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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on January 22, 2003
...and I was really glad that the author did not revert to depicting dragons as nothing but cruel and ruthless beasts. Those who think I'm a 'fluffy bunny pagan' because I enjoyed the way Conway emphasized that these fantastic creatures are powerful yet also can be good friends and partners in ritual are COMPLETELY missing the point of this book as well as quite a few pagan traditions. I thought that the light AND dark aspects of dragons were covered very well in this book, as well as the elemental dragons and how to incorporate dragons into various rituals. One thing that I can agree with another reviewer about (and the reason I didn't give this book five stars) was that I too wanted to read a bit more about contacting guardian dragons! I got the impression that just because they are not as powerful as the larger dragons (they are considered the dragons-in-training, so to speak), they were not deemed as important. Also, I would like to have heard a little bit more about Welsh lore surrounding dragons (the one fact mentioned was the obvious fact that the flag of Wales has a red dragon on it). Finally, and just a minor bone to pick--it is mentioned that the author believes it is justified to use magick to oppose 'evils in society' and then proceeds to name child molesters, rapists, murderers, and drug offenders (!!!??) Which of these things are not like the other? The first three cause egregious harm to other people, the latter is only doing something different than a beerdrinker in the arbitrary eyes of the law. As someone who feels that drug users are treated as needlessly awfully as pagans, The Nancy Reagan stance, while only mentioned once, irked me a bit, but I'm sure most other people reading wouldn't even notice it. Other than that, I am really grateful this book was written and can't wait to start using the techniques described in my own rituals. A final great point in the book was the comment on how dragons mistrust humans because of all the 'slaying the dragon' nonsense so common throughout history, which the author very intelligently draws as a parallel between Christianity 'slaying' Paganism...Reading this book, as a lover of all non-human animals, I once again was disgusted with my species' desire to dominate and hurt those they deem 'below them'--not just dragons, but all animals. I might also add that love and respect for non-human creatures and the natural habitat in which they live is one of the parts of Wicca I love most--and those who think this aspect of it is 'fluff bunny' are a bunch of fools.
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on April 18, 2003
Well I am about 25% thru the book,and for what I have read of the book has been helpful to me so far.I have been an admirer of Dragons for years(about 15 years minumin).Plus I have beeen doing my best in walking the Pagan life(I am a solitary)with no definate path till about a week ago when got introduce into the Dragon tradtion and this book and it has been helpful.
I do not mind atall if people disaprove of my beliefs but as along as they do it in a respectful way and I will in return.I know that I am not the perfect person,but for the knowledge I have gained in the last roughly year has help me and along with my Dragon compagian/friend.All I can say is from my knowledge is all they really want atleast is to respect them and accept them for who they are(atleast) and as the relatioship grow sam thing with the respect and accepting and such.They do love humans but they are scared(in so many words).So basicly is do your best in being open with them and help them at the same time(to the best of your abilities)and they will in return.SO basicly is love them to the best you can
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on May 25, 2002
The topics presented in this book were relitively new to the community when this book was published, and, after using the information presented here I find that most of it makes wonderful fiction. I have done several years of private research with dragons (both astral and otherwise) and have found her information to be flawed in several respects. For example- her insistance that a 'gong' is a required ritual tool.
This book; however, is not without merit. It has a fairly good overview of dragon-myth (nothing too shocking or obscure, however) and some excellent guided meditations. I would be cautious about trying to identify dragons with her little 'Guide To The Astral Dragon' propaganda- I do not feel comfortable with these definitions and have noticed that the dragons I have dealt with do not either. They are generally private individuals- and do not appreciate so much of their lore and culture being published in such a way. Same goes with her 'Dragon Writing'. Do your research first.
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on May 16, 2001
Beware: don't get this book (or you can get it, just don't use it), if you are not serious about this sort of stuff and aren't sure if you believe its "real" or not. Also, definatley do not get this book if you are thinking of trying to bind Universal energies to your will; it will not be good. But, if you really are interested and certain that you want to contact higher beings (for the right reasons, of course), then this is a great book. It works very well, and, although I'm sometimes cautious about the things Llewellyn publishes, this is really a wonderful book containing a lot of history on dragons and great spells, as well as directons for finding dragon lines. If you've read some of the reviews above, trust me, you do not need a sword to do this stuff (which is good for people like me with a low budget and who a very disorganized (my athame is SOMEWHERE in my room)). I loved it, and, being raised a Wiccan, I'm hard to please in the magick area. I've been Wiccan for 15 years (16 this month)and I still learned a lot of great stuff from this book. YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK!
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on January 30, 2001
Ever since I was in 6th grade, I've loved dragons. Not to mention, any so-called "mythical" beings. In 6th grade I came across D.J. Conway's book "Mythical, Magickal, Mystical Beasts and How to Invite Them Into Your Life" and it created a turning point for me. That's when I decided that my spiritual path was to work Magick, become Pagan/Wiccan. I also got her book "Animal Magick" because I love animals, and that showed how to do lots of animal rituals and meditations, along with chants as well.
Eventually I came across "Dancing with Dragons" and it is my favorite D.J. Conway book to this date. I've noticed that many reviewers here talk about not having swords or athames, therefore unable to do the rituals. What they didn't write is that D.J. Conway wrote in the book that if you don't have these things you do not need them. You simply use your power hand, the one you write with, and it works just the same. I don't have a sword, or a charcole burner for incense, but things work all right for me. Sometimes you have to substitute. This book is a must have, for both beginners and advanced magickal practicers. After all, I got the book about 2 years ago and tomorrow, Jan. 31, I turn 15.
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on September 11, 2000
Pro: (2 stars) A good reference for herbs and incences and junk. Admittedly, Cunningham's series of Magical Herbalism books is better, but when you don't have the money to buy all three, nor the time to search online, and need some good tables of correspondence FAST, order this. Admittedly, it'd take longer to get to your house than it would to search the internet ... hmm. Then again, this has dragon correspondences. Can't go wrong if A) you know enough about dragons to fix the discrepancies or B) your dragons fix the discrepancies for you. (1 star) Can't remember what this one was. *mumbles and runs go gets the book* Pretty well written, good graphics, etc. Doesn't speak down much, although I thought the introduction was hilariously silly, the silliest part being that it shouldn't be.
Con: (-0.5 star) What's all this with swords? I don't have a sword *or even a sharp ritual knife* and my dragons still love me. Yet another Wiccan reference ... *sigh* Which is fine if you're Wiccan, but for pagans tending more towards eclecticism, like me, it's not so good. Not to mention I can't have long sharp things that could be used to decapitate the idiots upstairs in the dorm, and there's no way I'm waving a piece of cardboard and tinfoil around. Sorry. No deal. (-0.5 star) No real humor. Ask any Discordian: humor -does- belong in with so-called 'serious subjects'. Even though your Discordian of choice will deny it or go off on fnords. Trust me here. Plus a whole bunch will be familiar if you've read any of her other books (like Celtic Magic.) (-1 star) My dragons thought it was hokey. 'Nuff said.
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on January 13, 2003
The book tells you about history of dragons, tools you can use, spells that you recite, etc. It's pretty neat. The reason I gave it a three is because a friend commented that a lot of the stuff she has written down were too glamorous. You don't need to do all that to contact a dragon. I've noticed towards the book, she was rushing with "start with the spell I told you earlier and say the stuff below." and sometimes I don't know if it meant to add or to replace a few things, etc. And finally, what made me knock it down to three stars was she never gave out anything to contact guardian dragons (It caught my attention and I wanted to attempt contacting one since she said they were fun and mischievous). I saw a little chant but again, the friend pointed out that chant was no way to contact them. I feel, overall, this book is missing a few things to make it complete. However, at the end of the book, you'll find detailed information about herbs and stones that you can use in your rituals.
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on March 13, 2001
I bought this book & read it over several times. When I preformed the first ritual, I had immediate results. I could detect the presence of a small dragon.
I am more than convinced that dragons exist. I have caused storms with the help of the dragons (no one was even close to being hurt) & have gotten my way in most things.
If you are planning on summoning dragons for binding or black magick, don't even bother buying this book. You will be severly punished for binding a dragon. As for black magick, it will come back to you. I say this from personal expirience. No, I've never been a satanist. I have attempted to punish people I don't like, but it was unjust so I was punished.
Dragons are powerful aids in magick. Treat them with respect & you will be rewarded. Try to abuse or control them, & you will die.
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on April 11, 2000
I found this book when I was small and just interested in magick. I was ready to put aside my ideas of witches and so on until I read this. It turned my life around. Although I have not yet contacted a dragon, with this book I have no doubt that I will.
Not only is Dacing With Dragons a specific ritual text, its no-nonsense approach to magick is wonderfully refreshing. The pages just creak with the amount of information, lore, legends, spells, oils, crystals, chants and scripts connected with dragons, a reasonably obscure branch of magick until now. It also gives advice and information for those just starting in the field of magick and tackles some vital issues head on, remaining practical and informative throughout.
Thank you, DJ Conway, for this wonderful gift.
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on October 18, 2003
This is a very well written book, there isnt THAT much mythology in it, but it does give good teachings on the elemental dragons and their power. To me, there seems to be too much ritualistic chapters, too many chants. I think it could have been better with alot more description on the mythology and descriptions of each kind of dragon, not a short description, then a spell. It should have had alot more 'histpry' and menaing in the descriptions. But overall, it is a pretty good book for the Dragon path followers. The lists of inscense and candles, are basic Wiccan/Druid/Shamanistic etc knowledge that you could find in most books on those subjects. I Recommend this book for the intermediate/beginner in the Dragon Path, it helped me alot.
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