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on September 22, 2003
I have bought many books here, but have never felt compelled to write a review until now. As a person who teaches dogs to help the disabled, I know firsthand the oneness you can experience with the spirit of an animal. I have seen loving, selfless dogs heal the lives of so many who were outcast and emotionally broken. Therefore, when I read this work, my soul leapt with joy to finally, FINALLY! find out that others (Nations!) feel about the natural world as I do. While this work doesn't focus solely on animals, but encompasses the Native American view on many, many topics, including life, death, living, nature, The Creator and their experiences with white culture, I truly felt I had found "home" when I came upon their beliefs about animals. In my family's religion, man is supreme, animals have little to no value and when they die, that's it, they're just dead. This wonderful book gives a different perspective on The Spirit of The Creator as it is reflected in people, nature AND animals. A perspective in need of hearing and teaching to so many who today, place no value on our natural world. To me, it was the proverbial cool drink of water on a hot, hot day. Read it and find your soul. Rather, read it, embrace it and reclaim your soul. No doubt you will find it waiting patiently for you in the wilderness ...............
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on June 5, 1999
This book is a great intro to the wisdom of Native Americans, as well as it offers such a nice collection of glimpses into completely different ways of life that can be created by human kind. Particularly touching also are the testimonials from Indian leaders showing how they practiced a culture and attitude of respect and constructive engagement with whites, only to be met often enough with a response of demented brutality and destruction of their people. Reading this book made me imagine what an exhilirating experience it must have been to live in societies where dignity and respect and bravery and a deeply holistic way of life with nature was the underlying matrix of society. What precious things have been lost with the genocide of indigenous peoples. It also made me think how nice it would be if Hollywood, TV, and pop culture instead of putting out their usual trash, went by rooting their production in the teachings such as those chronicled in this book. Readers may also be interested in "Lies My Teacher Told Me : Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong " by J.Lowen. Lowen tells in one of the chapters regarding Native Americans that at a certain point in time, colonial Europeans in North America had serious trouble in keeping many white people from running away from the Euro communities to join Native American societies. This book offers a glimpse as to why that would have been quite nice. Vera
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on October 17, 2000
"Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children." --Sitting Bull
Great oratory is often found in a single, heartfelt statement. This powerful little book of wisdom shares so many precious words on how to walk the road to a good life for our own personal journey as well as our families, friends and the world's peoples. Filled with these simple yet profound statements from the indigenous peoples of the Americas they will bring tears to your eyes, laughter to your heart and a little wisdom to your soul.
For the reader who may think this is another "new age title", nothing could be further from the truth as noted in the Chapter, The Coming of the White Ways, "Another of the older men, called upon for his views..."I have come to the conclusion that this Jesus was an Indian. He was opposed to material acquisition and to great possessions. He was inclined to peace...he set no price upon his labor of love." The book closes with the great speeches of Chief Joseph, Chief Seattle and Chief Red Jacket. If all the earth's peoples embraced these simple and timeless rules for living we would be a happier world.
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on September 3, 2001
This is a very instructive and thought-provoking compilation. This book contains four parts. Part I consists of short quotes of Native American leaders. Part II is Charles Eastman's beautiful work, THE SOUL OF THE INDIAN AND OTHER WRITINGS. Part III contains (i) Chief Red Jacket's respectful and dignified response to a missionary's request to minister to the Iroquois in l805, (ii) Chief Joseph's account of the Nez Perce retreat and (iii) Chief Seattle's eloquent speech to territorial governor Isaac Stevens when faced with his people's removal to reservations. The final part consists of biographical notes of forty Native Americans. Editor Kent Nerburn prefaces each of the first two parts as well as each of the three longer speeches with informative introductory essays.
I mourn the loss of the Native American culture as it once was. I'm very grateful to Kent Nerburn and the New World Library for putting this book together so that the wisdom of this great culture continues to survive. I just purchased a copy of this book to donate to my local public library so that my whole town can share in this wisdom.
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on December 18, 2000
This book is a masterpiece of American Indian philosophy and Spirituality.
This book is basicly a collection of quotes and speeches by various American Indian leaders with a few comments by Mr. Nerburn that edited them into a seamless volume of American Indian thought.
There are quotes here that deal with their Spirituality including reincarnation, Their family Life, Their care for Nature, Honesty, etc.
I am considering buying several more copies of this book to help my family and friends understand my spiritual beliefs.
I only have one minor nitpick. Mr. Nerburn insists on calling the Chief of the Suquamish people "Chief Seattle". His name was Sealth. Seattle was an error in translation.
Yes; Seattle, Washington was named for this wise leader.
Please E-mail me if you have questions or comments about my review. Two Bears.
Wah doh Ogedoda "We give thanks Great Spirit"
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on February 19, 2000
You could - and many have - devote your entire lifetime to searching for wisdom and truth. The wisdom and truth found in the words of this book is all that any of us will ever need. Read it, be still, look deeply into your soul, and you will know.
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on May 20, 2000
If we are to emerge from with health from the grave we are digging for our world, it will be because of the Native American wisdom recorded in this book. To learn how Native people gained such wisdom, see my book, PRIMAL AWARENESS.
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on October 28, 2014
Great book
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