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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 3, 2016
Kept my interest in the series
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on July 13, 2004
I sort of abandoned this series when I discovered Anita Blake's world, so reading about Merry Gentry after reading five Anita Blake novels was a refreshing change of pace. Merry Gentry, the sexy, sassy faerie princess-slash-L.A. private detective, is back for another dangerous and erotic adventure. Bearing a child is the only way Merry can beat Prince Cel to the thrown, so she sets out to conceive a baby with various warriors of her royal guard. If her life weren't complicated enough, there is a series of mysterious, gruesome deaths that endanger the faerie world. Could the deaths be connected with the exiled Hollywood faerie goddess Merry has agreed to help? And will Merry bear the child that's needed to be Queen? There are various twists throughout the novel...
A Caress of Twilight, like A Kiss of Shadows, is full of erotic scenes and wonderful suspense. Merry is quite an earnest female character that isn't afraid of her sexuality and of acknowledging her harem. I do like this heroine very much. She isn't as tough as Anita Blake, but she isn't as self-righteous as the aforementioned character either, which is refreshing. I was also glad to get reacquainted with her bodyguards, especially Doyle and Rhys. I've noticed that Doyle is the Jean-Claude of this series -- a dark and sensual character whose feelings for Merry are noble. He is quite irresistible. Laurell K. Hamilton has once again written an enthralling fantasy novel that I couldn't put down. I cannot recommend A Caress of Twilight enough!
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on April 28, 2004
Well, first off I should mention that I make it a regular habit (not on purpose mind you!) to read series out of order. I pick up a book read the back cover and think "hey this sounds great" only to be maybe two chapters in only to find out I'm reading book 3 out of 4! Well, this time is no different and I still found that yes, I want to read the next book in the series and even more important the first book. With that said this is the first time I've ever read anything by Ms. Hamilton and I found her writing to be very entertaining and her little world to be fun. Merry continues on in her quest to not only remain alive (despite her cousin's attempts on her life), but to try and conceive the future heir of the sidhe. With her bodyguards, Doyle, Frost, and Rhys, as well as goblin Kitto we follow this very sassy princess as she does her best to walk a very thin line between two different rulers. If you are not a fan of fantasy (like me) I still think you will find Ms. Hamilton's fantasy world fun and a worth while way to pass the time
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on April 15, 2004
Typical of the MG books, it's low-key erotica, although at least the sex scenes in this one seemed to be *trying* to be part of character development. I liked the story, even if I had figured out the "whodunit" of the lightweight mystery that supplies the subplot of the book (the main plot, of course, is still Merry getting pregnant). I can't complain, since Merry's remaining rather attached to my two favorite males in her little harem, although from the looks of the conclusion, book 3 will only get more complicated on the interpersonal dynamics between Merry and the men. Enjoyable dark fantasy-erotica. I've read most of the Anita Blake series. I've burned out on "Super Anita", so Merry is a bit of a change. At least she's honest about her harem, rather than swearing up and down she's "Saint Anita" and changing her mind midway to become "Courtesan Anita". I like Merry - she's fun and irreverant.
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on December 4, 2003
I rather liked this one, as it seemed to stay similar in tone and spirit to Kiss of Shadows. It was far less dark than the Anita Blake books, mostly because Merry is not human, and thus she does not fear her humanity slipping away. Major tension in the Anita books comes from Anita becoming the kind of monster she used to kill, while in these books, our heroine is merely trying to survive, prosper, and get lots of hot, rather kinky sex.
So, do not expect deep, nor philosophical. That said, it was fun.
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on June 8, 2003
A Fair-Folk-in-modern-day fantasy, character-driven, with a lot of romance and a bit of darkness.
I actually really enjoyed both this book and its prequel.
Granted, this isn't great literature--it's definitely light entertainment. Though this volume doesn't have any scene as (inadvertently?) funny as the who's-going-to-clean-up-the-tentacles scene in the last one, Hamilton's thoroughly bizarre idea of what makes for attractive male clothing goes a long ways to add humor.
I like the "romantic" aspects of these books, and I actually think quite a few of the characters are well written, though there are a few too many so we don't get quite enough of each. I particularly liked the small and angstful Sage, but all Meredith's harem are appealing. There are interesting worldbuilding elements. Yeah, it's light stuff, romance fiction for fantasy readers, but there's a place in my world for that.
In this one, the plot wasn't great -- particularly the climax, which had promise but fell apart, segueing into an expository wrap-up. The ideas were good, but not developed. However, it did set up for a sequel, and if I see a third book I'll read it.
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on April 17, 2003
Merry is a Fey princess who lives in an alternate USA where all sorts of creatures from the fairy realm live alongside mortals. But Merry is also half human and now has become the co-heir to the Unseelie throne with her cousin Prince Cel. Cel has tried to kill her before and will again. To gain the throne either Merry or Cel must sire an heir.
Merry is now obliged to make love to the select Queens Guard in the hope of having a child. The Guard are all immortal fey with their own long history that is becoming evident with each novel. They are not just 'studs' but once were much more.While the story has many erotic and sensual scenes, it remains a great read with well written plot elements and characters that are the central elements of a good book.
If starting to read this series go back and get the first book as it explains some of the various convoluted characters that surround Merry. Not everything in Fairie is as it seems and everything and everyone have their own game.
But Merry is not just a cute half-fairy Princess she packs weapons and magic and is not afraid to use either. Novel by novel the characters are developing and the overall tale is evolving.
It is so engrossing that I read it in less than a day - I couldn't wait to find out the end and now am waiting impatiently for the next story to find out what will happen next.
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on September 17, 2002
I just read this book last night, in one sitting, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not quite what I usually read, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
I must admit, I didn't read the book before it, (to be honest, I didn't know about it) but I got in the spirit of the story very quickly.
All of the characters are different, which is what makes it so good.
But, I have to say, I couldn't get enough of Darkness. (or Doyle, if you prefer) Who could resist a guy like that? Those eyes, that skin, that body, his hair... All I can say is Wow!
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on July 26, 2002
I would definitely recommend reading the "A Kiss of Shadows" first then delve right into this keeper. The adventures of Princess Merry continue to tease and intrigue until you want to read this story from beginning to end in one sitting...It makes you want the third installment right away...Each book is its own story but leaves you wanting more so you yearn for further adventures. This series certainly lacks nothing in the sexy imagination category... Highly recommended as a stress getaway to another world!
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on July 26, 2002
I just finished reading the second Merry Gentry books. I did like this one, although perhaps not as much as the first installment.
The Princess and co. stayed in the City of Angeles for the duration of this book. I was happy to read more regarding the Seelie court. Also, Meredith comes to the realization that she's not just a princess...she's heir to the throne, to power.
I know that Ms. Hamilton receives complaints regarding the sex in her books. Personally, I don't think that reading about hot sex, etc. is a bad thing. However, I wasn't all that impressed with what I read in TWILIGHT. The scenes with Doyle, Kitto and Galen weren't all that spectacular. Perhaps this is Ms. Hamilton's response to all the negative comments. The sex is still there, but now it's not even all that great.
It was also nice to learn a little more about men in Merry's life. I wish more time had been spent on Doyle's character. Anyway, I will look forward to reading the next installment of Merry's quest for pregnancy and thus the throne.
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