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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on May 12, 2004
I have suffered with digestive problems my entire life. After reading this book and incorporating coconut oil and coconut milk into my diet, I am finally recovering! It truly does seem to be "too good to be true", but in fact, coconut oil, is a miraculous food for this generation. It is very easy to switch from vegetable oils to coconut oil in all recipes. My family loves the change, and we are now enjoying wonderful smoothies and creamed soups that were "forbidden" because of the high fat content. But, switch to healthy fats and see what happens! A side benefit I am seeing is weight reduction without even trying! This book is a MUST for those who desire to regain their health and protect the health of their children.
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on April 6, 2004
By using only one tip in this book, my husband was able to get rid of an athletes foot problem he had suffered with for months. He had tried EVERY over-the-counter preparation. Finally went to the doctor. He was given a prescription for a 30 day supply of pills. The cost was over $200! Counseling with the pharmacist and discovering that PERMANENT health damage could result made us decide to NOT use the pills.
We did find the cure for the athletes foot in this book--the cost was $3.99 ( without any side effects. Caprylic acid! One 600 mg soft gel daily until the bottle was finished. Coconut oil contains caprylic acid. We also started using virgin coconut oil and canned coconut milk--be sure to buy the brand with the HIGHEST fat content. Ten ounces of the canned coconut milk daily is enough to provide a healing dose of coconut oil. It can be used in smoothies, pudding, on oatmeal, in cooking, in soups and stews. I also add some to my tea or coffee. Simply refrigerate the canned coconut milk after opening. It will solidify in the refrigerator (melting temp. 76 degrees). Spoon onto oatmeal or into hot beverages.
I also need to share that the reason I found this info on coconut oil is because I began having thyroid problems and was doing some websearching for info. SOY was causing me to grow a goiter and causing other thyroid problems. The problems reversed after eliminating soy from my diet--no small task as it is in EVERYTHING. (Note: lecithin is soy). Try doing a web search by entering: soy danger. Shocking!
This book is well written and easy to understand. I am buying additonal copies to share with others.
I also recommend the book Alpha Lipoic Acid by Alan Sosin.
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on March 9, 2004
I admit it. I bought into all the big business hype about how bad coconut oil was for me.
After reading this book and altering my diet, I see how wrong I was to believe the misinformation I was being fed. The saturated fat in coconut oil is actually good for you and helps keep you healthy in so many ways. An interesting and amazing book backed up by history and fact. I just wish it had not been repetitive at times and at other times a bit hard to my layman's sensibilities to understand, but those are small quibbles. I enjoyed reading it and got through it fairly quickly. You'll want to keep a copy for yourself and get one for someone you love, it's that convincing!
I've been using coconut oil and avoiding other vegetable and hydrogenated oils since reading it and I feel better and have more energy. Read it for yourself and become a convert.
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on May 4, 2002
Fife proceeds early in the book with an anecdote. In response to his assertion to dinner friends that coconut oil is the healthiest oil one can use, one of them countered that "Coconut oil is unhealthy; it can cause heart disease," to which Fife replied, "That must be why all the Pacific Islanders died off hundreds of years ago.
Fife takes the reader carefully through the chemistry of fats with brevity and clarity. Lay readers can easily understand him as they are led through an explanation of the differences between the various fats.
"Healing miracles" is not an overstatement to describe the effects of coconut oil. Fife details some 40 different health benefits from the use of this oil--one hesitates to list them for fear of sounding gullible or lunatic--and he thoroughly documents his work with research findings.
If you love your family and yourself, read this book!
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on May 8, 2003
This book contains a lot of information that is mostly unknown to the public, due largely to the politics involving powerful agribusiness interests in this country. (I'd really like to give it only 4-1/2 stars, however, due to the poor editing.) Learn about what is probably one of the healthiest oils you can consume, and yet has become difficult to find in grocery stores. And it's sad to learn that we've been pushing less-healthful oils (corn, soy, etc.) on developing countries as a replacement for their coconut oil, with the result that the people there are suffering more degenerative disease. The author has also written a book called Eat Fat Look Thin, which details a low-carbohydrate coconut diet to help with weight loss.
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on October 13, 2007
The Coconut Cookbook by Bruce Fife is a highly acclaimed book about coconut oil. Bruce Fife provides all the answers about commons myths and misconceptions about coconut oil. Eating coconut oil on a regular basis can reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack! Coconut oil is composed of a group of unique fat molecules known as medium-chain fatty acids. 'Though they are technically classified as saturated fats, this fat can actually protect you from getting a heart attack or suffering a stroke. A much more accurate way to judge heart disease risk is to separate the two types of cholesterol. Therefore, the ratio of the bad to good cholesterol (LDL/HDL) is universally recognized as a far more accurate indicator of heart disease risk. Because of coconut oil's tendency to increase HDL, the cholesterol ratio improves and thus decreases risk of heart disease.

People who traditionally consume large quantities of coconut oil as part of their ordinary diet have a very low incidence of heart disease and have normal blood cholesterol levels. This has been well supported by numerous studies. The research shows that those people who consume large quantities of coconut oil have remarkably good cardiovascular health. Research has demonstrated that medium-chain fats in coconut oil protect against heart disease and may one day even be used as a treatment to cure it.

Coconut oil consumption has many factors associated with a reduced risk of heart disease compared to other dietary oils namely:
* Improved cholesterol readings
* Lower body fat deposition
* Higher survival rate
* Reduced tendency to form blood clots
* Fewer uncontrolled free radicals in cells
* Low levels of blood and liver cholesterol
* Higher antioxidant reserves in cells
* Lower incidence of heart disease in population studies.
From this evidence alone coconut oil should be viewed as heart healthy or at least benign as far as heart disease is concerned.

But there is another factor, that is even more important, that reveals coconut oil as not simply a benign bystander but a very important player in the battle against heart disease. So remarkable is it, that it may soon become a powerful new weapon used against heart disease. Heart disease, stroke, and atherosclerosis account for nearly half of all the deaths in the United States. Statistically, one out of every two people you know will die from one of these cardiovascular conditions. In countries where people eat a lot of coconut products cardiovascular disease is much less frequent. It appears that by simply using coconut oil in you daily diet in place of other oils you can achieve a remarkable degree of protection from heart disease and stroke.

Help raise awareness; support cancer research!
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I'm so annoyed I didn't come to the idea of using coconut cream and coconut oil as replacements for dairy products sooner!

I wish so much I had. The coconut ice creams and hot chocolates and other dishes I have been making since reading this book, and others like it, are just delicious and so good for you as well. I've been going a bit coconut crazy I have to admit!

This book is just excellent. If you aren't convinced that eating coconut oil, with its high level of HEALTHY saturated fat is good for you and wont make you gain weight, then I highly recommend either this book or 'Eat Fat, Lose Fat.'

(The other coconut books I have read also had far better recipe sections than this one - the recipes in this book were its low point.)

Don't believe the hype, extra virgin coconut oil is one of the healthiest foods you could ever eat, and it also has an anti-viral effect which is beneficial for those of us battling chronic illnesses and makes a great moisturiser as well.

Jodi Bassett, The Hummingbirds' Foundation for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.)
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on August 10, 2003
After reading this book I threw out my current oils and changed the way I cooked and looked at food. I bought this book for my mother and I have an extra copy for other people to read. As a member of the health care profession people come to me all the time for information.
I was totally surprised by what has happened to all of us and what is being sold to us as "HEALTHY". Even our doctors don't know the truth. My doctor is getting a copy of this book to read.
I now use this oil on my skin on a regular basis and being in my mid forties the feeling of my skin is like that of my twenties.
I plan on being around for many years and this information will help me be much healthier.
I am very glad to be given this information. Thank you Bruce Fife! I am ordering his other books for my library.
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on July 19, 2003
The time has come---finally---for all, including Western science, to recognize the extreme benefits of the coconut. Fife's book is excellent and greatly welcomed. The book called AN ELEMENTARY TEXTBOOK OF AYURVEDA by the Yale medical doctor, Frank John Ninivaggi, M.D., did acknowledge the uses of coconut oil as long as 6,000 years ago, and currently in Ayurvedic medicine---the first medical tradition begun in India and still practiced today. I highly recommend and endorse Fife's book. Take a look at Ayurveda, too!
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on January 3, 2011
I highly recommend this book since it is basic food knowledge that everyone should know about. It is amazing how the entire food industry has the whole 'fat thing' upside-down. It is ironic how people are avoiding the exact thing their body is desperately needing in order to reduce fat storage and be healthier, by nourishing the cells with the lipids they need in order to thrive.

I've found this book so dramatically life-changing, that I've purchased more as gifts. And they, in turn, have been just as amazed and are recommending the book to others as well. How good it is to eat yummy foods, cooked in good oil, and still lose weight!
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