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on July 12, 2017
Think positive.
There, I just saved you from buying this book.
You cannot wish yourself a millionaire or to be free from disease and that is what the author and the contributors say. She actually says she willed herself out of having to wear glasses in 3 days just by telling herself she has good eyesight. And they all basically imply if you get cancer so some horrible disease, you basically willed it on yourself with negative thoughts. They author also says you shouldn't worry about bills because that's how you get bills. Instead, wish for cheques and you will then open your mailbox to find cheques.
Don't buy this book - that's how she's getting cheques.
I completely get thinking positively and having a positive attitude and what you give is what you get back. But the rest of it is just crap.
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Like a dark comet on a fast orbit, once every 7 years or so, there comes a book to sell (once more) the idea of...wishful thinking. I can remember at least two others, the shallow CELESTINE PROPHECY in the early 1990's and the more verbose ALCHEMIST around the millennium.
Right on schedule, THE SECRET came along. It too, peddles the totally unfounded idea of "wishing something into existence" as a good idea to live your life by.

There are a great number of self-help books that encourage the appreciation of what one already has and the understanding of what one really needs - trying to shade some light on the darkness of 21st century frantic over-consumerism. And that is indeed what most psychologists will advise as the road to happiness.
THE SECRET, however, does the opposite: it encourages the reader to wish for even more things - and offers no means in achieving them, other than "really-really thinking hard about them". Most people outgrow this infantile illusions phase by their 5th birthday...

This is the only situation where I can imagine THE SECRET working: if you are competing for a new position in your company, it would be wise to offer this book as a gift to all the people competing against you.
May I be the first to congratulate you on your promotion!

In any other situation though,

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on June 3, 2008
I read this book after many recommendations. The premise of the book is that we can use the power of attraction, through positive thought, to get what we want from life (e.g. a life partner, job, wealth).

This book is a strong example of the current Western Individualism, focusing on our needs and desires. For those with more duty-based morals or a focus on our contribution to society, this book will likely be distasteful.

I did not finish the book as I did not appreciate the self-centered and materialistic values promoted in it.
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on February 23, 2008
I cannot believe I read the whole book but I kept looking for the meat as I read through it. While progressing through this "quick read" I was continuously amazed at the fluffy stories of little credibility (but lots of laughability although it is far from a comedy). I guess if you are looking for some new type of religion or need something to cling to & you can convince yourself that "vapourware" actually exists as a substance, this is the book for you. I gave it one star because I could not go lower.
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on January 30, 2008
I think this book is popular because it makes everything look so easy to get (example: $1 million or a new car) and everyone's looking for the easy way out- it's human nature. What this book doesn't take into account is good old fashion hard work. People who succeed, work hard and take action. They have a plan and they take control of their lives and don't wait for the "universe" to hand it over to them. Hard work reaps success and there's no way around it. Sure, a positive attitude and visualization can help, but it's not enough to wish it to happen or believe that it has already happened and then wait for it to come. Frankly, I find this ridiculous. One part in the book talks about weight loss. She states that by believing that she is at her ideal weight and "placing her order" with the universe, "she can eat whatever she wants and still stay at her ideal weight". I am sorry, but this is utter nonsense. You can't just will your weight off. weight loss is achieved by eating a healthy and adequate diet and an exercise program- there are no "quick fixes" although everyone hopes there's one. Again, that's why this book seem attractive because it's easy.
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on June 26, 2007
I found "the secret" for those having problems falling asleep, read "The Secret" - it really works!
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on November 14, 2007
This book is crap. It isn't positive thinking, but an excuse for bigotry and "blaming the victim". I wish I could grab some of you who were unable to see through the smoke and mirrors of this scummy little secret, and just shake you! Maybe something would click. Probably not.

What bothers me more than the release of such drivel, is that there are human beings daft enough to purchase it. And not only purchase it, but wholeheartedly believe what it says. I think one of the reasons for such rave reviews is that people give the authors/teachers too much credit and forget to question their credentials and motivations; and also, they are intimidated by the secret's use of faux science to prove its preposterous theories. There are more reasons, of course. But I digress.

Last Words: as a consumer phenomenon the secret is fascinating, but coming to grips with the fact that this means a good portion of the adult population is delusional--Well! That's terribly upsetting.
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on October 1, 2007
I am truly embarrassed that I even read this book, but when something is hyped as much as this book was, I thought maybe there was something in it worth checking out. Like every other person in this world, I want to be in on the secret to happiness, success, health and wealth; however, one of the (many) issues I have with this book is that what she's talking about is not a secret. Everyone from the Dalai Lama to Mary Poppins has known that positive thinking is more helpful than negative thinking, but you can't just will money, health, wealth and happiness into your life by virtue of thinking positively about it. People who have success, health and wealth have worked hard for these things. Most of these people didn't just sit down and think positive thoughts, and "POOF" they were rich, successful, thin, etc. They had a goal, and they worked towards it, without giving up or letting anything get in their way- they were DETERMINED! You will even see this in the anecdotal stories of people in the book who say 'The Secret' has worked for them. If you really look, you'll see it was determination that helped these people succeed at their goals- not just positive thinking. Additionally, I believe there are two things that negate the credibility of this author and her work. One is the assertion that if you want to be thin, don't look at fat people; the other implies that the victims of the Holocaust somehow brought it on themselves. Now what kind of inane drivel is that?! Are people really so desperate and lazy that they will buy into this kind of hogwash as an answer to their problems? The bottom line is this: Yes, positive thinking can actually be beneficial as you try to achieve your goals, but so is a lot of hard work and determination. So if you're truly looking for a secret in all of this, take the word- DETERMINATION- that seems to be what people are lacking more than positive thinking. Use determination as your defining word for future success; I guarantee it will help immensely...and that's no secret...
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on February 21, 2008
This over-hyped, over-rated book is nothing more then a collection of new age ideas that have been around for years. It is a book designed to give meaning to the lives of western women who are rich yet spiritually poor, succesful yet emotionally insecure. There are many better self-help motivational books out there - like How to Stopy Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie, or the Bible.
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on June 17, 2007
Hope is generally a good thing: a marker for mental health and a light at the end of the tunnel for when we suffer... However, FALSE HOPE or WISHFUL THINKING is not genuine hope and has little to offer healthy adults. This book focuses on the the latter, exploiting the public's wish for quick fixes and easy answers, as well as the current cultural trend to discount science and embrace childlike pseudo-spiritual ways and superstition to cope with life (although many spiritual beliefs are of value and are mature, these are not included in this book.)

Anything of value in this book is too badly tainted by the aforementioned shortcomings to be worth your time or energy. Pop-psychology at its near worst.

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