she rejects his so called love for her. She rides her horse, but has an accident. Laird Ewan MacFingal and twelve of his men find her, but Fiona refuses to tell him what clan she belongs to. He takes her prisoner with plans to ransom her later. To her shock, she feels safe with him and other feelings stir. He wants her too, but he knows women even whores fear him due to his nasty scars.
They reach his keep Castle Scarglas where Fiona begins to believe she has found her soulmate in Ewan while he avoids being alone with her because his attraction to her scares him. He also thinks of his previous love that betrayed him to his enemies the Grays eight years ago, but wonders if he can trust Fiona with his heart. She seduces him into marriage, but he is stunned by who she is and her connections. As danger from Menzies and the Grays surface, this couple needs to trust in love or face dire consequences.
The third Hannah Howell Highland historical (see HIGHLAND ANGEL and HIGHLAND GROOM) is an exhilarating romance starring two likeable protagonists. The extended family especially his siblings (even his fractious father turns into a teddy bear) are a likable lot. Though the motives of the two Gray villains especially the female seems too unrealistic, fans will appreciate this charming story of love between a HIGHLAND WARRIOR and his intrepid female counterpart.
Harriet Klausner
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on September 1, 2006
I had just finished Highland Groom (4 Star) which was decent, but this one (third in her Highland trilogy) outshines even 'Groom'. Great characters, good plot, very enjoyable read. I will have to get my hands on Highland Bride now for the backstory of Connor and Gilly. You will NOT be disappointed in this story. EXCELLENT.
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on December 20, 2014
I have read this book 3 times. Every once in a while i have to reread there story. If you have never read Hannah Howell before it can be hard to read till you get the Scottish Lingo but it is a fun adventure.
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on July 16, 2004
I love Hannah's Highland series. I usually read them in one sitting. I can't wait for the next book!
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on July 8, 2004
I enjoyed reading this Romance novel and have enjoyed this series. However, I found that the last 200 pages or so were rather predictable and lacked character delemas that were anything but ordinary- (Fight for characters to admit they love eachother).
I found the ending to be rushed. I feel it needed an epiloge to properly tie up loose ends and see the characters truely happy.
After saying all of that, it still was an enjoyable read!
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