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Anne McCaffrey has stolen my heart with the Dragons of Pern Series. The first chapter may not grab you instantly, HOWEVER, hang on your dragon's saddle straps after that because her characters and dragons come to life and all you want to be is a dragonrider! This series is definitely a collector series.
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on June 20, 2017
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on December 23, 2015
Bought alongside The Dolphins of Pern, the two books ended up bending each other in the shipping box. Minor scuff marks on the front cover and small bending on the back.
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on December 27, 2016
the series keeps going, it's great when it does end i'm going to miss a lot of these characters
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on July 1, 2016
Great book.
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on August 4, 2014
awesome reading material
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on December 31, 2016
Having discovered AIVAS in Landing, a plan is formed by AIVAS, weyrleaders, craftmasters and some lord holders to eliminate the threat of Thread from Pern forevermore. A massive four year undertaking commences, requiring massive technological shifts to produce vital items.

But there is resistance, with some naming AIVAS an 'Abomination' and seeking to disrupt and destroy the efforts.

The sheer scope and scale of the efforts (and crash-education) accomplished in a bit more than four years are pretty amazing to read and imagine the changes from agrarian to rapid learning efforts.
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on May 23, 2001
I seem to be in the minority, but I had major, major problems with ALL THE WEYRS OF PERN and I fear this book has really ruined Pern and destroyed what made it special. Stuff that bugged me (SPOILERS):
1. THE MODERNIZING OF PERN. Do we really want a modern Pern? I don't know about everyone else, but I loved the medieval setting and dark atmosphere of DRAGONFLIGHT, the tension between dragonriders and Lord Holders, and especially reading about life in the Weyrs. Despite the title, this book was not actually about the Weyrs! What a shame that McCaffrey seems to be veering away from them.
2. TRASHING AND SLASHING OF BELOVED CHARACTERS FROM THE EARLIER BOOKS. Lessa as portrayed in the first book has always been my favorite Pern character. So why is it that with each successive Pern book Anne McCaffrey seems more and more determined to give her a bad name and ruin her? The characterization did not seem consistent to me. I also did not like or believe the way F'lar manipulated and lied to her. It was never his style before (he always treated Lessa as an equal and never underestimated her), and Lessa should be too clever to fall for it anyway -- since she is good at manipulating others herself. These two used to be one of SF's most dynamic couples. Does someone acutally prefer *this* version of F'lar and Lessa?
And lets not even mention Robinton. Do we really want Pern without Robinton in it? Pern without the Masterharper?
3. THE PREPOSTEROUSNESS OF THIS PLOT! Okay, they find a computer and it tells them *exactly* how to get rid of Thread! How convenient (Can you say "deus ex machina"?). Also, all these medieval people just learn to use computers and mass produce what they need? Yeah right. I can't even get my mom to use a computer and you want to tell me people who don't haven't even had electricity until now are going to catch on to using computers that fast?
And duplicating all they need in 4 years? With nothing going wrong?! When even NASA has had disasters? Starting from medieval technology? Um, I don't think so.
4. THE ERADICATION OF THREAD. Do we really want to read about Pern without Thread? Isn't the struggle to survive on Pern what makes this series compelling and dramatic? Doesn't it give the dragons and dragnriders their purpose? I would rather Thread was impossible to eradicate so we could have more dramatic stories about brave men and women battling Thread and struggling to survive on Pern.
5. WHY DOES JAXOM ALWAYS GET TO HAVE HIS CAKE AND EAT IT TOO? Seriously, isn't he supposed to be a Lord Holder? What the heck is he doing leading all the dragonrider missions? Why are F'lar and the other Weyrleaders letting Jaxom do their job? Doesn't he have a Hold to run?! And how come Lessa had to give up Ruatha Hold so she could be a dragonrider and now Jaxom gets to rule Ruatha and go to the Red Star while Lessa doesn't get to do either? This does not seem fair to me, especially since Ruatha belonged to Lessa's family and Jaxom's father murdered them.
I loved Jaxom as a little boy in DRAGONQUEST but ever since THE WHITE DRAGON he has seemed like a spoiled little rich boy to me... The dragonrider / Lord Holder thing could have been an interesting conflict and made a great character but instead Anne McCaffrey always lets him have his cake and eat it too, trashing F'lar, Lessa, F'lessan and others just so Jaxom can hog the spotlight. Ug.
6. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WOMEN ON PERN? Have they all turned into Stepford Wives? Pern has always been a sexist society but usually there has been a Lessa, a Menolly or a Sharra somewhere in sight who would try to fight for freedom and equality. In this book it seems like all the men are running the show, and the women are staying home barefoot and pregnant! I never thought I would see the day.
7. A HUGE GAFFE / OVERSIGHT. A friend of mine pointed this one out: If the Dragonriders divided the virus into three batches and went back in time to the two long intervals to infect the Thread with it all those centuries ago, why has Thread been falling just as strongly? It should have been weakening all along centuries ago if the virus was starting to infect it.
All in all, I was really bummed by this book, which took eliminated so much of what made Pern special to me -- life in the Weyrs, conlficts between dragonriders and holders, Thread battles, F'lar and Lessa's spirit and heroism, Robinton's wonderful wit, the dark medieval atmosphere, strong women, plots with some credibility... I found ALL THE WEYRS OF PERN so depressing I have been afraid to read any more recent Pern books. If anyone else felt as I did, please post a review, so that I won't feel alone... I miss the old Pern so much!!!
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on June 26, 2004
This 1991 entry into the long running series begins with the rediscovery of the computer left by the first settlers to Pern. This computer, named AIVAS, complete with its vast store of knowledge, had managed to stay operational in the intervening 2,500 plus years since the settlers had been forced to flee the original settlement. In that time the settlers had developed a new society and found methods to deal with the menacing Thread that periodically attacked their world but had lost many of the technologies that their ancestors had brought with them from Earth. Now that AIVAS was available to them the people of Pern would have the opportunity to regain this knowledge, but at what cost to their society?
Favorite characters from previous novels are here, Jaxom and his white dragon Ruth, Master Harper Robinthon, dragonriders Lessa, F'Lar and their son F'lessan and numerous others. We see how the people and dragons of Pern adapt to the changes in their world and rise to met the challenges these changes have brought about.
For long time fans of the series there is a fear that this is the end of the saga but it appears that there are other entries writen more recently. In any case this is a must read for any fan of the series. It is not, however, a good place to start.
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on September 3, 2001
Lessa has always been kindy of "witchy" (to use a non-profane term) so I don't agree with you about that inconsistency. I do agree about Jaxom though, he does seem to be born under a lucky star, in spite of his origins. I love the book, simply because I love reading about my friends of Pern. The main thing that bothers me about this book, and I haven't seen any one else pick this up is: Piemur falls in love with Jancis, MasterSmnith Fanderel's grandaughter. Except Fanderel never married, remember in White Dragon, Lessa being appalled at the state of the SmithHall and asking Fandarel where his wife is? "no Wife" he says, "no time for a wife". So, what's he doing with a grand daughter?
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