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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on June 21, 2001
I really enjoyed this book, the first I'd read by Davidson. The heroine, Goldie, is a single mom struggling to deal with her own business, her abusive ex, her dead boyfriend,her son, her helper, and her unconventional living situation. But, like any stalwart heroine, she still finds time for chocolate. The plot of the mystery is interesting, but what really sets this book (and the series apart) is Davidson's skill in portraying complex characters, rather than entertaining clue chasers. Goldie is an actual person who when faced with a mystery, can't just drop everything and solve it. She, like all of us, has to deal with work and family first. Congratulations, Ms. Davidson, on writing a smart, funny, compelling series about real people!
Oh yeah, and about the cookies. Exactly how big a batch can you make of lethal layers before it becomes unmanageable? I'm only asking because making them every few days is getting tedious. The books in this series are the only mysteries I own with grease stains.
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on June 17, 2001
Diane Mott Davidson has created a character that has more problems than anyone person should have to deal with. But she has Goldy or better know as "Miss Goldy" handling it all with a quality that makes you laugh along with her mishaps. The story starts when an old friend, that she's been dating, is killed in a car accident. Goldy is following him for a date to have coffee when he crases head on into a bus. What persues after the "accident" keeps you wanting more of Miss Goldy and her wacky friends, her son, and her crazed abusive ex-husband the "JERK" (of course these are the initials of his name, but some how very fitting), and the cop that she is seeing off and on but more off lately with the reappearance of Phillip in her life. Diane Mott Davidson keeps you entertained and intrigued at the same time. You'll enjoy this book immensely and want to read every book with her delightful and funny character, "Miss Goldy"
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on December 31, 1997
Again good old Goldy leaps from the"pot" into the "frying pan".
In an attempt to ease her fears of her !#@*&$!!@ ex-husband's threats and harrassment Goldy decides to take a summer job as live-in cook at a private estate in the elite area of the Aspen Meadows Country Club. During this time she is having a security system installed in her home in order to forestall any entry efforts by "the Jerk".
Naturally, wherever Goldy goes, a murder is sure to be on the menu.
Arch suffering through puberty. Car accident or murder? Too many suspects to count (at least not Goldy this time). Her catering business still being threatened. Can she commit to Tom yet . . . or not! Menus/recipes which will require a napkin to contain the readers drool. (honestly, I doubt anyone could read one of Diane's books and hold to a diet.) Again, all the ingredients of a very tasty and suspenseful mystery.
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on April 25, 2001
I am not much of a fiction reader, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book so much that I will definitely be reading more of Diane Mott Davidson's books.
I found that the mystery in this book was great from trying to figure out how the person could have been murdered to the surprise of who the murderer was and the lengths to which they would go.
After finishing this book I asked myself "How could I have missed so many little clues that later explained everything?" With the exception of a small story line - about bad cooking reviews - everything that you read as the story builds up, seems necessary and ties together nicely at the end.
I plan on trying a couple of the recipes on my family and friends - don't tell them please. My only warning about this novel is, don't read it while you are hungry.
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on September 28, 2000
This is one of the few mystery books that I have read where I didn't have it figured out who the "guilty" party was. I was so surprised that I dropped the book and lost my place. The plot just moves along with characters that seem like real humans and it was almost like watching a movie in my mind. The interaction of Goldy and Arch is so much like watching my own mother with my youngest brother and her attempt to "get it right, but not smother". Because this book took me only two days to read, I can't wait until I get my hands on the next one. On a side note, the recepies look so good that I am going to have to try a couple. If you are looking for a fun suspense book without too much gore and a real explosive ending than this one is for you.
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on February 18, 2003
M's Davidson scores again with another wonderful murder mystery / cookbook. Goldy has man problems her usual exhusband Jerk problems of behaving in a threatening manner _and_two men courting her at the same time. Goldy decides to become a live-in cook for a wealthy couple.
And of course, that's when all hell breaks loose.
Who wants the shrink dead? Why is the exhusband scting so much like a jerk? Why does Arch run away? And which man will she pick, Phillip or Tom? Who is Pierre? And does this book have the "Strawberry Super Pie" recipe?
I'll tell you "yes" to the last question (and it is_super_) but you have to read the book for the other answers. A great read and great recipes, I recommend this book highly.
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on August 18, 1997
Goldy Bear is not only a great character, but about the only inspiration since Christmas for getting out into the kitchen and whipping up something great from a new recipe! The character Goldy is a hoot with her stubborn inquisitiveness. A Jessica Fletcher with a twist, she always is around when there's trouble, or vice versa. She is an every day *real* woman that readers can identify with even when her situations are unreal. You'll want to hold her hand to help her through her problems (and a plate of her brownies would be great too!) A fun turn into the world of mystery. Put on a pot of coffee and curl up with your favorite sweets while you *whip* through Goldy's adventure
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on November 5, 1997
This is another wonderful book by Ms. Davidson! oldie Bear is at it again in a wonderful new mystery. Again she has created delicious character and even better recipes in Dying for Chocolate. She has a very good handle on how teenagers act and how young men come in to adolescence. There is a plethora of new recipes to try.(Scout's brownies and the Lethal Bars are wonderful)A definite must read if your into cooking and mysteries!
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on January 24, 2002
I just love this series. I think this was the first one I read and got hooked immediately. The series always involves a mystery and food. what a great combination. I always want to root for Goldy when her x-husband is involved and then all his x-wives get more involved. I can hardly wait for the newest one to come out in paper back. Her new husband just seems like a big teddy bear which is much the opposite of "The Jerk"
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on December 23, 1998
Ms. Davidson continues her pace with her second Goldy Bear mystery novel. What comes across most plainly in that her characters act like real people, not cardboard figures. As for the mystery, neither I nor my wife had any idea whodunit until she revealed it at the end. And like many others of her readers, we are beginning to try out her recipes--and they are worth the effort as well!
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