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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 8, 2000
Initially I gave this one star, but my magnanimity got the better of me. Two out of five? As a story, I think it is the best of the three so far - but the price we pay is getting higher. I know one father who decided midway to stop reading this as his childrens' bedtime story. So, get your party-poopers ready, what is the problem?
Well, I still like the plot, athough it is three in a row for the paint-by-numbers formula. It works. Practice makes perfect, and the writing is getting better, the descriptions are more vivid. The pace is breathless in places. And I admit to another laugh-out-loud moment (two in three books!), when Malfoy got mud in his eye.
But now I am wondering which genre these books really belong to. Narnia (CS Lewis), Middlearth (JRR Tolkien), and Earthsea (UK LeGuin) fantasy? Not quite. Rowling does not bother to create a separate, consistent world to play in - or she cannot do it. But the horror element seems to grow as one book leads to another. Far from the magic being fun, it all gets colder and deadlier as time goes by. The dark is rising, and there are only cardboard cutout heroes to dispel it. Rowling does not love her 'good' characters, and they remain wishy-washy compared to the exciting evildoers. The heroes need all the dumb luck that they can get to escape the clutches of the Evil One. She does not even create her own monsters. The grey Dementors (demonic soul destroyers) use fear as their weapon, and are taken from the Black Riders in the Lord of the Rings. Just a change of shade, like a photocopier nearly out of toner. The other monsters are taken from Dungeons and Dragons books. The dialogue has been seen before in soap operas - the ones where the actors get their lines and think, 'Script weak - shout. Script very weak - shout louder'. As the scale of values slides towards the Dark Side Harry and co. pull the 'Simpliciter absurdo pifflewiffle' spells out of the bag to survive. The adults dispense advice which veers between the obscure and the obtuse. The woman teaching the third form Divination is a tea-leaf reading quack - until she is possessed by an evil spirit, and gives a real dark prophecy for Harry's personal unbenefit. In fact, now I broach the subject, possession is a common theme through all three books. First book a teacher, next book a pupil, now an army of soul-suckers and a medium. So do you feel that it is all as harmless as it might seem?
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on October 28, 2000
This book is absolutely boring! All the other Harry Potters are okay, not good, but not bad, but this one is very lame. The storyline needs a lot of work because there are too many other insights happening. This is another fad, like pokemon and Dragonball/Z/GT, I'm in the latter one said, but this fad is clouding other people's minds! Just because everyone else likes it means that you don't have to like it! There's probably only 10 people who actually like this book, and all the people who say they like it only say that because their friends like it or as they say so. The popularity is clouding children's minds, so they can't choose whether they like it or not. They just like it not because the book is good but everyone else thinks its good, and that's not very good on today's generation. This book isn't worth your money nor your time, like what you like, not what other people like. Save your money and spend it on the Redwall series, those stories written by another British author has more action, drama, and more fun to read!
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on February 6, 2000
i won't spend much time on the plot, because it is just too good for words and you will have to figure it out for yourself by reading it. it is very funny, with a ghoast that haunts the girls bathroom, but also has a serious side, with a kind of dementor from a prison that can suck the life out of people with a kiss. so this book has a little less appeal to the younger children and more to kids my brother's age and even mine. AND EVEN ADULTS THAT THINK THEY ARE BORING OR JUST LIKE TO READ! this book may seem childish, but it is really cool. harry potter leads the kind of life that every child wishes he or she could lead. and isn't there a time when we all want to fly away from the real world into our own fantasy?
okay, i have this little section in every one of my harry potter reviews. this is the part where i say i am a practicing catholic and go to religion study once a week and church on sunday. i say my bedtime prayers with my little bro. and i believe in god and jesus and read the bible and all.
a point about the holy is veryyyyyyy violent. even more violent than these books put together. so what's the fuss?
another thing...the literary style of ms. rowling isn't comparable to tolkien or lewis. those books are awesome and more serious, more delicatly written. the harry potter books are much more fun, not fairly comparable to them because they aren't the classics.
this book is the best of the current three because of the suprise ending. although the book is really good all the way through it really picks up in the last few chapters. so keep reading until you know the end, and the truth about the deaths of lily and james potter!
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on November 5, 1999
I've read some good books(farenheit 451, Pet Cemetary, A tale of two cities), and then there are the bad ones. This was a bad one. The book would have been beter if it was shorter. After 150-200 pages the rest is mind-numming babble. I would recommend this book to anyone under the age of ten who can't grasp the meaning of a good book. This was probably second worst to The Sorcerors Stone(The best being Chamber of Secrets and it still stunk). It is also all about witchcraft which is against my beliefs and better judgement. I wish my judgement was there when i choose to read this mess. I just wanted too see if it was as bad as the others and it was. DO NOT BUY IT! UNLESS YOU ARE A RAVING LUNATIC.
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on January 7, 2000
I thought that this book was exciting at the beginning, but got boring as it progessed. I was very unsatisfied with the story, and the story didn't compare to the second Harry book. I thought that if J.K. Rowling could cut the book down a little bit, it would be much more enjoyable. If you want a short and exciting read, do not choose this book. But if you like stories that keep dragging on, by all means, read this book. That is why I gave this book two stars.
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on November 19, 1999
Harry Potter is a great book because it makes people wonder. Is this really magic or a great authors mind? Harry Potter is an eagle who flys over the country. He never stops. Harry Potter is such a great book beacause it is like you are living inside Harry Potter. It is your world that see in his eyes. Harry Potter is good because people see the whole story. You know everything about Harry Potter's world. J.K. Rowling uses her words well.
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on November 24, 1999
Just kidding! I loved it. Though I do agree the series is getting darker, they are still very good books. I will not tell you the plot since it would spoil the fun. I think the people who gave it only a few stars and think its going to make us kids go out and kill someone, get real! Watch the news.Read the bible. These have more violence then all the Harry Potter books put together! This book should have a million stars!
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on March 7, 2001
I bought this book for my 8 year old daughter but I think I enjoyed it almost as much as she did. Like the first two titles the book had a gripping plot and kept me absorbed right through from beginning to end. Recommended for adults of any age!
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on March 14, 2001
For those of you who haven't realised that Harry Potter is a scam to drain the wallets of people yet, for shame.
The Prisoner of Azkaban starts off better than the others, the whole deal with the Hippogriff is good I guess, it adds to the fantasy aspect. And as I've said in my reviews for the other two, these are great books for kids I'm assuming, but that's about it.
This series, it seems, doesn't offer us anything. There is an ever growing force of malice, but the story doesn't seem to bother with that, instead more about the giant Hagrid; who's character is well, kind of annoying. I think I'm supposed to sympathize for him, but really, I don't care. The hippogriff, yes, but Hagrid no. So I don't need to know every ten pages that he looks sad or is wailing like an infant.
Also, the book dragged a lot. The explanation took around thirty pages to tell, and by that time I had lost all interest. But then, it's still not over.
The entire book seemed more of a chore than anything else...
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on June 23, 2004
This story was very poorly told. The characters are flat and shallow. So little character development was done that at the end of it you still didn't know what makes Potter tick. E.g. what are the feelings that make up his different responses to authority?
Rowler has a very limited set of literary devices upon which she can draw. So many times I read passages such as "Harry Potter saw the most amazing thing in his life", ".. felt the weirded sensation in his life", "... tasted the strangest taste in his life". Talented authors are able to clearly describe exactly what the character is experiencing without making the reader guess.
The worst part of the book is that when you get near the end you realize that Rowlings is so uncreative that she is unable to solve the problems in the plot that she made without resorting to the one "Fix-Anything-Solution". This solution introduces so many other near insurmountable problems into the plot that they can only be glossed over. (I don't want to spoil the ending for those who may watch the movie by saying anything further on this.)
There are big problems with morality of the entire society and characters. No one hints of questioning the morality of sending potentially innocent people to be tortured indefinitely, as was done to Hagrid. Authority is so prevelent and all-knowing that one wonders if anyone has anything to do other then spying on what everyone else is doing.
After reading this book I really don't know what the fuss was all about. I could only imagine how much better a story could have been written by someone with a much more open and creative mind like Clive Barker.
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