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on October 10, 2002
Your average modern-day person does not believe in the spirit world. If they do, the spirits are usually thought of as benevolent beings of light or as angels etc... The truth of the matter is, people of ancient times knew better. They knew that the spirit world was real and consisted of beings both malevolent and benevolent. This knowledge was widespread and cross-cultural. This knowledge led them to take specific measures to protect themselves from negative spirit beings. The lack of such knowledge in the modern person in no way protects against the onslaughts of negative beings and in fact makes the person of today easy prey. The views held by modern people with respect to the spirit world are anomalous when viewed in the context of Man's history. It is only arrogance that has caused us to view the knowledge of the ancients as superstitions and the product of 'magical thinking'.
Robert Bruce brings a modern slant to ancient knowledge. He convincingly describes how negative influences from the spirit world wreak havoc with our lives causing obsessive complusive disorders, violent behavior, depression and even death to name just a few problems. He outlines praactical nuts and bolts techniques to protect one's home, one's children and oneself from these influences just as our forefathers would have done.I highly recommend this book.
FYI- other books addressing this topic are- 1) 'The Path'- by Esmeralda Arana and 2) 'The Active Side of Infinity'- by Carlos Castaneda. Both of these books say that once negative influences are removed from one's life, one begins to develop 'paranormal' abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy.
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on September 28, 2002
This book is incredible. There is so much information to absorb, I loved it. As I was reading it, I noticed I experienced a lot of the same exact phenomenon that the author describes. I have never heard anyone describe exactly what I have seen or felt before. That was really shocking. It was very comforting & reassuring to know I am not alone or crazy. I now completely understand why I need to protect myself & how important that is. This book will open your eyes & everyone HAS to read this immediately! Everything he says is the TRUTH. This book is very out there so if you are a believer you will love this & cherish it. It will scare you, then amaze you, then protect you. The most important book that I have come across in the occult/new age world. If you have nightmares, insomnia, sensitivity, childhood terrors, addictions, hauntings, obsessions, compulsions, unexplained behavior--GET THIS BOOK. It will help you overcome a lot of negativity in your life, surprisingly easy. I now sleep great at night. Thank you!
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on April 27, 2003
I just started to read books on the subject and i found this one very interesting. Robert Bruce first explains how and why we are influenced by "NEGS" or negative forces (This is aobut half of the book). The other half gives counter-measures in defending yourself from these unseen influences. Although I dont think i have ever experienced a psychic attack if I ever do I think i have enough knowledge from this book to defend myself.
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on September 9, 2002
Robert Bruce does it again! After Astral Dynamics, I find this book also as good as the previous.
This book is one of the best in Psychic self-defense. As a clairisentience, I found this book perfectly written. The methods in the book really works!
I went out to a place known to have some lost earthbound spirits, which gave some employees a feeling that somepeople are walking behind them. I describe that they will just walk along this path back and forth. Which was correct..but the reason is that above the basements one could see water pipes and water mains which gives (emits) life giving energy. This energy restricts these entities to be trapped in a certain area. I also would like to add something to the book which I had also found out, Reiki helps. For those who has Reiki, there is nothing to be afraid of. The frequency of Reiki is much higher than what the entity can bare. I had some of my friends close gateways with Reiki, and it really does close the gateways.
The methods of the book really work. I've read Dion Fortune's book on Psychic Self defense, but I found that rather dry and not much help. This book is well written and well researched.
The back part of the book have some banishment ritual used by Magicians. As a practioner of Magick, I found the details a bit lacking in the sense of the essence of banishment. But it still works. Overall this is a book which can provide great help to anyone. This book might also make you become paranoid of things around you. But don't be, since you will understand the nature of things and how to deal with them on the 3rd part of the book.
For skeptics, they might think this is nonsense. But still, having this book would be a good guideline, since you'd never know what will come up next. Besides the book itself is fun to read.
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on April 5, 2004
This book is very informative. Robert Bruce offers help when there may not be help to be found anywhere else. It is based on real-life experience as well as practical techniques that are easy to use. I am especially impressed with the "core image removal" techniques. The author explains that many times "negs" take advantage of people in times of weakness, like traumatic events in peoples's lives. The core image removal process is an easy to implement method for removing the negs from the traumatic memories/images. These memories might be forgotten or buried but the negs are still able to use them to cause problems in a person's life. If you're having problems, buy this book. If you're just curious, you'll learn ALOT! This book is every bit as good as Robert Bruce's previous book "Astral Dynamics".
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on March 26, 2003
Although this book was a bit dry at times, and although Mr Bruce does tend to get carried away with the "sweetness & light" philosophy, there are actually a number of workable techniques here, many of which could successfully be implemented even by an amateur. Better even than the books by Dion Fortune and Denning & Phillips. The only book which surpasses it is "Arcane Lore."
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on February 4, 2003
Anybody interested in OOBE might have read Bruce's "Astral Dynamics" which reads like the manual for OOBE. His new book paints a fairly dark picture of the psychic realm with cratures like Astral Spiders and Astral Snakes. Sounds like, as humans, we are constantly being attacked from this dimension. Something as simple as a mole might be a sign of an energy attachment (drain) from the psychic realm.
I bought the book because he has an interesting method for removing skin blemishes with a ball point pen. I was in for quite a surprise when I looked over the book. Bruce paints a similar picture as do Carlos Castaneda's books of this realm. Bruce himself also seems to be a target of this dimension from what I've read. Perhaps he has opened himself to this through his Astral Travels. It would be difficult to think of wanting to explore this realm through an OOBE after reading this book.
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on November 4, 2014
It's an awesome book of " How to get rid of the unforeseen evil.
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on July 7, 2002
PRACTICAL PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE sets itself apart from every other book on the subject of psychic self defense by looking at the world from the viewpoint of negative energies (or "Negs" for short). Discarnate negative energies cause a wide variety of problems in people, ranging from minor physical ailments, to obsessive thoughts and compulsively destructive behavior, to insanity, to suicide. Mystical author Robert Bruce describes these otherwise unseen things, and describes how and why Negs attack, and ways that these attacks can often be stopped even as they are occurring (by crossing over boundaries of running water, for example).
Negs who are attached to a human host can (and will) strike out against the target of any negative feelings their host may have. All the unsuspecting host knows is that they were watching television and every now and then grumbling internally about how upset they were with someone else -- but in that trancelike state, those grumblings direct negative energy towards the target! Negs feed on such energy, and are delighted to wreak havoc and mayhem at every opportunity. Those who dabble in black magic are often surrounded by negative energies, and any time they so much as feel angry or hurt by another, terrible things happen to the people they were upset with.
What I love most about Bruce's book is it's no-nonsense style. It does not attempt to prove to disbelieving readers that negative energies exist, but rather dives into the matter at hand of what to do when demons cause mayhem in one's life. Bruce describes his favorite techniques for dealing with Negs, and describes times these methods have proven themselves effective.
I also love the way Robert Bruce describes failured rescue attempts -- such as a time when a priest was called in to do an exorcism for a tormented family, but was unable to prevent the parents from dying suddenly. Bruce does not attempt to sugar-coat things, or say that all cases of possession can easily be overcome! Those of us who have encountered some especially difficult cases of negative energies know this is not the case. Negs are not necessarily easy to dismiss, and definitely don't just leave when someone asks them nicely to go.
Bruce says it like it is, and helps us all find new ways of dealing with "The Dark Side", which I find most refreshing and wonderful! Whether you are are skeptical about the existence of negative energies or deal with them on a daily basis, you'll find much of value in PRACTICAL PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE. I give this book my highest recommendation!
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on February 3, 2003
There is much in it, for certain, but little that does more than to validate personal denial. The techniques that are required to defend oneself against astral entities are far more complicated and demanding than this books suggests. As such, I personally feel it is incomplete to the point of being dangerous.
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