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on June 3, 2017
I enjoyed each book in the set.
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on May 3, 2004
This book tocuhed me in many ways. She lost her husband in teh beging of the book and is left by herself. So Clark asks her to marry him because he just lost his wife and has a little girl Missy who needs a mother. Clark tells Marty that he just wants her to marry him to take care of his daughter and also so she will have a roof over her head. She marries him and she never thought that she could fall in love with him or his daughter. She falls in love with his daughter right off but she doesn't realize that she is in love with Clark till the end of the book. They got married and didn't even know each other but come to find out they grew to love each other.
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on October 15, 2005
i so far have read the first 5 books and am now half way through the sixth! they are wonderful stories that leave you wanting more! The first two have been made onto movies. That is how i learned of the books! I started reading them a month ago! Be warned that the books and movies have MAJOR differences! You should do both if you can! They are both wonderful! cannot wait to see how this tale ends.......
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on May 2, 2002
The "Love Comes Softly" series is a magnificent series that allows you to embark on both a amazing and uplifting story.
Basically this book begins when Marty (the main character of the first five books) looses her husband of just one year on a wagon train west. Left alone and by herself, Marty is approached by Clark who, just one day after her husband died, asks her to marry him. Marty is amazed that someone could be so insensitive but also realizes that she needs a place to stay until she can return to her family in the spring. Yet, Marty also needs to stay somewhere because she is going to have her first child in about seven monthes. Clark also needs a woman to watch his daughter who lost her mother just two months beforehand. An agreement is made between the two that Marty will be feed while she watches Clark's daughter, Missie (more formally Melissa).
The rest of the first book tells the story of Marty, coming from a non-christian family, learning about Christ and His message. This is a magnificent book with flawed characters and an interesting setting.
Books 2-8 are a continuation of Love Comes Softly and are quite unlike the usual sequel. Wheither you decide to embark on the adventure of these books or not, probably one thing you can learn is that love, forgiveness, and acceptance take time but they are certainly worth it.
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on October 4, 2001
Janette Oke is my favorite writer. I love every book that I have ever read. She writes in a way that holds the interest of the reader all the way through the book. When I start a book that Janette Oke has written, I find it hard to put the book down until I have finished it.
I especially loved the first series of LOVE COMES SOFTLY. A story about a young couple traveling east with a wagon train and her husband is killed addidentally.
There is a man with the wagon train that lost his wife through death months before. He realizes he need someone to care for his small child. After helping bury the young woman's husband, he goes to her wagon and tells her about his problem of needing a mother for his young child and that it appears to him that she needs a man's help with her wagon. He says a minister would be coming through the next day and how they could get married and help each other.
She realizes she can not make it alone and agrees to the marriage.
He promises her that she will have her own living quarters and he will not be a problem to her.
She falls in love with his child immediately, but it takes the whole book before she realizes she has fallen in love with him.
Janette Oke always shows a strong family bond. A reader can learn and receive strength from her books and that is what makes her an excellent writer.
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on August 31, 2000
These books are great! I have read 6 out of this series and hope to start book 7 this weekend. Book 5 had me crying my eyes out when Ellie helped Nandry come to terms with Clarks leg. The way the Davis family looks to God for help in everyday living not just in crisis is very cool. I myself am somewhat like how Marty was when she first met Clark. Just seeing how they grow spiritually through the years and can always see something good no matter what. I wish I was that forgiving and understanding. These books have made me look at my own life and relize I have alot of spiritual growing to do and it also let me go into a world that the values and love of a family can get you through almost anything. I wish our fast paced society would stop and look at simple things as the Davis's did. I tell everyone I know that reads to pick up this series, it will always be a lifetime favorite of mine. Must have in your collection.
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on May 11, 1999
I know there are many who doubt whether Christian romance books set in prairie times can be exciting, but this series is simply amazing. The characters and plots are somewhat simple, but so heartwarming. It is easy to identify with the characters and their struggles. I find myself laughing and crying throughout all of the books. I simply can't put them down! The story of the Davis family is close to my heart. These books also provide a nice insight into what life was like in the prairie. Having read the series four or five times, I do qualify as an expert on the subject! I STRONGLY recommend all of Janette Oke's books, but the Love Comes Softly series is the best of all!
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on June 13, 1999
This series has started me reading again. I never thought I would read three books in one week, but I did. I felt as if I was the major character in the story. In my mind I would visualize the farm or ranch. I could see the characters. The author does a terrific job in making the characters come alive. These books takes a person back to the pioneer days and how America became the America today. I couldn't put them down. (Although, I haven't read number 2 book because it is not in my church library.) I plan on reading it and all the other books by Janette Oke.
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on February 22, 2001
I've read the whole series, and all of the eight books are great. They are books that I have read over and over again because they have such an uplifting spiritual plot that they make connect you with the characters. After reading all of the books you begin to feel like you know Marty and Clark. You laugh and cry with them and their family, through the pain and the joy. I would recommned these books to anyone who wants a fast, but very enjoyable read, one that transports you to a different time entirely
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on January 27, 2003
This series is a timeless series that captures the heart and doesn't let go. I have read the entire series repeatedly. Ms. Oke has a way of drawing you into the lives of her characters to the point where you feel a part of them. This series, like most of Ms. Oke's work, will make you laugh and cry. She can make you rejoice with the Davis' family and break your heart for them. The story of the Davis family were the first Oke books I read and they will always be my absolute favorite!
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