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4.5 out of 5 stars
Night Runner
Format: Paperback|Change

on November 6, 2009
I liked the book, but I certainly didn't love it. The writing is descriptive enough to provide a pretty clear view of the characters and their world. There's a slightly different take on the vampire genre and that, in itself, was interesting enough to keep me reading. This is more suitable for young adult readers however, although it's not a bad way to spend a few hours for the more mature reader. Not bad, but not a "keeper" for me.
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on May 19, 2010
I have been wanting to read this one since I first heard about it over a year and a half ago. A variety of reasons, some beyond my control, kept me from it until yesterday. Daughter brought it home from her school library. While it is intended as a teen novel, it has enough to keep an adult interested.

Fifteen year old Zach has lived at Peterborough Civic Hospital, in the "nut ward" since he was eight. His father was killed in a freak accident while on an archeological dig. Zach was bitten by something and lapsed into a coma. When he awoke he was changed, he couldn't go outside during the day and he had trouble eating almost any food. As he had no living family, it seemed the best choice was to care for him in the hospital until a cure for his unknown illness could be found. All is well until one night when a man driving a motorcycle crashes into the hospital and tells Zach to flee.

The story just kept getting better from that point. I found myself calling out to my hubby, who was raised in Peterborough, the changes in location as the story progressed. Rather fun plotting Zach's progress threw out town and the surrounding area.

This is not quite your typical vampire novel with blood and gore and frequent feedings on unsuspecting civilians. I can't tell you anything further without spoiling the story. I will recommend this to anyone who enjoys a vampire story.
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on September 11, 2009
Zack Thompson is different. Instead of living in an orphanage, he lives in a mental ward and that's because he's basically allergic to everything - from specific foods to even the sun. Zack lives a nocturnal life - running, reading, and eating at night and sleeping during the day.

Zack thinks nothing of his lifestyle until an old man crashed a motorcycle into the mental ward. Suddenly, Zack is thrown into an extraordinary adventure.

Along for the ride is Zack's best childhood friend, Charlie, and a new, intriguing, beautiful girl named Luna. Not only will Zack figure out about his odd living arrangements and his family, but Zack will find out what he is. And it isn't human.

Max Turner writes a thrilling novel that draws the reader in right from the beginning. Broken up into relatively short chapters, this novel is full of twists and turns that will never leave the reader bored.

Reviewed by: Steph
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on September 9, 2008
I'm not a reader of vampire books but I bought this one for a friend and then made the mistake of reading the first line and got pulled in.
It is a clever, sweet and funny story of a 15 year old boy, orphaned, stuck in a mental ward because there's no where else to put him, who gets surprise after surprise thrown at him as he finds out he is being hunted by vampires, of the hilarious and wicked variety. It's a page turner right to the end. I loved his best, and only friend Charlie, the kind of debonair teenager that everyone wants to hang out with in high school. If you know of anyone who doesn't like to read,this is the book that will convert them.
There is first love, and a great hunt scene at Stony lake, but the best are the episodes in cars. Have fun.
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on July 13, 2009
I bought this book to help me kill time in the airport. I had meant to save part of it for my return trip but I ended up reading it right through my flight and finished it in my hotel bed on the second night of my holiday!!

If your are looking for an easy suspenseful read then try out this first novel by Canadian author Max Turner. I can't wait to see where he goes from here.
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on December 9, 2008
Does the colour scheme look familiar? Although not without a romantic dimension, Max Turner's fast-paced, action-packed novel will appeal to boys who are attracted to Stephanie Meyers' vampire novels, but who want more action and less angst about relationships. Family, friends, and the attraction of the opposite sex are all elements in Turner's novel but so are crashing vehicles and narrow escapes. This is very entertaining, high-interest reading without the appearance of an "easy-read."
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on May 24, 2009
Read the first paragraph! It's pretty hard to put down. I read it an about three hours and loved every second of it.
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