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on February 4, 2016
husband enjoyed it
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on June 8, 2015
Excellent read.
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on June 5, 2013
If you are open minded enough to read stange stories in a book. This on is for you.

I liked it
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on May 14, 2013
Sounds like it was very real to him and raises a few questions. A good read, but some of the messages don't sit right.
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on August 11, 2011
The Key is a transcription of a two hour late night interview of a mysterious gentleman named Michael who the author dubs as Master of the Key. It took place in Toronto, Canada in 1998. It takes up about 100 pages. This interview provided the geophysical model for ecological collapse used in Global Superstorm.

Whitley's commission in this work is an outreach to a unique admixture of sci-fi fans, conspiratorialists, abductees, and sundry coast-to-coastAM listeners. This group of believers, skeptics, thrill-seekers, and eco-lovers will each read, absorb and interpret his words from a very different, often opposite, life experience. The answers are tailored so as not to exclude. If the words were to be delivered to an exclusively metaphysical audience, the clarity of wording would be able to be magnified. Also remember that Earth languages are designed to facilitate commerce, not to glorify and characterize infinity. Thus nit-picky critiques of wording are out of place both because of audience diversity and linguistic impossibility. Consider The Key to be what may be the final wakeup call for those who have the ears to hear. The author considers it to be valuable personal guidance that has proved itself year after year.
Unlocking the deeper meaning of The Key requires a closer reading and inborn metaphysic than most will bring to the book. Buddhists and Vedantists will be able to turn the key. The Aquarian consciousness described by Michael is that of the energetic body. Anyone who thinks they don't have one will make a "great discovery." This shift into new consciousness can literally happen at the flip of a switch in the brain. Authors like Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Jill Taylor and Jan Frazier have described the disorienting effect and the unexpected revaluing that can occur. The conversation speaks of the lifting of the veil between life and death. This is not a figurative reference. If you are afraid of communing with the dearly departed, it is time to regroup or you may end up creating a living hell for yourself. When Pisces pours "onto dry land" the mind may be pushed cold turkey into radically new territory. Forewarned is forearmed. Sorting this out is a tricky business. Taking a peek at books by Anthony Borgia may be in order.
Life is about choice. If you neglect the Creator, and your own divine nature, there will be consequences--major short- and long-term consequences. The focus of the book is to clearly make this assertion and provide you with tools that will help. The book is many things--a prophecy, a warning, a seeming contradiction, but most of all a metaphysical message to crystallize the polarizing energies of this era. It's time to ascend to the status of radiant beings or do nothing and sink into a doubting, self-satisfied existence of the status quo.
If we unite in prayer, all things are possible, otherwise we are doomed to devolve rapidly into a condition so dire there will not even be an alphabet--a totally fresh start for those who need it. Big changes are coming, big changes in consciousness, climate, economy, you name it, it will change. Soon we will all have good reason to give passionate prayer a try. Start meditating now so you will be able to keep your cool with a quiescent mind. Time is growing short. Learn to break the links of societal conditioning and emancipate yourself from inappropriate and unforgiving thoughts and inbred condemning attitudes. It is possible to lead a loving life free of the fear that breeds separation.
Though Whitley's source, Michael, may be unconventional or uncommon, don't forget authors like Gary Renard and Glenda Green--miracles are the spice of life. Extended discussions with mysterious beings are both possible and unforgettable. Some may find the message flawed, but what is most flawed is human perception. There are thousands of niche authors of the past decades like Helen Schucman, Ken Carey, and Whitley Strieber who have had the moral courage to stand up to ridicule and abuse in an effort to publish metaphysical gems on the faith and inner knowing that their sources are impeccable.

Tidbits from Michael:
You're chained to the ground...Mankind is trapped...Man is soul-blind and God-blind...You think of yourself as different from God. This is an illusion...Surrender to God...To surrender to God is to make your energetic body transparent, so that the light of God shines through you...Surrender to God and your enemies will become your friends...It is not that man is the servant of God, but that man is God, as we all are...You must meditate. Who does not meditate, disintegrates...God is a science, the science of self-knowledge and self-discovery...Awakened man makes his own light, as part of the radiant choir who sing forever the song of God...You must live many times in order to build up a radiant body that is complete. To be born into this world takes but an hour. But to be born into the next takes many lifetime...To remain a separate being after death, there must exist the ability to maintain the structure of the radiant body by the action of attention.
I'm here on behalf of the good...Those whose lives are directed toward ascension...All are responsible for all. All are dependent upon all. Humanity is one...Mankind is meant to ascend...Fear rules this world...Forgiveness is not an act, it is a state of being...Seek the kingdom within and you will find the kingdom everywhere...But if you cannot find the kingdom, you cannot gain the kingdom...Unless you bear the kingdom within you, the kingdom will perish from the earth...You can go to heaven immediately, right now, with your next breath. You can remain there forever, even while living this life.
Self-will, the illusion that you can act and must act on your own behalf, prevents you from entering the will of God...Nothing is separate from think of yourself as different from God. This is an illusion...The veil between the worlds can fall. The undiscovered country can become your backyard...There is no supernatural. There is only the natural world...Many of the dead...have less than you do, by a very great deal. But not all. Some are exceedingly rich...To face the return of the dead is to face the change of the age...Instinct makes you fear congress with the dead, because they see more than you dare to see.
The planet is at present a death trap...The greater part of human industry and culture along with the species' most educated populations will be destroyed in a single season...It's all part of the plan of your evolution. Pisces, the little fish , will be poured onto dry land by the stream of Aquarius. Then, how will you live? How will you breathe? You will make a leap of evolution. You will square the circle or die....the mission of this to open the elemental body to ecstasy...The elemental body will become transparent to the radiant body, which will shine with the light of God...The body of man is being altered so that the barrier that presently prevents you from knowing one another's thoughts will fall...The future of mankind is either to ascend or go extinct...Your surrender to earth will be your ascension to heaven.

I am here to bring you a promise from on high: If you surrender yourselves to God you and the earth will be saved. Otherwise you will be extinct before the end of the age. [eg Surrender ala Chapter 10 of The Power of Now]
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