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Customer reviews

2.4 out of 5 stars

on October 19, 2002
This book is fantastic. It provides a complete introduction to playing the guitar. It's perfect for someone who is just starting out and needs an introduction, or for someone who has been playing for awhile and needs to fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge. I think most guitarists could benefit from this book, if they take the time to understand all of it.
It's sort of an encylopedia of "things any guitarist should know and be able to work with."
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on March 1, 2004
I had already posessed intermediate / advanced skill level by the time I originally purchased this book. Since then I have recommended it to everyone I knew who showed an interest in learning the guitar and each person has been impressed. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, there is something for everyone. The graphic format it uses is highly original and provides amazing insight to the mysteries of music theory, chords, substitutions, scales, chord/scale relationship, single note exercises, improvising melodies, history, equipment used to create sounds and maintenance of the guitar, among others. All in all, the most comprehensive overview on an instrument whose sound is as unique as the individual playing it. I have lived on pages 132 and 133 for years. Even though I feel there isn't much more I can discover on the guitar, I still refer to it ten years after buying it. I wish it was published when I first started playing, as it would've expedited progress in my early years. Sadly I have heard that this edition is no longer being printed and I'm too scared to see what the new edition looks like. That said, if you can find this book, you would be stupid to pass it up because it is, by far, THE best guitar instruction reference I've seen in 21 years of playing.
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on March 23, 2003
This is the best guitar "how to" book I have found. Wonderful pictures, easy to understand diagrams and just enough theory to wet the apetite for more. Spend one day with this book and your guitar and you will learn chords, scales, and more and actually understand how the guitar is supposed to work!
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on November 5, 2017
This book uses a lot of terminology that it does not explain in any way shape or form. Just leave you overwhelmed!
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on August 9, 2002
Personaly i think this is a horrible book. Sure it has some nice introduction about guitars and amplifiers. Has more than enough illistration. However, i found this book VERY confusing. Especically when trying to understand theory from it. It had to stop after each paragraph and see what they were saying.. this was for the some of basics of theory which i know quite well. It even had me confused at time son what note are in a G major cord. I wouldn't recomend this book at all. It has alot of nice illistations and is a pretty to look at. Also contains a wealth of information, but i found the theory is this book to confusing to follow. I would defintly look for a differnet book.. especially if you are a begginner.
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