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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on June 29, 2004
I had always been put off by the whole yoga *thing.* The people I met who practiced or taught yoga seemed to be pseudospiritual fruit loops who weren't terribly engaged with reality. This book is the backwards of that. It's a pragmatic, short & sweet exercise routine that you do standing up, without props, in fifteen minutes, yes really; the audio CD keeps you on track. It's designed to be used by people who aren't flexible. I'm a 46 year old computer potato and I tried this in desperation, after being crippled for months by a pulled pelvic muscle that made every move agony, including turning over in bed. I did this routine *once* and was nearly pain-free for the rest of the day. After three days I was sleeping through the night again! It worked!
The book does not shove spirituality or advanced poses or anything else off-putting down the reader's throat. But if you are interested, there's an appendix of where to go for more info. I read a couple books, did a little research, and now I take classes at a local yoga studio and feel better than I can remember ever feeling in my life.
So I'm not shoving anything down your throat, either, dear reader -- but check this out. It's worth it.
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on February 17, 2004
This book is perfect for helping you add a little bit of exercise into your daily routine, even if you've never done yoga or don't exercise at all. The author's goal was to develop a practice that requires no special clothing, no props, and no getting down on the floor while still providing full-body benefits. She has clearly succeeded in her creation of this short (15 minute) routine which can be done anytime, anywhere (I've done it in my office!).
The practice consists of simple stretches to open and awaken the entire body. The author begins with instruction on three different types of breathing, and for each exercise, she suggests the most appropriate breath to use. The exercises include notes and "extra attention" boxes which offer ideas for expanding on the movements. In addition, some exercises are rated as "optional," and alternates are given to provide either more or less of a stretch. The entire program can be individualized based on your own needs, but the book comes with a CD in which the author leads you through the basic program in only 15 minutes (be sure you're familiar with the exercises first, as she moves quickly!). At the end of the routine, the author includes suggestions for incorporating the practice of meditation. She also discusses the mind-body connection vital to yoga as well as simplifies ancient yogic concepts in "A Sip of Sutras." Finally, the book ends with instructions on one additional yoga pose ("Feet up the Wall") designed to achieve deep relaxation.
This book is made even more user-friendly by the handy spiral binding and the helpful illustrations, including the entire sequence depicted on a single page. It would be a perfect gift for anyone wanting to take a little time each day to improve their overall health and well-being; a wonderful treat for yourself or someone else.
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on December 30, 2002
I bought this book knowing almost nothing about yoga, yet its simple morning practice is slowly, but surely transforming my life. After about 2 months of almost daily practice, not only do I feel stronger and fitter, but I also feel calmer and more at peace. The exercises are simple enough for the most inexperienced beginner, yet the author offers enough variations for more advanced practitioners to get something out of it, too. Yoga is introduced as not just a form of exercise, but a holistic way of approaching your life. I have noticed that my fingernails, which I used to bite down to the quick, are now longer than they have been in years. I think more about what I will do with each day I am given, and am even treating people better! The bonus CD makes doing my 15-minute morning session even pleasanter, as I am guided by the author's peaceful and soothing voice. If you have ever thought about taking up yoga but hesitated in the past, this is the book for you. I can't recommend it highly enough! There is also a good bibliography for those interested in finding out more about yoga. . . .
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on February 6, 2003
I have been practicing Yoga for many years and teaching classes for a few. But I've never seen a little book that so effectively portrays Yoga as accessible and fun for people at any level of ability. I was given a copy by a participant in my morning class. After reading and 'doing' it I ordered 5 copies to give to my Yoga-reluctant friends for Christmas. One copy went to an octogenarian friend who suffers respiratory difficulties. I went to visit her yesterday, only to find her in the bedroom, book open, CD playing and actually practicing her new-found Yoga! But even as 'easy' as the program is, I use it myself on the mornings I just can't kick-start my own practice. It feels great, I get present and fully awake, and it reminds me that it is the breath that is the soul of Yogic practice. I can recommend and endorse this book without reservation. It is a jewel to be treasured!
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on February 22, 2004
I'm in my fifties, and have been intrigued about yoga for some time, but knew very little about it. A month or so ago, I conducted a yoga book search here at Amazon, sorting the results in bestselling order. While scanning the resultant list, this book caught my eye. In the three weeks or so since it arrived, I've done the routine each morning in my kitchen. I've done workout routines in the past, but for the first time, there are no portions that I dread doing. In fact, I look forward to getting out of bed in the mornings and doing the "morning cup." As Jane Goad Trechsel suggests, I have noticed improvements in flexibility, and can do poses that were at first difficult. From the very first day, I have been amazed at how effortlessly I move and walk after completing the "morning cup." Thank you, Joan!
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on April 4, 2003
A lovely little book, simply and beautifully written, which details a 15 minute morning workout that can really make a diference if practiced regularly. The accompanying CD will make sure one sticks to the timeframe :) The book is very nicely produced, hardback with ringbinding inside, so it lays flat, thus making it easier to look at the illustrations the first time thru. The writer gets into the philosophy of yoga simply and concisely, and even manages to give nice little explanations of the yoga sutras and an excellent guide to meditation. Oh - and the drawings and colours used are so cute!
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on November 19, 2002
This is a great little book. The stretches are wonderful for beginners or people with physical limitations. All stretches ared done either standing or sitting in a chair. The book lies flat, and it even includeds a CD, so when you've gone through the routine a few times with the pictures, you can just use the CD to lead you through the poses in exactly 15 minutes. No mat or blocks or straps or other equipment are needed. This is the best little yoga warmup book I've ever seen, and really is a great value for the price! Try it, you'll like it. :)
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on September 18, 2003
When I wake up I now have two practices. First, I do my "Morning Pages," inspired by Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way." Then I turn to "My Morning Cup of Yoga," which in two weeks has already altered the way I face the day. This book-and-CD are a dynamite combination that makes 15 minutes of yoga interesting, easy-to-follow but challanging (in the best sense of that word) to my awakening body. It book may be the start of a whole new life regime for me. What a find!
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on July 3, 2003
As a single parent who works full time, maintains a house, and attends college classes, I was looking for a way to fit yoga into my life since I just never seemed to find a whole hour to stop and enjoy yoga. Jane Good Trechsel did a marvelous job of putting a yoga routine together in which I can do in the kitchen, without props and while the coffee is brewing. It doesn't get any better than that. Every woman in America should own this book!!!!!
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on April 26, 2003
I've been doing this routine every morning and I just love how it makes me feel. It gets me moving and stretched a little and starts my day out wonderfully. Jane does a great job on the cd. Her voice is pleasant and encouraging. I also loved the section in the book on the sutras. Highly recommended!
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