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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on November 10, 2010
With all the time that went by between Hush Hush and Cresendo I think I forgot how much I loved these characters. I absolutely loved this book. I was so consumed; I could not put it down. It's one of those books that I am going to be telling everyone I know to read it. Hush Hush was really good, but this was amazing. From the first couple of pages I was pulled right in. The relationship between Nora and Patch is everything that I LOVE in this type of book. It's a complicated thing; you can love him and hate him at the same time. I guess just like Nora does. The twists and turns were unreal and I had no idea when everything came together how brilliant it really was until I was finished the book. This one leaves on a really big cliff hanger and it's going to be impossible to wait until next year for the 3rd book Tempest. Definitely read this series, it's great!
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on April 20, 2014
I found Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick to be more relatable than the first, Hush Hush, because it focused more on the mortal world. In addition to this, it dealt more with human conflicts such as relationship troubles instead of dealing with how not to be killed by someone who is possessed.

However, the ending was jaw dropping as we discover who is actually responsible for the death of Nora’s father. In addition to this, the ending contained the biggest and most intense fight scene so far in the series with Nora.. You surely cannot miss this scene! It set the stage for the next novel and trust me, if you miss even one word, the next book will not make any sense!

This book was probably my favourite in the series. So many different things happened throughout as you become more familiar with the characters such as Nora, Patch, Vee, and all of their friends. At this point, I gained a dislike for Patch. He doesn’t seem to be very reliable and it seems like he does things purposefully to upset Nora. Maybe there is a reason for his actions, maybe there isn’t. Either way, my hope for the following books in the series is that he and Nora return to the way they were in the first book.
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on May 15, 2012
What I liked about this book was the beginning. It started off with Nora being extremely disoriented and you feel the same way. It was well done and at the time it made me wonder if I had to go back and reread Crescendo because I might have missed something (because I felt just as lost as Nora did!)

The entire plot of the book was all right. I'm not sure whether to love Patch or to slap him silly because he can be such a jerk at times. But the chemistry between both Nora and Patch is still there, and is the tension ever good and so well written you can definitely feel it between them. There was a potential love triangle forming in the book, and I'd have to say he was likable as well (I hated him at first too, but he started to grow on me) and I was almost going to think he was a suitable replacement for Patch, but that would be heresy wouldn't it? (Yes, I'm a big Patch fan). There were some very memorable quotes from Patch that made me scream like a giddy school girl (Becca Fitzpatrick just did a GREAT job on Patch in this book).

I liked how nearly everything was explained with the Nephilim, The Black Hand, and how Patch, Scott, and Hank fit into this picture. I was very surprised, about Marcie (although I really hated her in this book, as she became a big idiot and a complete tool) but her behavior towards the end was surprising, and now I am not sure what to think. I still hate her, yes, but with that one little action, perhaps she's redeemable.

I was a bit disappointed that Vee wasn't around as much as she was in the past novels. I hoped to see more of her because she provided a lot of the comic relief moments (this book actually is much darker than the first two).

Overall, the ending leaves more questions to be answered! so I'm so glad a fourth book has been announced!! this means more Patch for me to enjoy and read :D fans might not be satisfied with this book as it certainly feels as if nothing much really happens until more than halfway in the book, newbies, it's best to start with Hush, Hush!
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on November 7, 2010
I was so pleased to be asked to review Crescendo! I've been hearing how good the first book in the series is and have been wanting to read it for awhile so the offer of Crescendo was all the incentive I needed to read Hush, Hush. I wasn't disappointed by either book.

Crescendo picks up where Hush, Hush leaves off. Nora Grey, a plucky but mature teenager (I would have said she is older than sixteen!) finds herself in the midst of danger once again. Nora has the kind of personality that any mother would be proud to have. Occasionally she makes wrong choices (what teenager doesn't?) but overall she's a good kid. Other characters we met in Hush Hush reappear in Crescendo and didn't fail to raise some sort of feeling in me. One high school girl, Marcie Millar, is the perfect antagonist; full of venom, she reminds me of several students I knew when I was in school.

Another big plus with Crescendo (as well as Hush, Hush) are the settings. Dark roads, deserted towns, foggy fields and empty houses all take on a life of their own and give Crescendo depth and atmosphere. I particularly loved that aspect of this book.

The author has a definite knack for creating tension between characters and within plots. The chemistry between the main characters sizzles. I wanted them to be together! I won't say what happens but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it to all fans of fantasy. And even if you aren't a fan - give this book a try - you may just become one.
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on April 8, 2011
My brother had bought 'Hush Hush' as a Christmas present for me and once I finished it I couldn't wait to get my hands on 'Crescendo'!! Definitely a great book. I had a hard time putting it down to get things done around the house! Becca Fitzpatrick keeps you guessing the whole time as to how it's going to end. I just couldn't believe the way it ended!! It has left me craving a third book...too bad it doesn't come out until October 2011 :(
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on June 25, 2015
This book is a perfect mix of heart-breaking, sexy and confusing. The main characters really developed in this book and so did the plot as we realize EVERYTHING is connected to Patch or Nora or Chauncey or all three. Job well done Becca FitzPatrick.
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on December 14, 2010
Loved ! loved ! loved this book ... Patch is soooo sexy and straight to the point ... there's no way you won't want I'm for yourself :P I've just finished reading crescendo and CAN'T wait for the 3rd book !!!
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on January 12, 2013
This was a gift for my daughter. She read it in 2 days, bought the next one, read that too. Then as she'd loved them so much she re-read all 4. Good way to keep her occupied over the Christmas break :)
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on March 27, 2013
just amazing :"") i have no words asc dfjhsjs djkshshg jlgeine rngv enbvienineb ibenbineoereie ebniibie benirji eibfnbk beini and that is why it is amazing :D
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on August 1, 2013
when i read this book it is like i am sucked into another world i hear nothing around me while oi read this excellent book
very intriguing
love this book
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