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on March 24, 2012
While this story was purchased in anticipation for the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises" film, I thought, 'Is this really going to be a good movie, I mean... Bane?! That zombied thug from that horrible Joel Schumacher film?' I bought this graphic novel to see if my opinion on Bane would change--and oh boy did it ever! Bane is NOT as depicted in the travesty "Batman & Robin", for a more accurate depiction check out "Batman The Animated Series". Essentially, Bane can talk, Bane can fight, Bane is intellectually superior in fact, to the majority of the other Batman villains. There is a prequel for this which describes Bane's motives, I didn't read it but I still understood 99.9% of this novel. If you wish to get a back story on Bane, I suggest "Batman: Vengeance of Bane". So, Bane decides that he wants to study the bat, get to know his weaknesses, after breaking out all the inmates from Arkham (At the beginning of the Novel, not the middle, not the end, the BEGINNING--so you know some good reading is ahead), Bane decides to track Batman as he collects every escaped inmate--the graphic novel is broken into multiple issues, each issue is comprised of Batman delivering that certain villain back to Arkham (and of course the battle with that villain--stopping him/her in a dastardly deed). Bane waits until Batman is weak and destroyed both physically and intellectually before one of the most unsuspected, most historically documented moment occurs. With Villains including: The Joker, The Mad Hatter, The Riddler, Killer Croc, Maxie Zeus (funny one page moment), Firefly, Scarecrow, Two-Face (just a glimpse), Poison Ivy, Victor Zsasz, The Ventriloquist, and many others, this story goes down as number 3 on my top 10 Batman graphic novels.
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on January 2, 2001
Fancy some Batman-themed entertainment? You could go for one of the blockbuster movies, or you could check out this incredible comicbook saga. Absolutely chock-a-block with sinister supervillains and explosive action, Broken Bat is the first half of a gripping, epic bat-storyline that sees the caped crusader himself pushed to his very limits...and then beyond. A nightmare is unleashed in Gotham City as Arkham Asylum, home of a legion of the most dangerous criminals on the planet, is broken open, and it's down to Batman, Robin the police and the mysterious Jean-Paul Valley to protect the entire city. Even worse, Batman must find out who it was who staged the brakeout and why - unless they find him first. The artwork ranges from very good to very average, but the writing maintains a high quality right up to the shocking climax. Highlights include a savage confrontation with the Joker, Robin trapped between two supervillains in the sewers, and Batman's last-second rescue of the City Mayor. and then there's the amazing cliffhanger....overall, this is a fantastic read. Not too dark, fast-paced and full of great stuff.
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on December 12, 1998
The Knightfall storyline and the comics that lead up to it are still affecting the comic industry and the characters in the books. There has not been a TBP printed that include the time between The Sword of Azrael and The Broken Bat but there should be. In this period of time Azrael begins training with Robin and Batman is becoming more and more fatigue. The artwork, covers, and storyline of these comics are almost as incredible as those of The Broken Bat. The only problem with The Broken Bat is that the Riddler is not in a prison hospital or in Arkham. Just before the Knightfall storyline Bane had pumped him up with vemon which is one of the most addictive drugs there is. In the Vemon storyline it take Batman over a month of isolation and mediation to overcome the addiction. The Riddle should been forming at the mouth in parts 6 and 8 instead of being on a talk show. The Broken Bat demonstrates why Batman is who he is. He has complete control over his body and mind. He knows when to stop but does not; he gives all of his attention to the public of Gotham and to himself which in the end is why he is finely broken. Unfortunately, Batman refuses the help of Robin and does not even consider asking Nightwing for any help. This results in pushing himself over the edge and making a mistake that he is still trying to recover from, asking former Azrael to take up the Mantle of the Bat. About the only good part of Batman being broken is this the readers of Batman comics during this time get to see more Bruce Wayne is action despite his handicap and how he does not need to hide behind a mask to solve crimes and help others.
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on October 13, 1997
The character of Batman is displayed as obsessed and rightly so. Some books, like Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" portray his psychosis while others show his superhuman dedication. In "Knightfall" Batman is pushed to his absolute limits and beyond when a new villian calling himself Bane arrives in Gotham for the sole purpose of destroying Batman. Typically my response is "Get in line,pal" but this time Bane has a detailed plan that exploits Batman's weaknesses : his absolute belief that only he can save Gotham and his unwillingness to quit. Bane begins by observing the Batman in action and deciding to strip him of that which makes him the most powerful and then break him. He unleashes all the inmates of Arkham Asylum, the cage that contains all of Batmans worst foes, and watches as Batman faces challenge after challenge despite sickness or exhaustion. Then finally, when Batman is at his weakest, he confronts Bane's stoolies and then Bane himself. If you believe that Batman is just a nutcase in a mask and cape, "Knightfall" will prove you wrong.
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on December 6, 2001
Obsession. For years it served Bruce Wayne well in his role as Gotham's protector. But what happens when he faces a foe who not only matches him in that department, but is arguably his mental and physical superior? Knightfall presents us with the answers.
Powered by the Venom derivitave, the Spartan and immensely powerful Bane unleashes a torrent of madness on Gotham in the form of Arkham's inmates; the depths of The Dark Knight's obsession are plumbed as he attempts to save Gotham. All the while Bane watches, and measures the Detective.
Overall, a true turning point in the Batman mythos; with his body broken and battered past the point of exhaustion, we truly see Bruce Wayne driven with an almost fatalist determination, a determination that brings him face to face with a villanous perversion of his own discipline, and perhaps, the unthinkable: life without the Bat.
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on September 17, 2001
Many reviewers of this book have noted that it is "stupid" and "lacks action". If I were you, I'd flip through it again... It was a few years back when DC caught the fever of killing off their greatest heros. The Superman thing got old real fast (I'm not even a fan and I got sick of hearing about it), but the Batman storyline remained fresh and realistic. Bruce Wayne is finally realizing his straneous workload, and refuses to rest as the inmates of Arkham Asylum escape. Meanwhile, a shadowy character called Bane has entered the picture, and is noting Batman's struggle by spying on him. Batman defeats all of the major criminals that escaped (barely) and finally confronts Bane. You can't help but feel sorry for the guy... Read "Who Rules the Knight" for another good book, and "Knightsend" for a GREAT conclusion...
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on December 15, 2002
This is one of 2 graphic novels collecting Knightfall(In my opinaion the best Batman story ever told). After busting up Killer Croc & The Riddler, Bane (the newest nutcase Gotham has to give)decides it's time to test Batman. So,Bane & his 3 stogges Bird, Trogg, & Zombie break out every nut job from Arkham.Batman then has to deal with them all.
Good Guys: Batman, Robin, Azrael, Huntress,
& Alfred
Bad Guys: Bane, Bird, Trogg, Zombie,
The Mad Hatter, Film Freak, Amygdola,
The Ventriloquist, Zsasz, Killer Croc,
Cornelius Stirk, The Joker, Scarecrow,
Firefly, Poison Ivy, & The Riddler
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on June 4, 2001
i'd never bought a batman book before now,i was never really intrested in what a great first batman book buy!to read such a great story was a treat.i had a hard time puttin'this one down!!to see batman vulnerable and with his hands full,wow what a story,that was a twist...not to often do you see a hero that every fight could be his last.bane had a great plan and caried it out was good to see the joker get his...beat,the worst i have ever seen batman go off. if your going to buy these books get the whole set it's a must. the knightfall books should be in every comics fan collection!
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on July 6, 2001
I don't know what it is... Just the fact that Bats has always stood for something, that unstoppable dark knight who never gives up. To see him this bad, pushed this far, beaten this badly is just something that is amazing. It was a brilliant story and made for great reading. I recommend it to everyone. Those who don't like the bat get to smile as he gets the crap beaten out of him in a great plot. Those who are Bats fans can see something excellent that they've never witnessed before.
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on August 29, 2003
Simply put, one of the greatest and most complex Batman stories ever told. This is one of the most logical and brutal Batman storyarcs ever told. Ultimately, it poses the big question: Can the Batman be defeated? He can and this story tells us how and why. Just a note for all the wrestling fans out there, this would've been a perfect storyline for the WWE with Brock Lesnar as Bane, Kurt Angle or the Rock as Batman, and Edge as Azrael.
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