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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 11, 2004
This offers a very simple chanting meditation, one for manifesting and one for giving thanks. Personally, I have found that this simple way of meditation works for me. It has helped me to deal with big issues, but is also fun to use for simple things: I always use it to find a Taxi within a few minutes, wherever I am! Sounds crazy, I know, but after all Dr. Dyer says he uses this meditation to clear up traffic! Can't open that darn jar... just do the "Aah" mediation and voila! (I'm not joking). But note, if you think it didn't work because you couldn't find a taxi, or the jar wouldn't open, it could have been because, for some reason, you should not go where you wanted to go, or you should not eat what's in that jar! Just leave the details to God and trust that what will happen will be best for all.
For a better explanation of the nine laws of manifesting I recommend Dr. Dyer's CD set "Manifest Your Destiny". It is from a live seminar (I think it is 6 CDs) and includes both meditations.
However, I strongly recommend one of his more recent titles: the book & CD set "Getting in The Gap". This is a beautiful little book with a CD that has two versions of the "Aah" meditation (short & long versions) for manifesting in combination with Japa, a way of silencing the mind and entering into "the Gap", in order to make conscious contact with God. In this CD, Dyer combines two of his best meditation methods together. The meditations are accompanied by beautiful relaxing instrumental music. In addition, the book explains meditation, getting into the gap, manifesting, the importance of silencing the mind, and lists the nine laws for manifesting. It also includes a FAQ section on Japa meditation, plus many stories of how this method of meditation worked for different people. If you are going to get one book/CD on meditation by Dyer, get this one. The only thing it doesn't include is the "Ohm" (giving thanks) evening meditation, but it does mention "giving thanks" as one of the nine principles for manifesting (you don't need to chant Ohm to give thanks by the way, so that's not that big an omission).
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on March 8, 2011
I was a bit skeptical of this when I bought but gave it a try. Felt a bit silly when I started with the Aaaah's but noticed I felt calmer and more relaxed. Then a few days into it , I noticed I was really cheerful and optimistic. I stopped it for a few days and immediately felt the difference. Now I've been doing it for a month or more and things are coming in so fast, it's a bit overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this.
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I bought this tape and started the morning meditation with Wayne several months ago. The background music is beautiful and Wayne's voice is powerful and sure as he leads you through a morning AH meditation. As you perform your "ahs" with him, he coaches you with gentle reminders to breathe deeply and direct your desires through your third eye. Following about 10 minutes of basic Ahs, Wayne inserts affimations to help you start your day on the right note. The reverse side of the tape is an evening meditation to level you to peace complete with more affirmations. I have experienced my desires manifesting before my eyes after starting my day with Wayne Dyer and the sound of "Ah".
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on May 30, 2000
I am a fan of Wayne Dyer. I bought the cassette version, and it's not bad, if you can concentrate throughout the whole meditation of 'ah' & 'om's. I found it difficult to concentrate on what I desire, and at the same time sounding those sounds...
The book version (by Mr Dyer too) was great though. The book is called "Manifesting Your Destiny" i think. It lists the requirements for manifesting your desires.
I find visualisation techniques better and easier. Perhaps you can try the Silva Mind Control audio to get you into alpha level or deeper states. Also, the 'Sedona method' is a new method that I've just learned. It's really great!
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on February 5, 2000
I discovered the AH sound when I was 18 years old quite by accident (I'm now 44). I know the tremendous power of this vibrational alignment and was very excited to find a tape to focus my meditations. I even bought a CD for a family member for Christmas. HOW DISAPPOINTING and embarassing to buy a product so lacking in quality as well as spirituality! I enjoy Dr. Dyer's books; but have found him to be a distracting public speaker - his mannerisms with his hands get in the way of his words. I have discovered his audio cassette to have the same negative aspect. The weak quality of his voice and vocal intonations, plus lackluster resonance deplete any vibratory power the listener may have on their own. A recommendation Dr. Dyer - hire someone with a profoundly moving voice, someone with years of experience with chanting, singing or sound meditations. My recommendation to buyers is to buy the book and practice on your own. Don't bother to get the tape or CD.
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on November 6, 2001
Well!!! Let me tell you what happened. I purchased this CD and faithfully followed the meditations for a week. I was in big debt and needed money fast. After a few days I noticed that my monthly bills were lower for some reason (still don't know why), then I received an unexpected refund check. THEN... one week after starting this exercise, I received a $1K bonus at work (again, totally unexpected) as a 'thank you' for completing a project - the first time in the history of the company that they have ever given a bonus based on performance alone! I have to admit, it freaked me out a little, so I put the CD away and it took months before I found the courage to try it again. I'm currently using it again, but I have to admit I've been a little more cautious this time. It can be intimidating - working with the Creator one-on-one like this. Since experiencing the awesome power of the universal force some months ago, this time I've been much more conservative in my askings. The answers are coming to me slowly, but that's OK. It's giving me time to get used to these new ideas and changes that are happening in my life.
I highly recommend this to anyone who: 1) believes in a higher power; 2) has come to the understanding that you can't do it alone and are willing to hand it over to the creator (let go and let God); and 3) is willing to accept those magnificent changes that WILL happen in your life.
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on August 28, 2002
I ahve to admit that I was a little skeptical of Dr. Dyer. I am aware of his prior work and books like Erroneous Zones and wasn't really a big fan.Then a friend loaned me the cassette tape and told me how much it helped. I tried it. I couldn't believe how much at peace and serene I became. This tape is great.I had a four year old injury that wouldn't heal. I felt immediate relief and the injury was totally healed in four weeks.As I said, I wasn't a fan of Dr. Dyer's before, but after seeing these results in myself, went out and bought Your Sacred Self and There is A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem.The individual that said that he tried the ahhh at A.C. needs to read the above books and see what Dr. Dyer says about using these techniques for the purposes he espoused. I highly recommend this tape and the above mentioned books, especially A Spiritual Solution for Every Problem.
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on April 24, 2002
It amazes me how some people are ready for this experience, and some are not. You can see them clearly in these reviews. No middle ground. Loved it or hated it. Well, I was ready for it and loved it. This CD is wonderful. What might seem basic or not high quality is really just 'Simplicity.' There's no headlines here, no get rich quick schemes. It's simple, straight forward meditation - time for you to go inside yourself and focus on what you want from your life.
We don't take much time to do that lately. Try this CD with an open mind and an open heart, with the understanding that you create your life...Wayne Dyer ONLY offers some tools.
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on February 22, 2001
To be honest, I heard Dr. Dyer's Meditations for Manifesting last year - and was not all that impressed. Then, about a month ago my friend Cindy mentioned to me that she was using it and was finding it very effective, so I dug it out of the storage box. It is amazing, effective and magical. Apparently you have to be ready for this have to believe that through the sacred sound you can manifest your heart's desire. And you can with these sound meditations! I have created a successful civil law suit settlement, a venture capital investor for my business, and an overall feeling of accomplishment and harmony in my life that I have not experienced for years! Dr. Dyer is a true renaissance man, sharing this meditation which he received from his teacher, with those of us who are open to receiving lavish goodness from all directions of God. Another thing: I am the author of Shalom my Love... and the evening meditation ends with the word Shalom. It amazed me when I realized that the Sha of shalom is the 'ah' sound of creation Dr. Dyer takes us through in the morning meditation, and the Om part of the word Shal -om is the Om sound for gratitude which comprises the nightime meditation. I highly recommend this tape to anyone who is really committed to manifesting shalom and abundance into his or her life.
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on July 11, 2001
The basic premise of this audiobook is that "ah" is a universal sound for creating (or the creator) and "oh-mm" is a universal sound for peace. I liked the first part, where the author explained the concepts. It does feel wonderful to chant "ah" and "oh-mm" and to feel the vibration and the flow of sound from "chakra" to "chakra." I will enjoy doing this on my own and I would probably not have done so had I not purchased the audiobook.
Unfortunately, his own chanting was very distracting to me. He wavers around the tone too much for my musician's ear and my natural tone is not very compatible. Since this is 3/4 of the tape, it doesn't feel like a good value to me. I see that others liked this aspect, but I did not. I would have preferred that he set the pace, give affirmations, etc.
The "oh-mm" section was a bit of a turn off to me because of his use of the word "god" and the way he conceptualized god (especially his use of the masculine pronoun). I believe that most people, however, would not have this problem.
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