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on March 29, 2013
In Quebec those worth about 15$ (with tx.) 12x15=180CAN$ for the whole set

I shall say that 68$ is a fair price for such a thrilling manga. People who likes twisted minds fighting, you'll surely like the epic battle between L and Kira.

In bonus :
1. death note userbook
2. How to read death note (a special tome with all the explanations)
3. really cool card with l's real name

Surely worth the price. I highly recommend this product.
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on December 14, 2010
Death Note is a great manga for anyone that likes a serious plot with twists and turns. It is intelligently written and the artwork is amazing. The boxed set is an awesome value for someone who wants the whole series at a great price, plus it comes with the Death Note Encyclopedia as a bonus!
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on May 31, 2014
I never really knew much about Death Note. It first started with those random bored days where I search random stuff. This is where I found an article about it being one of the top manga/anime of its time. This of course was at least a year ago when I brought the DVD sets and this box set. I just decided to review it ,for the heck, of it.

I love the box set. It's beautifully designed and it carries the manga volumes well. At this very moment, the box set is among my manga collection beside the other "related" Death Note items such as the two "one shot" novels and the anime itself. It's an amazing addition to my self and really recommend it to other fans of manga or actual Death Note fans.

The Box set itself as a couple of great features especially the collectible "How to use it" booklet. It is just basically all the rules of the Death note in an actually booklet. It's great having the rules at your disposal. Just a Fan based thing; all fans must have.

The manga itself is brilliant! For someone like me who purchase this "on the whim" is saying much. I only knew the Death note was popular; from that article I read. I always like doing things like this; buy things and hoping they are as much as you expect. Let me tell you Death Note went beyond my expectations. I'm glad I purchase this :)

No summary of Death Note; I'm expecting for you to buy it "on the whim" . That's how much I love it! ;)
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on October 18, 2015
Some murder mysteries wait till the end to reveal the killer. Some mysteries are more about revealing the events and the reasoning behind murders ... And then there is "Death Note" - where both the investigator and the killer know each other from the beginning, and are working together to catch the killer!

Light (Raito) Yagami's accidental discovery of the Death Note - a notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it - starts an unprecedented rush of events. What I found to be the most fascinating aspect of this series is how equally brilliant the two main characters of Light and "L" are - each person is able to figure out the other's thinking almost to the point of being able to predict the other's moves. Unlike average crime / mystery tales, this narrative did not hide the denouement till the final point of the grand finale. All tricks and plans are constantly played and counter-played throughout this saga, and that made for a very exciting read.

Showcased through the actions - and their far-reaching results - of the two main protagonists, “Death Note” is also a great comment on society, its beliefs, its stand on right and wrong, good and evil. One of the marks of great writing is, in my opinion, its ability to present characters and/or a point of view, in such shades of grey as to have the reader constantly oscillate between admiring and loathing a character, constantly arguing for or against the stand, and never being able to put an easy, permanent label on any one. And that is exactly what this series does; narrated across 12 volumes, this is a story of many characters with multiple layers - their relationships adding yet another dimension to the story.

Some minor issues (the slightly annoying Misa Amane, the lengthy discussions in and around Yotsuba Group, and a touch of the didactic in the conclusion) prevented me from giving this “5 stars”. Still, overall, a fantastic read.
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on March 22, 2013
I fell in love with Death Note after watching the anime series. I bought this afterwards because I liked it so much. The manga is almost IDENTICAL to the anime, so much so that I didn't really finish the manga set because it was sooo familiar. It is an amazing story though, I would buy it again.
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on January 29, 2013
I bought this for myself and really enjoyed the manga. The box is nice and makes the manga easy to carry and it keeps everything safe. No complaints.
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on January 25, 2014
First, I will say that the perfect score goes to manga as well as to the box set as whole. Here is why I love the box set:-

Really great deal and inexpensive way to buy the whole manga. For less than 70$, you get the full 13 volumes. That is saving more than 50% if you would buy each volume individually (Amazon sells each volume for about 12 so the total will be 156$)
Fancy package and great extra. You get the box of course, but also you get with it an extra volume how to read and how to use)

This is the boxset, but what about the manga? It is the best crime/psychological/thriller manga I've ever read after Monster. Period. I think the box set is a must have to anyone who is fan of manga in general
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on August 19, 2013
I bought this on a whim because I had a little extra cash and it went on sale.
And booyyyy, do I love it.
The case alone is beautiful, a good size with a handle for caring. I wouldn't move it around so much, but you could.
The images on all sides are wonderful and very shiny, giving a professional nice feel to it.

When you open it, it folds out, displaying all of the manga inside. It also comes with a 'How to use', which is all the rules of the death note. Also a special present is in there too.

All in all great buy, wonderful series, and great packaging.
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on May 30, 2014
Death Note is a great manga for anyone that likes a twists and turns plot.Death Note is a supernatural, psychological mystery series- we start off with a smart, normal guy, who suddenly receives the power to change the world. We follow Light as he works towards his goal, and at the same time, avoid suspicion by the super detective L. The series quickly becomes a mind game full of clever strategies and psychological plays. In this box set you get volumes 1 - 12 and a bonus manga call "13 how to read" and a little book with all the rules on how to use the death note..
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on July 31, 2013
The product was more than I expected and exactly as described. Shipping was fast and I'm over all very pleased with the product quality and appearance as well. Price was fair but with everything that is included it's definitely worth it, it is as well a great read if you're into thriller/suspense manga with a solid plot.
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