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As an individual who has read MANY self help books, mostly pertaining to relationships, I was truly amazed by this book and HIGHLY recommend it for any man OR woman that craves the elusive balance of love and PEACE in their union. It is a real page turner that I too was not able to put down. It has been a long time since I read a book with my highlighter! Lol
When I shared bits of it with my Fella, he was impressed on how it sounded TRUE to him. He never seemed to get the sense that I was trying to "teach" or "correct" him or get him to make changes to himself that would suit MY needs. I hope one day he chooses to read it.
I have never felt impressed upon to write a review on a product as strongly as I feel impressed upon to write this one. Whether you are currently married or you are single looking for a mate...this is the handbook for you. I believe this book is truly Biblically inspired based on Ephesians 5:33. In all of the years I have read or heard that verse, I had NEVER noticed the word RESPECT in it. This God breathed verse is indeed the KEY that I was not fortunate enough to have read when I was Married. I actually lived through an example of the success of this theory in my personal life Without knowing it with (sadly) my now ex-Husband. One time while he was paying for our meal he automatically figured out a total in his mind that produced not only a generous tip to our waitress but also ended in a nice even dollar figure on our debit card bill. When we left the restaurant, I commented to him, "That's amazing how you always do that. How you can SO quicky calculate the total of the bill, include the tip and always come out with a nicely rounded up figure!" This was something he had always done throughout our Marriage but I'd never voiced my admiration of him for it until that moment. After that experience he always took his time calculating the bill and smiled at me each time. ; )
I know, without a doubt, we would have never divorced if we'd of had this book. I know it seems like NO book could deliver all things but this book is grounded in Scripture and THAT is ALL it requires to be based upon the TRUTH. Gentlemen, next time you are feeling disrespected in an argument with your Lady, remind her that even though you are having this disagreement, you need her to know how much you love her. Ladies, when you voice your respect, admiration and appreciation for ANYTHING you feel towards your Man for what he does or who he is, VOICE it...Ladies and attention to your results! BUY THIS BOOK. ; )
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on May 27, 2016
This book is amazing. From just one chapter it has helped me understand my partner so much more and why respect is such an important aspect of how he feels loved. It also helps him understand how I need to be loved. It's a great tool in any relationship whether your married, engaged or in a long-term relationship. This book will help you and your partner to better communicate and understand each other. I do recommend both parties having a copy because it's a partnership and both partners should be involved in the improvement of a relationship. This book will not fail you, it has some very insightful words in it and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.
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on March 20, 2012
I read this book like a thriller novel - I actually couldn't put it down. It explained so many of the gaps in my mostly-healthy marriage. I found his views on the roles in marriage very refreshing and eye-opening while still being biblically sound and not at all kooky. He makes it very clear that men and women are equal in marriage and that both require love AND respect, but shows that God has made men to need respect in particular, and that women are specially designed to need love. As a woman I found it difficult sometimes to read about giving unconditional respect to my husband. In this day and age, we are told that respect is to be earned, not given unconditionally. But in a marriage that is struggling, someone has to make the first move! Too many TV shows hammer down the husbands as dumb, ignorant, beer-chugging oafs while their wives domineer the house. This book shows how to encourage your husband to lead your home, and how a man can love and honor his wife. Be the bigger person and offer your spouse love/respect first, and you will find yourself in a much, much more wonderful marriage!
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on July 11, 2014
Excellent book from a Christian perspective but most of the principles are applicable to anyone in a relationship. My husband read this book before I did (he's not into self-help books at all) and he highly recommended it. I read it after he did and I would have to agree; the book helps each person in a relationship understand the other's viewpoint. The basic premise is this: Husbands, love your wives unconditionally. Wives, respect your husband unconditionally. Emerson Eggerich's book gives very sound advice as to how this can be done whether or not a significant other actually 'deserves' special treatment. The author also defines instances when principles do not apply, which is good, as there are times when it is wise to leave a relationship that destroys trust. It is easy to understand why this book is a best seller.
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on January 12, 2013
This book does not give crazy ideas or impossible goals. This book simply breaks down the truth and provides easy ways to reintroduce these ideas into your life. Every couple should own this book and it should be given to every engaged/married couple. Even to couples who have been together for a long time as we all need reminders.
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on March 22, 2008
I am a man who normally does not read or enjoy reading "inspirational" or "relational" books. My wife is the reader in these areas and is very wise and self-developed in these areas. Unfortunately, I usually don't read the books she recommends. However, this book is different. I liked it. It hits home to my basic needs. I think many women don't realize the importance to men of unconditional respect as described in this book. I'd recommend it strongly to any husband and wife who want to deepen their relationship. If you are a wife who can't get your husband to read inspirational books, relational books or marriage books, you might be pleasantly surprised to find him reading along with you and discussing this book with you.
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on May 15, 2016
I have been married to a super gal for 28 years. This is the best relationship book we have every read. There are lots of books on love but few on respect. If you want to take your relationship to the next level this is the book to do that. It is very male friendly. We actually went to a Love & Respect conference and it was incredible! Sarah and Emerson are real people dealing with real challenges like all of us. They are truly a gift from God!

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on December 7, 2009
Two years ago, before I was married, I read this same book by Dr. Eggerich. At the time, I thought 'well, this sounds reasonable', and continued along my merry way after closing the front cover. I remember now that, at the time I'd picked the book up at the store, a woman mentioned to me 'this book saved my marriage, honestly... pay attention and you won't regret it'. Reading it through for a second time, after being married for a year and a half? Dr. Eggerich has it right.

Women need love, and men need respect. Both are mutually inclusive, because when a woman receives love she feels respected, and when a man is respected, it's a sign of love to him. Eliminate either love or respect, and couples start on what he terms 'the Crazy Cycle'. How do you stop the crazy cycle? It's all based on love and respect. Dr. Eggerich outlines what this means for both husbands and wives, what they can do to increase love and respect (and maintain it!), and how to prevent getting back on the Crazy Cycle in the future.

Whether you're dating, engaged, or married for any length of time, the Dr. speaks the truth... and it's worth a listen!
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on May 26, 2014
marriage is not easy and it is definitely not a fairy tale! This book talks about how we, individually, can contribute into our marriage, to build up our spouse in Christ. Easy to read, a lot to reflect on.
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on November 25, 2015
Amazing Book!
I read a lot of different books about marriage and relationship but this one is totally different. Has a lot of good points and new perspective.
Highly recommend for those who interested to know more about men and women.
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