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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on January 1, 2004
Some people would say that 3 stars is a harsh rating for someone that liked the movie. However, some people would also give The Green Album 5 stars. All I'm saying is, just because you liked it doesn't mean that it is one of the best movies ever made-It doesn't have to. Remember, a review board is not always a way to voice your opinion. Some people actually read it to get information and see whether or not they should buy it.
Anyway, enough of that annoying babbly crud. I caught this one on some sci-fi channel with no commercials, so it was probably edited WAY down. I have also heard that every version but the English version are edited. But I thought it was very good, the way that it was filmed, and the way the gory scenes were executed. Fun to watch, but do not watch this for the acting, plot, or anything of that matter. This is simply an escapist gore movie. Also, very few scenes were very suspenseful or scary, nor were they meant to be.
It will blow your mind if you haven't seen any hard-core gore before. Even if you have, (which I haven't) apparently this is still good.
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on September 14, 2002
OK, so the title is a bit negative. The movie is top notch, definately my favourite 'horror' movie of all time, and I've seen a few! However, I am reviewing the DVD, not the movie. The original title to this movie is Braindead. I live in the UK, where it was released under its original title completely uncut (a first for UK video?!) When I started clearing out my old VHS collection and replacing them with DVDs, I have to admit that this movie was one of the highest on the list. At the time it wasn't available in the UK on DVD, so I bought the US version instead, and I was pretty annoyed at the treatment it got. First of all, this version is cut, despite being unrated. The movie is set in New Zealand, but it seems that all references to the location have been removed, along with some of the lines and phrases that aren't in common use in the US. The gore is intact (I would have given it one star if it wasn't!) but the disc is completely devoid of all extras, apart from a single trailer. To add insult to injury, the movie is now available uncut on DVD in the UK (of course I hurredly went out and bought it) My advice is: don't buy this version, but make every effort you can to see this wonderful movie in its original form.
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on August 25, 2002
I grew up watching horror films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Zombie, Silent Night Deadly Night, etc. so I guess I might be somewhat desensitized to film gore. But because of the slapstick tone, I doubt if even casual horror fans would be horrified by the violence. Grossed out maybe, but definitely not horrified. It's hard to feel frightened when you've got scenes like a priest doing kung-fu on zombies, the hero taking a baby zombie out for a stroll on a sunny afternoon, and so on. A few of the jokes could have come from a bad Saturday Morning cartoon.
As far as the DVD goes, it simply does the film no justice. There are no featurettes, deleted scenes, director commentaries, or even alternate languages and English subtitles which usually come standard. When I first got the DVD, I thought it was double-sided. Imagine how I felt when I found one shiny side to be blank.
Dead Alive is an Australian-made film which means that most of the actors have accents. The picture color is also very dull or muted. Also, for some reason the film looks incredibly dated for a movie released in 1992. Cars, clothing, music, everything is old fashioned. I don't know if this was intentional, but it kind of turned me off. It takes awhile for the film to grow on you. Its good, but not great so rent it before you buy.
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on July 13, 2002
This is an entertaining and very eccentric picture. I think this is better than the Evil Dead films-but that's just my opinion. It's so over the top and funny (while still engaging in a bloodbath of biblical proportion and having a few good spooks) that it makes pretty much every other horror-type film worthless. There are a few weak spots and towards the end it got to feeling a bit long (although they hit on just about every way possible to go with the zombie stuff-maybe that's why you haven't seen any such films in years) but the leads are likeable and the film is SO inspired that it all works out in the end. If this sounds like your cup of tea ("I must say this is not for everybody" is an understatement) pick it up. You may never look at an entire genre of film again.
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on April 8, 2002
on the box it says "the goriest movie of all time" it sure is gory but the problem is that the gore in this movie is a little too much on the cartoonish side.if you disagee with me just let me point out that when a pile of organs from a zombie is chasing one of the characters and the thing farts and blows air out of its colon. There are some inventive ways in which fans of the genre will like but the violence in the movie is like a live action tom and jerry cartoon where jerry is some guy with a lawnmower strapped to him self where tom is a bunch of zombies that are shredded by the mower. i will recomend this movie to people who are sissys and have weak stomachs, but for hardcore gore fans dont waste your time and money
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on May 1, 2004
I first watched this like 3 years ago after being a huge fan of meet the feebles and bad taste. I was very reluctant to see it after hearing all the rumors about it being the most disgusting movie ever or whatever, and I must say it wasn't very disgusting or gory at all..or at least not in the wayI expected it to be. But it IS very good though. this is another cult movie from Jackson which is many people's faovrite although it is not mine....The tapebox picture kicks ass though. Anyway, funny movie, cool tapebox Worth watching once or twice.
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on June 18, 2000
Sometimes you just gotta laugh, and this is most definitely one of those times. Informed by every over-the-top horror film from Repulsion to Return of the Living Dead, filled with more Freudianism than a box of Cuban cigars, with more gore than any three Herschel Gordon Lewis movies combined, Dead Alive makes you wonder whether what's bubbling up from the pit of your stomach is laughter or bile way too many times.

Paquita (Diana Penalver) is convinced that she and twittish Lionel (Timothy Balme) are made for each other, thanks to her mother's fotunetelling (nice Crowley deck there, I might add). She ropes Lionel into taking her to the zoo, and the two are followed and spied on by Lionel's domineering mother (Elizabeth Moody, doing her finest Joan Crawford impersonation). In the act of spying, Mum is bitten by the Giant Sumatran Rat Monkey, whose bite turns the victim into a zombie capable of animating other zombies and... well, you get the idea. In perfect comedy/horror tradition, the only way to kill the zombies is really, really bloody.

Much of the atmosphere of this film is lent by the fact that everyone there isn't taking it all that seriously, and it shows; this is the same thing that lends strength to Return of the Living Dead and Sam Raimi's Evil Dead films. As long as everyone behind the TV screen is having fun, you might as well too. I just hope the lawnmower doesn't show up in the Lord of the Rings trilogy Jackson's working on at present.
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on June 12, 2000
Inspired by the couragous cult-classic Evil Dead series, Dead Alive, besides obsene amounts of blood and gore, really doesn't have much to offer. There's a lot of cheap effects and campy horror that every movie fan craves, but the odd humor really doesn't fit in very well. I've seen the movie several times, and it keeps getting worse and worse. Dead Alive definately has its good points, such as the kung-fu priest, the zombie baby, the walking intestines, and the giant monster that literally has a man-eating stomach. These are all awsome ideas and I praise Peter Jackson for his creativity, but if you're going to make a humourous horror movie, leave out some of the odd gorry details. The cheap soundtrack and disjointed photography made the charactors and their surroundings deluded, not in the least bit humorous. Therefore, this movie is not a comedy, nor is it part of the horror gendre, but merely an odd film. I almost felt disturbed while watching this movie, mainly because I didnt want to take the movie very seriously. You can't laugh with a movie like Dead Alive, you're more likely to laugh at it. And this is fine if the movie were uncontrollably rediculous, but there was too much distasteful gore, and not enough charactor development. I didn't have a sense of pride in the hero because he was such a loser, and the dillusional gypsy that he fell in love with was just not believable enough. The hero was a secluded "mother's boy" who only had a girlfriend because of some coincidence due to his stupidity. What kind of a hero is that? The monsters were the only enjoyable characters in the movie, especially the baby. Leave out the heartless dialogue and screwy acting, then you've got a classic. Otherwise, its an amateur horror movie that no one can possibly relate to. I give this movie credit because of its odd originality and definate creativity. Otherwise, this is not a movie I would look forword to seeing again. Buy it for the gore, not the laughs.
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on April 20, 2001
I purchased this dvd with high expectations , only to be dissapointed. It took nearly 3 weeks to arive , has no chapter insert in the box , and the dvd has no logo or writing.
The film itself should be classed a a comedy as it is funny not scary. There is an unusualy high gore content which is good and when puss is squirted into a man's custard is a nice touch.
My advice ,
Buy Cannibal Ferox a much better buy for your money.
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on July 1, 2000
This is one of the most goriest horror movies I've seen in quite some time.The acting is pretty dumb.But when you're a fan of gore,who really takes the time to care?I liked the the lawnmower scene.I also think this film is a little corny.But I'm a horror freak.If you like outrageous blood,guts,gore,the works,then Dead Alive will please you.Buy the way.They'retwo versions of this film.So if you really want to see a smackload of gore,rent or buy the unrated version.Remember that this film isn't exactly all horror.It's not one of the best.But it is really gory.
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