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on September 16, 2003
I read Amazon's excerpt and a couple of recommendations I thought I could trust before buying this book. It's worthless, obvious, hype-yourself-up, tired "advice." I resent that it is not worth the cost of shipping to return this book to Amazon, because I would otherwise do so. It doesn't rate space in my collection of thousands, nor would I give it as a gift to anyone I wanted to keep as a friend. I don't believe it would be of any actual harm, but I wouldn't want to waste their time. I'm donating the book - perhaps it might help someone who has lived such a stunted life they don't already know this stuff.
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on November 23, 2002
When I read LBF's book for the first time (because I did read it a few times after that) I said to myself: this woman is very aggressive. It is after I met Laura in one of her seminars in London that I saw how aggressive - but in a different way - she is.
It is a great book for your career. If you really want to take charge and make it "happen" just work with and on her techniques. Believe in yourself, take responsibility, stop feeling like a victim.
This book will coach you to success regardless of your industry and your sector. It will be easy.
By Thei Zervaki, a career and business coach
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on August 13, 1999
I first read this book just over a year ago. I employed her ideas after every chapter and watched them ripple through my staff and clients. I was surprised that ideas, sometimes a simple change in my perception of everyday situations, could actually change my business reality. My people responded to the changes immediately and seemlessly. The book taught me more about the intangibles of leadership than any other reasource I've found. Other specifics: She helped me spot where I was wasting energy, in work and worry; Tweeked my creativity toward managerial concerns; And more, she's planted the seed for my ultimate movement (logistically & emotionally) away from the incredible amount of personal investment that it's taken to build my business. In the last year we've grown over 100%, nearly completed the difficult task of becoming direct manufacturers reps in a highly entrenched and protected industry, and made the move from local to national clientele. The business and I have changed so much that I'm reading it again to see what I get out of it now.
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For those coaches, executives and entrepreneurs who are looking for a new perspective on achieving success, I have good news--Fortgang's new book, Take Yourself To The Top is full of smart, edgy coaching for those who date to take full responsibility for their success.

Fortgang's challenge: "If you are willling to take charge of your career like never before, if you're prepared to be responsible for the choices you make and you have the guts to have it all, then get ready to take yourself to the top."

Coaches and clients alike will benefit from the wit and wisdom found in Take Yourself to the Top. Some of what you'll learn includes:

* How to acheive the elusive gift of self-discipliine.

* Identify and overcome obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals.

* Get what you want AND want what you have.

* Give up the "survival mode mentality".

* Create quality relationships that can rocket you to the top

Take Yourself to the Top fills a void in the traditional career/business success advice by providing "Coaching wisdom" from one of the best! For those folks interested in building a successful business, I'll leave you with a piece of advice from Laura Berman Fortgang:

"Wait for a miracle and it will never come. Take responsibility and you'll invite a miracle!

Cheryl Richardson

Executive Coach - Author of "Take Time For Your Life" (Broadway Jan. 99')
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on June 21, 2000
Take Yourself to the Top--Radically changed my life...I'm a professional Radical Life Coach--I have learned to quickly and radically change my clients life. Leonard is on the cutting edge of exploding old paradigms and replacing them with authentic and exciting paths of adventure. I went from a corporate job making $40K to making a six figure income and surrounded by the most grounded people possible. I focus on three areas: Wholeness, Love & Health! I conduct workshops, individual power sessions, write books and articles... The best part of being a coach is the freedom to make the world better. Feel free to confer with me about a future as a coach. Check out my new book: Emergency Relationship Kit...Stop Wasting Time...and Never Look Back!
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on July 2, 2000
This book is wonderful! I am a sales representative and in the midst of getting my MBA. The most dreaded question I get these days from those I care about is "what are you going to do with the MBA?" I've been going through the motions without a clear vision of what I want. This book (the audiotape format fit better into my schedule) has really helped me think through what I want to do, and I'm eager to sit down and do the exercises prescribed to determine my post-MBA path. The message of deciding what you want and going after it is very powerful, and the real-life examples of her clients are encouraging. I'm becoming a believer that coaches shouldn't be left behind when you leave the high school and college sports teams. Read or Listen to be inspired.
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on May 28, 2009
Who it's for: If you would you like more from life than just doing your job in the week and relaxing (or collapsing) on weekends then this book is for you.

The world has changed. Organizational restructuring and downsizing are common, we move jobs regularly and this means we have to constantly reprove and reinvent ourselves. So whether you're a professional or an entrepreneur, we all need to look out for ourselves and be a leader in our own lives.

Laura's book helps us do just that, showing how to take charge of our career and life, stop making excuses and go out and make our dreams happen!

There are plenty of exercises and suggestions - but this is not a step-by-step "How to" plan - you have to do that for yourself!!
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on April 28, 2000
I found this book very informative and educational. I even decided to do my own outline of the book to put in my briefcase notebook. I did not want to forget this one! I am now going back and "applying" the excercises. Some of my large font in the outline is "Boundaries do not work if other people do not know that they are there", "You are what you tolerate", "You do not have to function at full throttle and then collapse" and "You no longer need to have problems and a myriad of tasks to feel that you are in charge". You will want to review this book more than once to really apply it. I have found my self much more relaxed, yet more in control.
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on May 8, 2001
Laura Berman Fortgang introduces the concept of the personal career coach, someone who encourages people to take charge of their lives in and out of the office. Personal coaches push employees to find out what they really want from their careers and get it, by locating and overcoming obstructions in their lives, being self-disciplined, and planning systematically. This concise, well-written book offers lots of examples from Fortgang's own coaching experience. Although it is probably more useful as a psychological manifesto than as a strict business guide, we from getAbstract recommend this book as a step in the right direction for those who wish to energize their careers.
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on December 17, 1999
This book is like a light going on. It talks about taking risks, trusting others and yourself, and puts forth the radical notion that says "why the heck can't you do well and love what you're doing?" The thing that really impressed me (and I've tried it in my business and it works!) is the counter-intuitive idea that actually saying no and turning down some things can lead to bigger things. This is not a book I just read once and put away. I keep it in my briefcase and refer to it from time to time. People centered business, starting with your own person. A very fresh take. Highly recommended.
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