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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on April 22, 2004
Recently I went to a theater showing the Disney remake, Flubber, starring Robin Williams. Although I still prefer the original The Absent Minded Professor, Flubber was a whole lot of fun.
Robin Williams plays a science professor looking for a new form of energy. As the film opens, Williams is already in danger of missing his own wedding for the third time. But while guests wait patiently Williams discovers the semi-intelligent Flubber. Much of the rest of the film is spent trying to win back the heart of his fiance and subsequently save the collage from bankruptcy and closure. Williams is aided in his endeavors by two robots. The first is an exceptionally capable housekeeping robot. The second is a levitating, self-aware intelligence with full emotions. While fun companions movie-wise, the technical aspects of these robots would be more than enough for Williams to save the college. In the End Williams wins back his fiancé, defeats the bad guys trying to close the college and finds a future for Flubber.
While Flubber is very enjoyable it seems like the writers added details for the sake of cuteness without thinking about the implications. Williams is looking for a new energy source yet he has a robot that can defy gravity and powered by simple electricity. He needs a discovery worth money yet he has two very successful and useful robots, one of them alive. Flubber itself has been made into some kind of life form. This may be good for merchandising but one can only wonder about the source of powdered Flubber or the implications of flight resulting from intentionally causing the organism's decay. Selling the rights to flying cars to Ford made for a funny scene but now there can potentially be millions of semi-responsible drivers flying through the country's airlanes while carrying radioactive materials. Additionally, a few scenes were changed from the original and are now less plausible. For instance, in the original, the fiancé calls the professor when he is late for the wedding again.
So if you are looking for fun then this is your movie. However, if you tend to rebel at inconsistencies and like your plots to make sense, then you might want to avoid this one. It's up to you.
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on November 8, 2015
Don't understand why they are allowed to have this movie up for sale when you can not play it. Horrible do not buy this movie. Unfortunately I can not submit my review unless I give a star rating. So I am rating one star for the sole purpose of submitting my review
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on May 31, 2001
Okay, by the time the guy forgot his first wedding, how come those who knew him NEVER THOUGHT TO CALL HIM ON THE PHONE WHEN HE WAS LATE?! Rather, they sit in the chapel for hours, thinking, "Gee, where is the kooky, whacky prof who has disappointed his bride-to-be more than once? Oh well, he hasn't shown--let's leave."
Besides this element of idiocy, it's obvious the "flubber" is extremely powerful, volatile, and potent, and a few people suffer impact injuries due to its strength when added to inanimate objects. Yet the GENIUS (?) of a professor always MAKES sure to douse shoes, basketballs, bowling balls, what have you, unleash them in his cluttered basement or hardwood basketball court, and let the consussions "fly." Just HOW smart is this professor, again? You'd think after the golf ball nearly added an extra orifice to his head, he'd have learned to use his creation in moderation...but no.
Besides THIS, the "love story" is completely worthless, the "humor" didn't even make my four year-old laugh, and the movie all-in-all has no correlation with reality. Professor can create a FLYING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MACHINE and flubber, yet he's stuck earning a pittance at a measly university that may be shut down. Shouldn't he be headmaster dean of robotics technology at MIT, or something? Shouldn't he OWN MIT?! This movie was so bland and inane, I literally couldn't care less what happened by the end. Perhaps the flubber somehow spontaneously procreated and engulfed the world in a bouncing ball of luminous goo...I don't care. If I sound like I really did not like this movie, my intent has been achieved. If I spared some unfortunate from watching it as well, I have done a good thing.
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on March 27, 2001
Flubber is a remake of a 60's movie called the Absent-Minded Professor.
Robin Williams is the professor. When the movie opens we meet Professor Phillip Brainard (Williams). It is his wedding day. He is marrying his school's president named Sara Jean Reyonalds (Marcia Gay Harden). The only problem is that Brainard can't remember his wedding.
This is the 3rd time for the couple. And the 1st two that Brainard forgot. When Brainard gets an idea. He gets to work. While that Reynolds is the church waiting for him. Brainard invents Flubber. And the next morning, at 6:30 Brainard remembers his wedding.
But he is supposed to get married Friday night. His has a computer machine named Weebo (voice of Jodi Benson) that keeps his caldendar. So he drops by Sara's office and she is ticked off at him. He tries to tell her that Flubber can save the college. And tries to prove it buy going out the window, fall to the ground and come up unharmed. But while he is doing it the Flubber leaves his pocket.
There is aslo a boy that refues to go to sleep because he is afaird of monstars coming in his window. So that night, Braindard fixes is car to have him fly. And decides to park at Sara's house. But once thier Sara doesn't see him. She is in the middle of a date with Braindard's rival (Christopher McDonald).
Phillip overhears a bet. That if Meyfield wins, that she will buy Brainard's rival dinner or go up to the mountains for the weekend. Will Meifield win? Will Brainard and Sara finnlay get married? Watch to find out.
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on August 16, 2000
I don't see why a lot of people didn't like "Flubber." It might not be Robin Williams's best movie, but it's not bad either. I just saw the movie a few weeks ago with my cousin and we both laughed throughout most of the movie.
Robin Williams develops a new kind of life in the form of flying rubber, hence the name 'flubber.' He's so into his new experiment that he misses his wedding and his life falls apart. He must try to get back the woman he loves while also trying to keep his new invention from thieves.
"Flubber" has many funny parts, but it will also keep you interested and it has a good storyline. If you like most of Robin Williams's other movies, I don't see why you wouldn't like "Flubber." I recommend anyone to buy it any day of the year.
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on December 3, 2000
Well, even the best have to fall someday, and Disney managed it with the release of Flubber. Robin Williams, who isn't greatly entertaining at the best of times, is actually quite acceptable in this film. However the general jist of the story, and the comedy, and the adventure, and the dialogue ...etc etc has all been done better before. The story follows a professor (Robin Williams) and his discovery of an exciting new elastic material - technically known as Flubber - though he is hunted down by corporate businesses, whilst his absent-mindedness severely puts his love plans on hold. Predictable, dull and a genuine failure of a film. The 1967 original is much better.
Looking for good family entertainment? Go buy Free Willy
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on January 6, 1999
In Disney's 1997 remake of its own "The Absent Minded Professor," "Flubber" shows itself to be different, yet just as good, as its 1961 predecessor. Robin Williams is just right as the scatterbrained Prof. Phillip Brainard. He brings a class to the character hardly any other actor could have. This film has the irresistable momentum of a bullet train. There is rarely a low moment. As if the superb special effects and pleasant performances weren't enough, composer Danny Elfman turns in one heck of an enjoyable mamba-tinged score. Overall, this movie can be enjoyed by adults as well as children. If you're expecting a deep cerebral experience, don't even bother. This movie is just pure fun!
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on May 6, 2000
I don't know why, but it's not a well-accepted film by most. I enjoyed the original more, but if you were to watch this film for the first time, you'd enjoy it. Great music, Williams is on top form, and great computer effects. It has some difficult slow moments though where you find yourself putting on the kettle. However, the film is actually good enough to resume tempo by the time the kettle has boiled -making you stay in your seat! You will enjoy the film, but younger viewers may be bored by the science jargon. Indeed it is used in a funny way, but it may be a bit over their heads. A good film, but not one of the best.
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on February 15, 2000
Oh, I loved this movie, I was so surprised. Robin Williams is a brilliant actor, and he's in his comedic element here! He plays a mad scientist who keeps on postponing his wedding to create his ultimate invention - FLUBBER - a rubbery substance that has a life of its own and can make you fly. Yes, I'm 30 years old and an action fan, and a guy that doesn't appreciate chick flicks. but kids flicks I can tolerate. My five-year old niece had this for her birthday, I sat and watched it with her and laughed out loud all the way through. The special effects are superb as well!
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I gave it one star because there was nothing lower! This piece of trash wasted the rest of my night. I fell sound asleep in 15 minutes. I didn't wake up until 9:00 am. I'm just warning you not to watch this poorly done movie. There absolutley no plot-line what so ever. A spray that can make you bounce in the air higher than a basket-ball hoop in the NBA! Please! Kinda funny I heard, but I wouldn't know of course because I was asleep. If you like robin williams, get Jack , patch adams, or jumanji.
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