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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on October 4, 2003
I really appreciate the authors' effort on writing this book. I am new to e-commerce programming and this book has shown me how to build an e-commerce storefront from scratch using Visual Studio.NET and SQL Server 2000!! E-commerce programming doesnt look that horrifying after all.
I particularly like the three-tier architecture adopted in this book. It shows readers a professional way of building a flexible online storefront. Everything is clearly written and explained. You will also get to learn more about writing SQL Server stored procedures to support the data tier.
I would recommend this book to those who have some VB programming background and are desparate for fast solutions with ASP.NET.
Note: You can no longer download the code from Wrox's website because this book is now under another publisher, aPress. Therefore you will need to go to the aPress website and download the code from there. By the way I tested all the code and they work fine. Great job! Many thanks to Cristian and Karli!! You guys rock! Write more cool books!!
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on May 11, 2003
Well by now most of us know that wrox is no longer with us ...
But I am VERY VERY VERY thankful that this book was published before they went under. Just sad that this book will no longer be in publication becasue it is VERY well written and easy to understand.
I am an experienced Software Engineer and have read a lot of books (Good & Bad) and this one does exactly what it says. It is useful to BOTH Experienced Developers developing their first e-comm site AND Novice Programmers with a little additional effort looking at MSDN to understand some stuff they don't go into detail about(if you want to know how things really work and be able to customize the solution to your taste/needs)
It would be worth twice the cover price in the amount of time it saves in laying out a plan for developing an e-comm site, if you have never done one.
This book is a steal and I just hope that Darie & Karli got their money for the book. I also hope another publisher picks up this title and continues it. Better yet, maybe Darie & Karli can get another deal to rewrite the book for another publisher as well as put out an advanced version.
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on January 15, 2003
I've purchased over 20 wrox books over the past 4 years and I've found Beginning ASP.Net E-Commerce to be at the top of my list! The authors methodically lay out the bulding of an e-commerce site from beginning to end. Particulaly, I like the approach of taking the different layers (Presentation, Business, and Data) and separately explaining the code for each layer and then showing how they work together. I've been playing around with ASP.NET and VB.NET off and on for the past year. Your book has been one of the most helpful in terms of building an actual and practical application. I'll be patterning my business and data layers after the concepts in this book.
Improvements that could be made:
1) Although the book integrated using PayPal (as a link) for credit card processing, I would have liked to see an example of integrating the credit card processing directly from within the site (i.e. Verisign PayFlow Pro) without having to transfer to another site. Perhaps the P2P Wrox forum for the book will have some examples in the future.
2) The Catalog Administration provided a good start but a more rich interface would be needed for a production system.
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on July 7, 2004
Along the long road to a graduate degree in computer science I have purchased literally thousands of dollars worth of books, most of which were heavy on theory and light on application. For 99.99% of us theory alone won't put bread on the table. Only a few of the books I have studied actually taught the reader useful, complete, and immediately applicable ("real-world") skills. This book is one of them. One improvement to the content of this book would have been coverage of transaction and asynchronous processing but what I was most impressed with was Cristian and Karli's writing style. They actually take the time to carefully EXPLAIN what they are writing about, something the so called "gurus" should learn how to do! They manage complexity the way it should be managed -- by breaking it down into smaller understandable components of logic, each having a well defined function, and integrated into the overall application forming a scalable and extendable solution.
This book should be required reading for the majority of IT authors out there. They could use it as a style guide for how to actually implement useful communication with the reader. I highly recommend this book and look forward to future books written by these authors!
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on April 6, 2004
I almost finished this book (at the last chapter now), and have to take the time to thank Cristian and Karli for their great job on this book. I was an experience ASP programmer, but new to ASP.NET, and to e-commerce. I found this book very easy to follow and informative, at least the first 2/3 of the book, which was authored by Cristian. Karli's part focuses on security and order pipeline processing, which are more advanced topics and are more difficult to digest. I did noticed changing of program style and writing style between the frist 9 chapters and the rest of the book.
There are some errors on the code (code on the book and/or downloaded code), but I managed to correct most of them. It could be very frustrating for chapter 10/11. Hope they can improve it on their 2nd edition.
After reading this book, I think I am ready to develop a simple e-commerce web site independently.
The 2nd edition is coming this June. I would recommend you wait for a couple of months to buy 2nd edition.
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on June 8, 2004
I have 1st Edition of this excellent book. It covers everything you need to know about e-commerce using and sql 2000. So far this is the most useful book that I bought for helping me building our company website using It's not a beginner's step by step book to teach you how to program using But it's definitely a MUST HAVE book for anyone who wants to build a dynamic e-commerce website using & I had to find another books as a language reference after I read this book to understand the code completely. But you can still follow the example no problem even though you don't know at all(like me..) since the author did such a wonderful job in explaining all the important details.
Another big plus is that this book is not thick like most programming books are =O (12 chapters only :-) ) However, it covers all the in depth information that you need to know about e-commerce, so every minute you spend on this book is well worth it. You don't have to spend time scan through "junks" like you do with most programming books.
I am very excited to see the 2nd edition of this book published. And can't wait to get it at the end of next week from since this book will cover what I am going to work on - on line credit card transaction process using PayPro Flow. The 1st book only covers DataCash which is not very useful to me since it's in UK. The only wish that I have for this book is to have more detail discussion on how to transfer xml document through the internet using I think I might be asking too much for an e-commerce book, but I wish the author will write an in depth xml book using Most xml books in the bookstores now only scratch the surface. And mostly concentrating on webservice. I had a difficult time finding the information that I need at work which only uses xml file exchange through the net, not webservice.
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on June 26, 2004
[This is a review of the 2004 Second Edition.]
Open source projects offer you free source code to use. Clearly, this is one of their greatest attractions, compared to proprietary solutions. But the latter can provide greater functionality that might ultimately make it cheaper for you to go with them. Notice this dichotomy between the two approaches. By contrast, Darie and Watson provide an intermediate approach.
They assume that you are a developer on a strict and modest budget. They choose .NET as the development platform and Microsoft SQL Server as the database. But this book is quite independent of Microsoft. Upfront, they emphasise the minimal cost of the base software configuration. Since if your development fails, this will reduce the lost outlay to your company.
The extended example in the book is built out over many chapters. It aspires to be a fully fledged e-commerce setup. You might be able to use most of the code in your context. Because they were careful to restrict dependencies of the code on what is actually being offered for sale. For many merchants, this should still hold true. Also, the code is not really that intricate to understand. Modifications (i.e. your business logic) should be straightforward, without having to rework the entire framework.
Plus, in a first cut at handling the payments problem, they use PayPal, which greatly simplifies this issue. At the cost of incurring its fees. So they give a second iteration of the code which bypasses PayPal, at the cost of more work.
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on April 2, 2003
I'm a classic ASP developer seeking to both transition into ASP.NET development work, and also, to get my own Commercial Web site up, and running. I'm only on page 90, and I've already learned so much from reading this book. All the code has been working, and the authors have done a tremendous job of explaining exactly what you need to know to get an e-Commerce site going. The book is divided into three sections, and at the end of each section you have a working e-Commerce site, and as you advance through the sections, your Web site becomes more complex. Reading this book is a real pleasure as everything is expressed clearly, and the content is full of valuable information. I hope these two(2) authors will continue their work in writing more books about e-Commerce. This book is so well thought out, and has a real business focus. There is so much to say about this book, but I'll just end by saying this book is "Absolutely" one of the best programming books I have ever read!
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on March 19, 2003
The book is probably the best I have ever encountered for teaching a new programming lang. while also teaching good programming techniques and methodologies. All of this is done in the context of a truly useful real world example. I have found the code to work perfectly!
The authors style works like this: 1) describe what your going to do next, and why, 2) Do the example "Try It Out" (as they say) 3) Go line by line through the code. These steps work very well and all of the new skills build on themselves. I have become very confident through the use of this text.
Also, they display a powerful understanding of VS.NET the tool used for development and all of the examples use this tool. Here too I have become way more comfortable.
Frankly, this is probably the best guide for semi-starters who are getting into VB.NET but want to see action and learning combined.
Way to go!
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on July 15, 2004
I bought this book 5-6 months ago, but I couldnt find anytime in order to read it so far..Now, I have a ecommerce project..I began to read that book and to develop my ecommerce site together..Thats a really good book, that is so easy to read, helpful, and contains professional issues like 3-Tiered Architecture, user controls and others OOP topics..
I also looked the new edition of this book at Cristian Darie web site..and I think I am gonna buy it also..The new edition also has so important issues like security, error handling, improving performance and etc..
I recommend this book everyone who wanna build a professional ecommerce site..
Thanks Cristian and Karli..
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