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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 20, 2000
Having already read Ransom before I started Secret, I knew the fate of many of the characters and sort of spoiled the surprises that would have been in store for those who read the books in the correct order. Still, it added an extra sparkle to the plot to read the history of some only vaguely outlined characters whose past seemed to somehow foreshadow the outcome of Ransom. So why the so-so rating? Well, when I read the title and then the teaser on the back, I'll admit I was confused, drawn, intrigued. Secret? I asked. Secret? What could he possibly have done to her, or to her mother? (I won't answer that question in public writing, but you get the idea) Ransom had been wonderful, and while some of Garwood's other books had been let downs, why would this book not follow (or should I say, set) the traditions that made Ransom so wonderful? I loved the common Highland setting, don't get me wrong, but for a romance that's supposed to have some urgency to it, some 'umph', Secret fell flat. I recognize that there had to be something beside kissing and other- ahem, activities- to make the book even remotely near the standards of 'respectable literature', and while the 'secret' of Judith's heritage held promise for great pain and reconciliation between the respective Clans, I found that Garwood just didn't develop it to its true potential. And then there was that semi-fiasco at the end, a twisted bit of manuevering if I ever saw one. I mean, it really would have added to the climax potential if this 'rebellion' had occurred before the little meeting with the Maclean Laird, with Judith's kidnapping to force the Clan to band together again to save her, or face the world knowing that her blood or pain really did lie at their feet because they couldn't resolve their own problems. Garwood really should have made the war between the Clans more evident, more riveting, rather than overemphasizing the various relationships. Still, first prize on the friendship between Frances Catherine and Judith, and I really do love her arrogant Scottish Lairds. A worthy effort, but still not up to Ransom's quality.
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on August 9, 2002
This book was ok....I think what bothered me most about it was the fact that we didnt really get to know the characters all that well. I felt that the begining of their relationship, when they were just getting to know each other, was rushed. To me, that was a crucial time..... because this is when they would have been getting to know one another....I felt that we lost out on getting to know them ...and because of was hard to really get into their relationship...they seemed 2 dimensional to me. I adore Julie Garwood, and this certainly wasnt a bad just wasnt my favorite.
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on September 22, 1999
Let me start off by saying - I love Julie Garwood books, The Lyon's Lady is one of my all time favorites! I liked the Wedding and the Bride as well, but this book just didn't do a thing for me! It was so boring! And to tell us the secret and have the hero find out so soon! The book read a little too typical for my liking. If you like Garwood books, get it, but if you're looking for page after page of excitement - try another! I'm still going to get Ransom to see if the Ramsey and Brodick story turns out better.
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on March 13, 2004
I DON'T know why a lot of readers love this book...maybe I'm weird or I have different taste...say whatever you want, But I REALLY think this book has no originality, has very weak characters, a downhill momentum, and a cheesy ending...
NO ORIGINALITY: If u read a lot of Garwoods, you have to admit that it was the SAME thing, over and over again...I thought my first Garwood book is good, but this second time, god, I can't stomach it...I dont know if she's running out of ideas or what..
WEAK and AWKWARD CHARACTERS: well,good things first, I like how she makes her heroine different from her other ones by giving them adorable habits like in this novel, Judith sleep like the dead...but what I find irritating is how she keeps them childish and naive...what I mean is, she starts off when they were young like 5-7 years old, I think she does an excellent job on portraying their character as very young kids...but then, they jumped into young adulthood, and I still feel like they are 5 year old kids. Yes, it's ok for them to have these unique talents and outspoken manners, but Garwood position them like rocks on a very flat land. There's no smooth transition. She can make them as beautiful or big as she wants them, but they still come out weak and AWKWARD<<<
DOWNHILL MOMENTUM: All her novels starts good, I mean they hook u right into the story...Always a scottish warrior taking an englishwoman into Scotland, of course it's interesting...well, I wont really say that if it's the 6th scotman on his way to england...BUt after they brought them to scotland, the plot starts to deteriorate...The engliswoman will start to impress the laird and his people...I mean, so what? that's not new...
CHEESY ENDING: Seriously, I dont know how people find the ending so was so corny...One by one, a scottish wife stands up, offer to leave everything (plus their husband) that has been her life just to go with JUdith,...I mean, all of them??? that's kinda overdone, don't u think? I mean if it is believable, yes, it will be alright...and me...Im just so disappointed.
If it is your first romance novel, then I think you'll love this book, but if you read 20+ other romance novels and ur not normal like me, then I think it's not worth reading...
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