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on August 17, 2017
love al of her books. Interesting to see beginning of romance between Goldy and Tom.
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on May 11, 2017
I didn't buy this !
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on May 28, 1999
While the story itself was interesting and the recipes were really cute, the character of Marla was poorly written and quite offensive. A size 16 and she is described as having "swirling tires of flesh" and can't be trusted around food. The way she is described as eating in the book she'd be a size 42 and weigh over 350 pounds! I don't think the author has ever met someone who was a size 16, and if you don't weigh 115 pounds and fit into a size 4, this character will ruin the book for you! The other annoying cliche was the pregnant girl is described as craving pickles and ice cream. Ooooo, I'd never guess that one!
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on February 1, 2004
Goldy Bear, proud owner of Goldilocks' Catering, (Where Everything Is Just Right!), has a lot on her plate. She has to deal with an ex-husband who continues to be verbally and emotionally abusive, and she has to continually watch him engage in fling after fling, many of which end up in marriage. Her eleven year old son, Arch, is taking the death of his favorite teacher quite hard, and he's dealing with it by becoming obsessed with role-playing games. And her roommate, Patty Sue, who has been paying her rent by helping out with the catering business, has become even more dull and unhelpful in the past little while.
All these issues come to a head when someone attempts to poison Goldy's ex-father-in-law at one of her catering functions. Suddenly, Goldy's the prime suspect, and she finds herself unable to run her catering business. With the bills piling up, Goldy knows that she must take matters into her own hands if she expects to ever be able to cater in her town again.
Thus begins the amateur sleuthing adventures of Goldy Bear. As each one of her neighbors becomes a suspect, Goldy's investigations uncover the kind of dirty laundry that everyone tries to keep hidden in a small town. The first-person point of view works really well in this story, as the reader gets only as much information as Goldy herself has. Another fun aspect of this book is, of course, the culinary theme. As just about everything in the book is compared to food at some point, you better keep something to snack on nearby. The recipes included seem easy to follow, and I'm sure result in delicious culinary experiences of their own.
A fun, light mystery offering � I look forward to reading more about Goldy and her adventures in culinary sleuthing.
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on July 30, 2002
"Catering to Nobody" is the first delectable book in this culinary mystery series full of crazy, different characters.
Lightly entertaining, and a good murder mystery Davidson's witty writing and clever clues combine with some yummy recipes along the way to solving this short, fun mystery.
Goldy is a former battered wife who has finally divorced her abusive doctor husband and strikes out to support herself and her pre-teen son by starting an upscale catering company.
Handsome police officer Tom Schultz adds another delicious dimension to the story. If you enjoy Grafton, Evanovich, and Tamar Myers (my other favorite mystery authors who write about 'real' people) you'll enjoy Goldy's sleuthing attempts to determine 1)who keeps trying to poison her lovable (?) ex-father-in-law, 2)who murdered her son's lovely, yet peculiar prior elementary school teacher and (deep breath) 3)WHY does everyone seem to know more about the entire mystery than Goldy? Most mysterious of all her books I've read to date! Excellent.
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on July 26, 2003
The first book in the Goldy Bear catering mystery series, introduces us to Goldy Bear, owner of Goldilock's Catering Service (where everything is just right!). Goldy is a divorced mother of one son who, after leaving her abusive doctor husband, turns to cooking to make a living for herself and her son, Arch. While catering a wake, her ex father-in-law drops dead and she finds herself as the primary suspect. Could she have poisoned his coffee or is her ex setting her up for a murder rap? While trying to keep her business afloat and herself sane, Goldy sets out to prove herself innocent and find a killer before she is the next one killed.
I highly enjoyed this debut for Diane Mott Davidson. The character of Goldy is a bit whiny at times, but I like the fact that she is plucky and determined to make a better life for herself and Arch. When she gets stressed she cooks, and many of her recipes are included in the book. The food is yummy and the mystery interesting. I would recommend reading this book, but do not read it on an empty stomach! Enjoy!
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on July 3, 2003
Diane Mott Davidson brings us Goldy, of Goldilock's Catering, "where everything is just right," a loving mother, cook, small businesswoman, and amateur detective. Goldy runs a catering business in the mountains of Aspen Meadows, Colorado, is a single mom to son Arch, and has a knack for solving murders.
Unlike another female investigator based in central California,(who shall remain nameless here but is well known to mystery fans) the one who makes herself boiled-eggs-mayo-ketchup sandwiches at odd times for nourishment, Goldy really cooks.
Included in every book in the series are wonderful, inventive recipes. As a long time family chef, I find myself identifying much more with Goldy. No matter what else is going on, no matter how little sleep she manages to get, Goldy preps and cooks on a regular basis. Bless her!
Although the plotting is uneven and stretches the imagination just a little to be credible, this first book of Davidson's long series is an entertaining read. Recommended.
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on October 1, 2002
When Goldy (single mother to an 11-year-old boy, and a woman running her own business) gets a job catering a wake at her son's (Arch) favorite teachers funeral, she is not what you would call happy. Yes, she'll make a good amount of money, but she'll also have to be in the same room as her ex-husband. But when her ex-husbands father drinks coffee with rat poison in it, and she becomes the main suspect, she realizes that it's now up to her to find the murderer. In the meantime, Goldy has a guest staying at her house, Patty Sue, whom is undergoing treatment at Goldy's ex-father-in-law's OBGYN office, and, suddenly Arch is acting a bit obsessed with a role playing game. How much more does she need to handle?
Overall this was a pretty good book. Although it was a bit cliched, and reminded me of an episode of "Diagnosis Murder." I knew who the murderer was almost the minute the first poisoning took place. Although, the clichedness is somewhat passable due to the likeness of the main character. Another hit for Diane Mott Davidson.
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on March 24, 2003
This was the most unpleasant selection my monthly book club has nominated. The author seems like she is trying to follow a "Writer's Digest" formula as she unfolds her plot and the effect is just too predictable. The timeline is not paced well either. Sometimes we'll spend a whole chapter on a conversation and then we'll jump ahead three days in the space of a paragraph. The dialogue is cliched and the characters come off as shallow stereotypes. The writing reaches a definite low point as the author describes a "Amour Anonymous" meeting with five characters in attendance and skips from comment to comment so quickly it is hard to imagine how the conversation reaches such emotional highs and lows within the space of a few moments. The plot wraps up neatly and the recipes are an interesting addition (worth trying I hope!) - but these two positive attributes are not enough to save the overall writing.
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on March 19, 1997
Catering to Nobody starts with a clever title and never lets up. The main character, Goldy Bear, is a former battered wife who finally divorced her abusive doctor husband and sets out to make her own way in the world with an upscale catering company. In addition to her business, she must deal with her nearly teenaged son and help him cope with the divorce. In this entry of the series, Goldy has to deal with her ex-husband when his father is poisoned at a funeral reception she is catering. Soon Goldy realizes that the only ay to save herself and her business is to solve the mystery herself-- and along the way she meets handsome police officer Tom Schultz, who reappears in later books in this series. Goldy is a character with whom many of today's women can identify. The recipes add another dimension to the book -- try them yourselves
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